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One of my favorite things about having happy hour all the time is that it’s a great excuse to make snacks. I love making snacks, but it’s hard to have a party where that’s all you make because in general hors doevres type things are fussy to make and expensive to buy.  But for happy hour everyone brings just one or two things and a bottle of wine, which is awesome because I’ve got about ten thousand appetizer recipes saved up and now I  finally have someone to cook them for. Pinterest is awesome for this except for the fact that sometimes something looks and sounds great and then is boring or doesn’t work out, so here’s what’s been working and what hasn’t, at least for me. Feel free to assume user error, obvs.

This apple pie dip stuff was a huge hit, except that I felt a little weird about how much it came out of a jar or a bag. It seemed a little trashy, but in general I think that’s a common theme with Pinterest recipes. Pinterest really wants you to make something out of a box of cake mix and a can of 7 UP, am I right? Anyway, this is a mite trashy and everyone loved it.


These Multi Colored Tomato Tartlets are my favorite thing I have made, maybe ever. In a long long time. Unfortunately the Trader Joe’s puff pastry comes and goes with the wind and it’s way better than the puff pastry from anywhere else, and I would recommend not using shitty grocery store tomatoes with this so you may have to wait a bit for the tomato crop to come in, but once it does, MAKE THESE.

By the time we got around to eating these pretzel bites, I was underwhelmed. I think they need to be eaten hot, maybe? They seemed hard and kind of greasy.


This Gouda in Puff Pastry was good, but not great. It also did not fare well after sitting around.


This honey herb soda was good, if a little strange tasting, but I don’t know that I’d make it again. I wasn’t blown away, let’s put it that way.


I made roasted sunchokes, I thought they were repulsive. They tasted like soap to me.




This focaccia recipe is the bomb. Easy, cheap, makes a ton, and it’s super delicious. I’ve always had someone ask for the recipe for it every time I’ve made it.


This toasted ravioli was actually really hard to make and it was rather gross when it was done. Heavy and oily. I’m not a great fryer though, so maybe it was my fault.


Ok, I must have done something wrong, but I had to throw these shrimp out. They were inedible.


These beet chips were pretty, but I had to buy two bags of overpriced Terra Chips to get enough whole chips to make them, which added to the microgreens and the cheese makes this like, a $14 appetizer.


When in doubt, go with the Barefoot Contessa. This recipe for Pan Friend Onion Dip is killer.


I was not impressed with these Oreo Cookie Cheesecakes. I thought they were basically tasteless and all that cream cheese makes them really expensive to make for something that tastes like a mouthful of mushy cream cheese.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


And these pretzels…hmmm. They just tasted like oily pretzels to me. Maybe I did it wrong. I’d rather have Chex Mix though.


Good god, I am apparently terrible at this! These cheese straws were also duds. Really hard to make and requires expensive ingredients and then tasted like greasy flavorless bread.

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest


I don’t have a picture of this, but my other surefire appetizer recipe is to get a brick of cream cheese, dump a jar of red pepper jelly over it, and eat it with crackers. Recommend.

I am hopeful that once the tomatoes kick off my appetizer track record will improve. Caprese skewers are really hard to screw up.


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  1. Your honesty on this post has me cracking up – that said, I still repinned a few of your recipes! I can’t wait for our tomatoes to come in to try those tarts!

    I have found (and feel compelled to share) THE grilled shrimp recipe. In fact, I buy fresh shrimp from our farmers’ market every Saturday or so in the summer, and even the fisherman started using this recipe – it has never steered me wrong, guests love, it’s great in bloody marys the day after, and you can eat them for a day or so. I used them for dinner but they would make GREAT appetizers as well.

  2. Your point that appetizers cost a lot in dollars and energy for a very low return on investment is so spot on. I LOVE appetizers. Love to eat them, look at them, make them. But they so rarely turn out and SO COSTLY.

    My last appetizer experience was for Super Bowl. And two people brought their own appetizers, which meant I had way too much food (does that ever happen?) so the little pastry shells I’d painstakingly made and their filling (which was disgusting anyway) went to waste AND the beautiful caprese skewers I’d made languished in the fridge because one of the guests brought her own. And the brie-with-jam-in-puff-pastry-on-popsicle-sticks everyone pinned on Pinterest? Were gross and overly pastry-y and really hard to make.

    My favorite appetizers are stuffed mushrooms, because they are easy and delicious:

    Or guacamole because YUM:

  3. Hey, I LOVE that cream cheese block with jelly over the top. One of my favorite snacks ever.

  4. Thanks for the giggle, and your honesty as well. I love a good appetiser but damn you are right, a lot of pain for a teeny little bite!

  5. Maybe the shrimp was gross because it was shrimp. Which is gross. Just throwing that out there.

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