Books I Read In May

Oy. I’ll just put that out there right now.

64. No Cheating, No Dying. I mostly wanted to read this so I could side eye the part where the husband spends more on food than on their mortgage, but it was so incredibly boring I couldn’t stand it and I stopped reading it.

65. This was a book about the Titanic I don’t even remember the name of. It turns out I don’t care about the Titanic. At all.

66. Carry the One.  I liked this, but it did that thing where each chapter is told from the perspective of a different narrator, and I don’t love that. Just when I get used to one person, someone else is telling the story, and I find it jarring.

67. Some Assembly Required.  This was…not my favorite Anne Lamott. Is it just me or did she seem a little…tetchy? I don’t know. I love Anne Lamott, but for me this was too self centered and cranky.

68. The One Hundred. Nina Garcia is my new favorite person.

69. The Book of Blood and Shadow.  This was definitely an entertaining read. I would have liked it more if it hadn’t been so oppressively ripped off from The Da Vinci Code.  I consider The Davinci Code to be an actual crime against humanity, so any book that reminds me of it incessantly isn’t going to come off favorably.

70. The Baker’s Daughter. Blah.

71. The Running Dream.  Sometimes I put off reading the books everyone else loves because they just sound boring.  Anyway. Everyone loved this book, two years ago. I loved this book two weeks ago.

72. The Silent Land. I mean, I don’t know. It was entertaining but sort of stupid. This is one of those “OMG what is happening to them” books where what is happening to them ends up being no great surprise.  At least they didn’t turn out to be clones, I guess.

73. I Suck At Girls.  I found this entertaining and it made me laugh, so that goes a long way with me.

74. Sean Griswold’s Head. I just did not care.

75. The Runner. I think I am remembering why I never make it all the way through the Tillerman series, because this book was not for me.

76. An Uncommon Education. I don’t know.  This was just so boring.

77. Jersey Angel. I read a review somewhere that said, disparagingly, “This book is just about sex.” Naturally I reserved it immediately.  Anyway, it’s hardly the great american novel, but you know, I liked it. The main character did not make me want to stab myself in the eye, which is an improvement over the vast majority of the rest of these books. I also did not fall asleep from deadly deadly boredom while reading it, so you know.

78. The Reconstructionist. Very well written, but it just…I don’t know.  THere was no “there” there.

79.  Billy Flynn’s Long Halftime Walk. I loved this book. The maybe last two chapters sort of…lagged on into weirdness, a bit, but that’s my only complaint.  Probably the best book of the month.

80. I Hunt Killers. Oh my god, this book was so FRAKKING WEIRD.  It’s billed as Teen Fiction, which it is, but it’s the story of a teenage whose father was a serial killer and killed and raped hundreds of women!!! And meanwhile it’s told in this goofy teen detective Encyclopedia Brown style and it’s JUST SO WEIRD and not in a good way.  I think this is where I’d like to point out that “Having a weird idea like what if you were a teenager and your dad was a serial killer or no one was allowed to wear hats or we all have nothing to eat but frogs!” is not a sign from God that you should write a young adult fiction novel.  Seriously.

81. Another Piece of My Heart. Wow. I have to admit I didn’t make it very far in this book, because every single character in it SUCKED ASS.  There’s only so long I can read about total jerks before I’ve  had enough.

82. The Little Black Book of Style.  This only made me love Nina Garcia more.  Seriously, read this book, it’s so fun and she’s so awesome.

83.  After the Snow. I think maybe I just don’t want to read books where things are wretched for children and then they get worse and everyone has to make horrible! decisions! about! life! and! death! and leave little kids to die of starvation in the snow. No thank you.

This month, wow.  Can someone just please write a fun summer read about girls and shoes? Aces.


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  1. I really struggled to get through No Cheating No Dying. I felt like I HAD to persevere to get to the Useful Secret—but then there never was a secret.

    I couldn’t finish Some Assembly Required. I can’t put a finger on what the issue was (I usually like Anne Lamott books), all I knew was that every time I read some of it I ended up feeling despair and generalized loathing for humanity.

  2. Where are all the good books? WHERE?

    I share your feelings about The Da Vinci Code. Which I understand was not one of the books you read RECENTLY. But still. I wanted to chime in: Horrific.

  3. Yes!! I just read The Running Dream, too and liked it. There is overlap!!

  4. Some Assembly Required was majorly grumpy, wasn’t it? And. . dude, it’s not all about you, ANN!

  5. agree with you on both No Cheating No Dying and the Anne Lamott one. It just made me feel sorry for her grandson’s mom.

  6. This makes me sad! I love Anne Lamott and was looking forward to reading her book. Maybe I’ll wait for a library copy so I don’t waste my money.

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