What I Wore This Week – The Two Necklaces At One Time Edition

So if this is super boring and or obnoxious, let me know.

And then I will, uh, probably just keep doing it, so maybe never mind.

{American Eagle polo shirt, Gap Boyfriend Roll Up shorts, Top Siders}

Everyone needs at least one navy blue polo shirt. Words to live by, there you go.  At first I wasn’t so sure about these shorts, and I was a trifle miffed that they came in this coral color and not orange (at the time although of course now they DO come in orange), but they actually look nice in these pictures.  God, fashion is so confusing!  Anyway, I think I had gardening to do or something, so this was sort of dressed down, but I dig it.  I might buy some more of those shorts, actually.

{vintage tunic, old navy t shirt, gap denim capris, donald j. pliner sandals}

Ok, so I just finished reading “Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style” because Kayla told me to read it and I do whatever she says, basically, and I just loved it, and she talks a bit about how it’s not about how much clothes cost or what the label is or if it’s this week’s it thing, but more about clothes that are interesting and fun and that make her want to walk up to someone and ask “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?” and the whole time I was reading it, I was thinking of this shirt. It’s a little bit crazy,right? But I looooooove it. You can’t get it at the Gap this week, it’s just so crazy and fun and pretty. I bought it at a garage sale from this little old lady who was selling all her very cool old clothes from like, 1962, and she obviously didn’t want to be selling any of this stuff, and so I just grabbed a few things and got out of there, but I could have spent hours poring through this lady’s stuff, and now I have this tunic and I love it. However I think I would prefer it with white pants and with different shoes, as it got a weird Jesus middle eastern vibe very quickly with the sandals.

{Old Navy striped ruffled tee, Old Navy denim skirt, American Eagle tank, Salt Water Sandals}

I just wore this because I wanted to wear my yellow salt water sandals, to be honest. But I wore earrings too! Also, I bought this shirt in navy stripes last year and I could never figure out how to wear it because it’s see through but it looked weird with a tank under it. And then last weekend at the fair I saw someone wearing it with a tank under it but also with a few buttons open. OH! I GET IT NOW! Good lord.

This is also when I decided if I was going to have to do this stupid fashion posing I might as well go for broke and mix in some objects. You know, for kicks.

{J. Crew ribbed tank in white and blue, Old Navy denim skirt, J. Crew resin chain necklace}

Then it got hot as blazes and I had to change, and I also had to rethink my stance on these ribbed tank tops. I just got rid of a ton because they felt so schlumpy and they exposed my upper arms! The horror! But dammmit, I loved this outfit.  Hmmmm. I might be buying some more ribbed tank tops. I mean, is Jillian Michaels going to use me for an arm model? Doubtful. But you know, these tank tops fit and I think this looks nice! Whatever.  Also, I have a terrible farmer tan.

{Gap t shirt, Old Navy skirt, shoes you can’t see, J. Crew necklace, Target necklace}

Oh my god you guys, get ready for the Two Necklace Soliloquy.

So I put on the one necklace and it looked off.  And then I put on the other necklace, and that looked off too, and then I wondered if maybe…just maybe…I could wear TWO NECKLACES?! I know, right? Crazy pants. So then I wore two necklaces, because really when it comes down to it, fashion is supposed to be fun.  I mean, it’s just clothes! It should be fun and a little crazy and as much as I love Ann Taylor and aspire to someday own a pair of Nantucket Reds, I have been reading Vogue since the age of 8 and I possess a deep and intrinsic fondness for Gianni Versace, and I once wore a pair of full body J. Crew flannel pajamas to a dress up day in high school.  I just…don’t want to take myself too seriously. I want to wear big hats and crazy sunglasses and feathers.  Sometimes.  And other times polo shirts. So I wore two necklaces and I loved it.  Also, check out Atlantic Pacific if you are not already, because I think we can all agree that she’s doing it right over there and I find it very inspiring. If she can wear two necklaces so can I!

Also, I love those Old Navy skirts, and the only reason I do not buy all of them is because every single year they get all pilly after I wear them a few times. I sincerely wish they would just raise the price by $10 and make them out of something that doesn’t pill, but whatever.  I love that stupid skirt anyway, even if I am going to have to throw it out at the end of the summer.

{Banana Republic tank, American Eagle shorts, shoes you can’t see because my CAMERA IS POSSESSED BY SATAN}


It’s going to be 9,000 degrees today. I am wearing shorts.

The end.


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  1. You are inspiring me SO MUCH. (I have not actually taken much ACTION on that inspiration, as of yet. But the inspiration is THERE. And I HAVE been wearing my louder earrings.) I love the layered tank tops. I don’t know why that always seems like it’ll be sooooo much trouble, when I think of doing it. I should just PUT ON THE SECOND TANK TOP, because it looks great. I love the tunic and I am mad I can’t just go out and buy one. I love the props—ha ha ha!

  2. I’m loving these posts! You have inspired me to not slob it out on the weekend when I’m home from work – and making an effort to actually “dress” makes my days more productive. Thank you!

  3. i am loving this series and want to do one of my own, although it would be a short lived series, seeing as I am wearing my sundress uniform and I would run out of different outfits within two weeks. Also, I love the props. Use the book picture one to illustrate your next “books I read” post.

    coral shorts outfit: Blue Steel!!!!

  4. This is such a fun series. I like the two-necklace outfit a lot. When I wear two necklaces though, they ALWAYS get all tangled up and it makes me insane. I must be doing it wrong.

  5. I love, love, love all these photos. So much fun. And not obnoxious AT ALL. I love the vintage tunic and I love the yellow striped shirt

    Also, when I read your posts about the weather I really miss the Central Valley (did I ever mention that I went to high school in Marysville, about 45 min north of Sac? Grew up there all my life?). I love the Southern California coast for many things but right now it is 60 degrees and foggy here almost daily and I would KILL for 90 and sunny.

  6. Ok. SO. The photos of your outfits are CUTE. I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! But my favorite part of this series? Is your facial expressions. I mean, you say, “So if this is super boring and or obnoxious, let me know. And then I will, uh, probably just keep doing it, so maybe never mind.” And then your face in the following photo is all “JUST TRY AND STOP ME BITCHES!!” Oh man. I freaking love you. And the book reading photo is priceless. You are a gem. A GEM.

  7. Am right there with you on the Old Navy skirt pilling. WHY?!

  8. just got the old navy denim pencil skirt – thanks! 30 percent off today

  9. I love those gap shorts. I also bemoaned the lack of orange and instead got them in lavender (WHO AM I) and I also wear them unrolled. I am totally perplexed why they’re calling them “roll up” shorts when they so clearly look most adorable as near-bermudas.

  10. I love these posts. Love them. You are adorable and hilarious and have totally inspired me to do a lot of shopping wherein my husband asks, “Did you really NEED two new shirts?” Clearly he needs to read these posts, too.

  11. I am wearing that same ON ruffled stripe tee RIGHT NOW. I haven’t washed it but it seems like it might get pilly? How has yours held up in the wash?

  12. I have been enjoying your ” What I wore” posts. It think we have similar body types. What size are you?

  13. The yellow stripes look very scholarly for some reason…You have inspired me too, but mostly in the form of getting rid of a ton of stuff that doesn’t actually look good on me. Now my closet just needs re-populating.

    • it’s probably because I’m reading a book. I hear that’s what all the best scholars do. E

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