What I Wore This Week – The Fancy Underpants Edition

This week I feel that I scored a powerful emotional victory because I resisted the siren song of the $5 Target t shirt. I had it in the cart, even, and I PUT IT BACK.  It was so cheap! And it was so hard to put back! But I knew it would become just another unflattering faded ill fitting shirt that I’d have to throw out in two months, and I put it back.  Score one for me.

It should be noted, however, that what I have been throwing in my cart at Target is fancy underwear.  I haven’t bought fancy underwear in years! And now instead of off season sale underwear (Christmas trees in March!) I’ve been throwing a pair of tarty lacy $7 underwear in the cart every time I have to buy milk (so eight times a week) and it’s awesome! I love my fancy underpants.  Especially because every time we find ourselves in the lady business section, Eli unleashes his original composition entitled “Underpants, Underpants, We’re Buying Underpants.”

{Dress:  a random brand from Ross, J. Crew necklace (but from Ebay so probably fake as all get out), Franco Sarto wedges}

I really like this dress, although it looks cuter in the mirror than it feels on. Does that make sense? It FEELS like wearing pajamas.  However, although it’s a little high on the “giant crotch medallion” scale, it looks cute on. And it’s very slimming with wedges. I don’t know. I have a lot of clothes like this.  The clothes that FEEL cutest on me often look terrible in the mirror.

Also of note, in this picture I blow dried my hair and I am wearing makeup. (Or at least eyeliner and mascara.) I am not a huge makeup wearer because I don’t usually have the time, and I also don’t really like the feeling of it.  But I can do mascara and eyeliner.  The Lord gave me chubby thighs, but he also gave me really long eyelashes, so I figure I might as well make the most of them when I can.  Speaking of which, can anyone recommend their favorite 1. drugstore liquid eyeliner and 2. any mascara that lengthens and doesn’t clump?  I have some Revlon liquid eyeliner which I hate and some Clinique mascara which I am merely ok with.

{Old Navy t shirt (new wide stripes!!!!), Old Navy denim skirt, Franco Sarto leopard wedges, Talbots necklace also via Ebay}

Seriously, I love this denim skirt.  Although I do wish this t shirt was slightly less see through.  Mostly I just wore this outfit because I wanted to wear my super cute new shoes. Also, can I recommend the wedge to anyone who is sort of heel phobic? I have the worst time ever walking in heels, but I LOVE wedges. Love love love.

{Gap t shirt, Gap skirt, J. Crew droplet necklace via Ebay, J. Crew wedges}

On KW: {Gap t shirt, Janie and Jack sunglasses, Cakewalk by Oilily pants, Crazy 8 shoes}

I know these pictures are so ridiculous, but Baby Girl wanted to model too. Who am I to nip a fashion career in the bud?

{Old Navy Ruffled T Shirt, Ann Taylor skirt, Top Siders}

This skirt is very wrinkled, it was towards the end of the day.  Live and learn.

{Gap Mason Crew t, Gap skirt, Target scarf, Top Siders}

I forget where I was going, but I needed to haul ass, so I did not blow dry my hair.  I really don’t blow dry my hair more than a few times a week because I feel like it’s not great for it, and it’s a giant pain in the ass. I really should do it every day because it just feels nicer when it’s been blow dried, but what can you do.

{AE Boyfriend Cardigan, AE tank, Gap denim capris, Banana Republic wedges}


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  1. i bought a cheap drugstore liquid eyeliner just to test out how i felt about liquid eyeliner. turns out I like the look of it on me, and i’m quite happy with my NYC (less than $3) eyeliner! Goes on smooth, a thin little paint brush thing-y. For the life of me though, i cannot figure out how to do the 60’s wing.

    BTW- love the last outfit the best!

    Oh- about blow drying your hair everyday…have you tried dry shampoo yet? I Love IT and can wash my hair, blow dry and style on Monday and not need to wash it again until Friday. I’ve tried a variety of brands and they all work about the same (except- stay away from the Suave Dry Shampoo, worthless stuff!). I buy mine for about $6 at Ulta and it lasts a few months.

    • I think the wing trick is to come up from your lower lid out and a bit up towards your forehead. I do a “small” version w/ pencil eyeliner and find that works best for the desired upwards wing look.

  2. I got a $5 t from target yesterday. Damnit! I’m really looking forward to this post everyweek- I love everything you’re putting together.

  3. I think the dress looks great on you – very flattering.

    I don’t love that Ann Taylor skirt.

    I’m amazed at how much I like the Target scarf with the tshirt. I never woulda thought of that.

    And I’m going to look for wedges this very minute. You’ve inspired me. 🙂

  4. Love the dress, what you are wearing w/ your little girl and the last outfit. And I think you ROCK whatever you’re wearing.

  5. I love these posts and I love love love the first dress.

    As for drug store eyeliner and mascara – e.l.f. brand (available at Target!). They have awesome liquid eye liner in black or brown for $1. Score! I’ve tried two of their mascaras too (the mineral powder one and another one) and they are pretty good for the $3 they cost. They are not as awesome as the eye liner. My all-time favorite mascara is Badgirl by Benefit. However that is not available at Target (boo) and is $20 (double boo).

  6. I’m a fan of CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara – not clumpy if you go with an easy hand. Also love the bag hanging on the door in your last picture!

  7. I am not a frequent (ever?) commentor, but I read all the posts. And this dress is so becoming/flattering on you! It might be my favorite so far.

  8. I love, love, love that dress.

    I would like to hear more about how you just walked away from a $5 T-shirt. Because those things seem to just jump right into my cart and refuse to leave.

  9. I went to Target Friday night and had to buy a bra and all I could think of while I wandered through the underwear section was you and your fancy underwear shopping. It made me laugh 🙂 I did also buy the $5 shirt. And the $5 tank.

  10. Favorite parts about this post (besides you and your adorable outfits, obvs):

    1. The underwear song
    2. “it’s a little high on the “giant crotch medallion” scale”
    3. The leopard wedges (!!!!)
    4. The pink scarf
    5. KW’s sunglasses

    I use XXL Lash Extensions mascara from… Maybelline, I think? It’s at Target and it’s one of those where you use the white lengthening mascara and then the black coloring mascara. It’s a bit of A Process, putting it on (I mean, not prohibitively so), but I have tiny, pale, stubby lashes and yet I get actual compliments on my lashes when I wear that mascara. Clinique has a version of the two-sided mascara, too, and that’s pretty good as well. But pricier than the Maybelline (or whatever it is).

    I had a moment yesterday where I was getting dressed to go to a barbecue and I thought, “What would Elizabeth wear?” And I looked at the stripey tank top I have and the full navy skirt and ALMOST wore it. Next time.

  11. I’ve had great results with Covergirl lashblastluxe. I was previously a dissatisfied department store mascara buyer, but used my sister’s mascara once and have been sold on it’s anti-clumping properties since.

  12. Love the dress! And it looks great too! I like almost all of your outfits, although I think you tend to pull the shirts down too tight. Try to loosen them up a little, you know?!

  13. I think we should start a cover band and our first gig will be at the Blathering and we will call ourselves Crotch Medallion.

  14. I love these posts – it’s great to get ideas on what to wear. And also to see your personality come through more and more each session. You are fabulous!

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