The Happiness Project, KWE Edition

I think I always knew, intellectually, that certain people must be happier than others, and that it must be nice to be one of those people, but until I saw it happen before my eyes, until Katie Dubs arrived on the scene, I never really understand it the way I understand it now.

I have never known a happier person.  She just…came out that way.  I tell everyone she is the happiest person I know, and she absolutely is.  Joy oozes out her fingertips, I swear, and although she REALLY doesn’t like it if you take her blanket, and she is far from a pushover, she delights in life in way that endlessly amazes me.

The way she feels about this donut?

This is the same way that Katherine feels about puppies, Shaun the Sheep, her brother, cats, trucks, swings, elephants, horses, ducks, her cat piano, her dad, ice cream, pancakes, bottles of milk, swimming pools, horses, tutus, babies, flowers, brown bears and what they see, cake, Elmo, puddles, dinosaurs, blocks, carrots, slides, sand, the shoe aisle at Target,tissue paper, her special pink blanket, headbands, sunglasses, the musical stylings of Katy Perry, pretend tea, baby strollers, sidewalk chalk, butterflies, Hello Kitty, and also everything else on earth.

I was not lucky enough to be born beaming sunshine out my toes.  I have my moments of happiness, but I didn’t get the happiness gene, I don’t think.  And I’m ok with that, mostly because I like who I am, I really do, but also because aside from BEING one of the happiest people on earth, I have known nothing greater than getting to parent one of them.

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  1. These pictures are so beautiful and you can just see the joy oozing out of her! Love.

  2. I totally agree. Ella is one of the happiest people ever and I love it. I feel horrid for kids that seem unhappy at such a young age. How is that possible??

  3. One thing she doesn’t feel that way about? ME. Ha. We’re getting there. She’s one special lady, that’s for sure.

  4. Her hair. Her excitement . I can’t imagine what it is like to live with her. Pure joy. On the otherhand, if you gave me a donut, I might react the same way.

  5. I love her so so much, and I’ve never even met her. Nora is another joyful one, but I don’t think she’s *quite* as happy as K Dubs, there. She must be so fun to be around!

  6. I LOVE this post! She’s SO CUTE!!! 🙂

  7. Hee, those pics are adorable! They should be sold as a poster, and everybody that looked upon it would be instantly happy.

  8. Ah, totally lovely. S. is like this too. I’ve never seen a snugglier little guy who just jokes around all the time. Who knew little kids could be so hilariously wonderful? Not I.

  9. This? So awesome I could cry.

  10. I love this! Those pictures. Just priceless. Kalena is also a joyful one and it is awesome.

  11. If there is one thing I could ask for on behalf of my (as yet to be born) daughter, it’s that she be happy.

  12. This is great. I love those photos.

  13. Your daughter is totally darling: the hair, the eyes, the donut chomping. Love it!

    It always amazes me how my daughter wakes up in a good mood every single morning, smiling, full of enthusiasm and excitement for the world. it’s really inspiring for me actually: maybe I can improve my happiness level a little bit (even if I will never be a morning person).

  14. You just continue to be the best, E.

    Also, SHE’S the best.

    Also, donuts are the best.

    Also, those pictures are the best.

  15. I love those pictures! I should have favorited it when you tweeted them:)

  16. OH MY GOODNESS- she is adorable! Those pictures are PERFECT.

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