What I Wore This Week: In Which I Go To A (Pretend) Fancy Meeting

{Old Navy Perfect Tee, J. Crew gauze skirt (similar), Target necklace, J. Crew wedges}

Let’s just say that this was “that” week, if you know what week I mean, jellybean.  This skirt was perfect, it’s pajamas in skirt form. I adore it.  This is my “Seriously? Taking care of two children while I have cramps is my least favorite thing to do of all time.” face.

In other news, I made that pillow behind me on the bench out of an old skirt, and I will be requiring a gold star from Maggie Cheung for that.

{Gap skirt, Gap t shirt, Target necklace, Target belt}

This was my least favorite outfit of the week.  I look like some of crazed German governess.  Anyway.  I really wanted to wear this skirt and I tried to make it work but it just would NOT work. Wide belt, skinny belt, necklace, whatever, boo.  I think what this outfit really needs is a fitted white polo shirt, tucked in, like this:

I am outlet malling it this weekend and a white polo shirt is on the list.

{Dress: Gap (similar), necklace: Chaps, Wedges: Franco Sarto}

I love this dress. This is one of my “instead of buying a maxi dress which is going to look terrible on you buy something in the same general idea but shorter” dresses.

{Skirt: Old Navy, Ribbed Tanks: Old Navy, Necklace: Target, Wedges: J. Crew}

On KW: {Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (similar), Hat: San Diego Hat Co.}

This was my favorite outfit of the week. It was comfortable and cute and it fit the uniform colors but still branched out and the necklace kept it from looking like just random t shirts thrown over a sloppy skirt and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. I have decided that it is totally ok to wear a t shirt or tank over a poofy skirt but the t shirt cannot be too long and the skirt cannot be too poofy, as you can see.

{T Shirt: Gap Mason Crew, Skirt: Target, Necklace: J. Crew via Ebay, Flip Flops: Target}

I like to think of this as the day the internet dressed me.  I put this skirt on and I put the t shirt over it and I FOUGHT tucking it in. I did not want to tuck it in! I did not want to wear the necklace! It all seemed so loud and short and tight and fitted! And then I took a picture and it looked great.  Stupid internet.

Anyway.  When I first started this project, my main concerns were that I would look like a dumbass and that people would notice that I all of a sudden looked crazy different.  No one ever said anything to me, but in my mind it was SO OBVIOUS that one day I was wearing a pair of ugly green ill fitted bermuda shorts, worn out flip flops, and a faded purple t shirt two sizes two big for me, and the next day I was wearing jewelry! and heels! and skirts! and OMG WHAT WOULD PEOPLE THINK?

People have noticed, but only in a very nice and sweet and complimentary way.  I think most people have really short memories. No one is comparing what I am wearing now to what I wore before, at least not out loud to me. I don’t think anyone really cares that much, actually.  I do get a lot of compliments on my clothes now, so that’s nice.  And mostly I don’t think about it anymore.  Sometimes, though, like with today’s outfit, when it seems like TOO MUCH OMG I AM TRYING TOO HARD PEOPLE WILL NOTICE ME I just pretend I am going to a fancy meeting. I could totally be going to a fancy meeting right after preschool drop off! I totally could be! So I just pretend and there you go.


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  1. Love it all, but I laughed when I realized my favorite outfit was the one you hated!! It looked really nice on you (second from the top).

  2. I LOVE these posts. We have opposite styles and body types (you are way cuter), but this is so much fun to me. It helps me a little to remember to branch out!

  3. YES—I think people mostly don’t-notice clothes. I was trying to picture what the other parents at preschool pick-up were wearing annnnnd…I’ve got nothing. NOTHING. If someone suddenly looked nice, I think I’d think it was that particular thing they were wearing that day—not that they’d changed styles. I’d be “Oh, cute shirt!!,” but without at all thinking “‘Bout time you took some effort with your appearance!”

  4. I love these posts! I think you look amazing and put together but not at all in a trying too hard sort of way. My favorites are the internet outfit and the shorter maxi dress (that one looks simple and so comfy – I wish I could see your shoes!)

    I thought it would be the same way when I went from only covering up my rosacea to full out doing my makeup every day, but the only person who said anything was my coworker who spends 8 hours a day with me. People really are oblivious, so do whatever makes you feel good about yourself!

  5. Love the clothes! The fav outfit of the week and the dress are my favs!

  6. This is great. I have found that even a casual skirt and top or dress make me feel more put together than pants or shorts. I despise shorts but will wear a skirt or dress no problem.
    I really love the last two outfits. Oh, and the one you hated. Super cute. Love the belt with it.

  7. I like ’em all, per usual, but I love your hair pulled back! You look fantastic. Outfits #2 and #5 are my faves, in case you’ve started a file somewhere titled “Jennie’s Favorite Outfits of Mine,” which I’m sure you have.

  8. Very cute outfits… all of them! Your posts have inspired me to work at my appearance a bit more (“a pair of ugly green ill fitted bermuda shorts, worn out flip flops, and a faded purple t shirt two sizes two big for me” = my current trend if you replace all the colors with black and/or tan). Necklaces! Who knew putting on a great necklace can make an outfit go from ho hum to wow! I just bought one necklace and will go looking for more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. You are EXACTLY right. Sometimes when I’m going to run errands with the girls, I find myself purposely putting on not very nice clothes. I mean… it’s the grocery store. Won’t I look silly if I get all fancied up to buy milk and bread with my kids? But you know what? You have been inspiring me to change my thinking there, because hey it’s FUN to look NICE, right? No matter where I’m going! Even if I only have a pretend fancy meeting after Target 🙂

    I love the black dress, btw. You look fantastic!

  10. I love these posts. I am impressed that you wear different things EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Speaking as someone who had to buy 10 of the same dress because I cannot seem to put outfits together.) Lastly, that picture of Katie is the bestest. It should be framed on your wall somewhere. (That is also my favorite outfit of the week this week.)

  11. I really like the navy and orange tanks over the white/navy/orange skirt. Also, I really want that Gap dress.

  12. You.are.adorable.

  13. You look fabulous in ALL of these pictures. You are one of those people I would see and think, “Man, I wish I could dress more like her.” I mean, you ARE one of those people. I love the last outfit – the tucked in shirt looks FANTASTIC. And not too fancy. Just cute and fun and ready for anything. And I have to say that I LOVE the German governness outfit. Love. I don’t think you look German or governessy, although I don’t really know what either of those things would look like.

  14. I actually LOVE the governess outfit!

    Also, I know just what you mean about feeling like people will be all “So what are YOU dressed up for, Madam Used to wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday?”

  15. We have two similar concerns:

    1) I have a poofy skirt that confounds me. It was a super cute one from the Target Jason Wu line and I got very excited to wear it with red shoes and then I put it on last week and son of a biscuit IT IS HORRIBLE. And, much like you, skinny belt and fat belt didn’t help. I just think it is bad for my lower half.

    2) Whenever I go a little fancier at work, I often worry that someone will notice and be judge-y and remember the days when perhaps I looked more like a boring hobo.

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