What I Wore This Week: It Was Hot, Then It Was Freezing Cold

{Dress: Gap Outlet (current), Shoes: Franco Sarto}

I love this dress with the fire of a thousand suns.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Which is so confusing, because had I not hauled ass to the outlet to take Erik shopping for Father’s Day, I would never have found it.  This indicates the necessity of trying things on, and having someone else there with you to tell you that things look good.  People. I have neither the time nor the inclination for a bunch of trips to the mall.  I haaaaaaaaate the mall. I am a total online shopper.

The best I can do, I think, is to promise myself that a few times a year I will make myself go into a store and try things on.  I should probably do it more than I want to, but what can you do.  Life must be lived, and not at the mall.

On the plus side, I have totally figured out what dresses I should be wearing.  (Hint: Not shaped like a bag.) so maybe it will be easier to find good ones from now on. I just wish more dresses had real waists, and I could find more wrap/shirt dresses/any dresses at all not made of stretchy material.  There’s a lot of jersey out there right now.

{Dress:  Banana Republic (old), Shoes: Franco Sarto wedges}

This dress is ok.  It probably needs a belt, but the day I was wearing this it was 100 degrees outside, so I wasn’t really in the mood for a whole lot of extra shazaam.

{Dress: Land’s End Fit and Flare, Shoes: J. Crew (old), necklace: Ebay}

Everyone should buy this dress, it’s so great.  I wish they had the navy still available online, but if I find it in the store I am snatching that baby up.  Anyway, this dress.  SO flattering, comfy, cheap, nice heavy fabric that doesn’t seem like it will pill but not so heavy it drapes weird, doesn’t look like a swim cover up but feels like pajamas, love the color, don’t have to wear a cami under it, covers your bra straps, flattering but not tight and doesn’t look like it’s trying to do weird flattering construction stuff on purpose, love love love.

{T shirt: Gap outlet (current), Skirt: Gap (old), J. Crew necklace (Ebay), Shoes: Hive & Honey}

I bought this skirt at the Gap outlet and it physically pained me to pay $20 for a t shirt not on sale at the outlet.  HOWEVER.  Then I remembered that this right here is the exact reason that I do not let myself buy a bunch of random crappy $7 Target t shirts, so that I can buy the ONE GREAT t shirt when I find it.  Again, if I had BEEN IN A STORE, I would never have found this, and it’s my new favorite thing, so that is kind of annoying, but what can you do.  Also, if anyone else sees any navy striped t shirts ever, holler.  They are really hard to find.

Also, let’s be honest here.  Those are some hot shoes.

{Capris:  Gap (old), T Shirt: Gap Mason Crew, Sweater: Eddie Bauer Outlet of all places, necklace: J. Crew (ebay),Shoes: Top Siders}

This makes me look a little boxy, I know, but part of that might be the camera angle? It’s also freezing ass cold here. I am exercising my god given right to wear pants.  PANTS IN JUNE I WANT MY MONEY BACK CALIFORNIA.



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  1. I just have to comment on how much I love these posts! You are absolutely adorable and have an awesome wardrobe!

  2. I am thisclose to buying a (completely unnecessary) pair of those topsiders. Love them. (And everything else, of course.)

  3. Love the Lands End dress, thanks for sharing! I went and ordered two of my own. Free shipping and 25% off–thank you! New job requires some new clothes, don’t you think?

  4. I want ALL your dresses. You look fantastic.

  5. I think I should buy that Lands End dress too. P.S. I read this.

  6. love all the dresses. i think they are the secret to looking super cute in the hot weather.

    i do have a question though about what to wear underneath. i’ve been wearing leggings because my daughter seems to love to lift the hem of my dresses and also because my thighs are a bit too close for comfort.

    any thoughts?

  7. Love all these outfits! And I don’t think the jeans/cardigan outfit makes you look boxy at all…it’s very cute & casual but also very pulled together.

  8. I love that Lands End dress. Also, thank you for introducing me to orange and navy together. I have a great orange dress that seems like Too Much for work but with a navy cardigan, it works.

  9. I also love the Land’s End dress. I am really enjoying these posts.

  10. You look amazing. I love each and every one of those dresses, especially the Gap one. You have fabulous taste.

  11. I love all the dresses. But especially the Gap dress in the first picture. It looks great on you. I have also been admiring the Lands End dress forever now and might have to go order it now that I’ve seen it on a real person. I too have an issue with Target t-shirts. Also, Kohls (better material but shrink). This year I treated myself to some Lands End t-shirts (on sale) and what a difference. They might even last past the summer. Thanks for the inspiration to put a little more effort into my daily wardrobe.

  12. Ooh, I love dress numbers 1 and 3. I wonder if that style would work on the less chestally blessed?

  13. oh that red dress is awesome! I may have to hit our Gap outlet and see if I can find it! Also, I clicked on the link to the lands end dress (i have some credit there), if they had the dress in my size i so would have bought it in mushroom…also LOVE the last look with the orange sweater and navy stripes! You rocked it this week!!

  14. Love all the dresses, esp. the first one.

  15. That last outfit is my absolute favorite. Love it.

  16. That first dress? AMAZING.

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