What I Wore This Week: Blurry

This week was not my favorite.

Part of my problem is that I am starting to run out of clothes. I am sure I could combine endless t shirts with the same white skirt over and over again, but I’m not sure how interesting that would be. And I now have favorite outfits that I can’t wear because I’ve already taken pictures of them! This is why fashion blogging is for rich people.

HOWEVER. I will take this as a challenge. And I will say that I have loads of stuff that I either need to figure out a way to make work, or else I need to get rid of it. SO.

{Dress: Gap, Earrings: Target, Sandals: Gap}

I tried this dress on in navy and white and it was nothing special, but man, it called to me, so I tried it on again two weeks later in green and white. SOLD! I love love love this dress. It’s so comfortable, it’s flattering, it’s preppy and modern but it’s  the furthest thing from “uh, why are you wearing a dress right now?!” AND it doesn’t look like a swim suit cover up. There’s limited sizes and colors online, but there were a lot in the store last weekend.  I’m thinking of going to get another one.

One thing that was confusing is that MOST of the time, dresses without a real waist look terrible on me. Before this dress, I thought that I could NEVER wear this style. Like, polo dresses on me? No. Just no. However, while side eyeing an episode of What Not To Wear, I caught Stacey explaining that one CAN wear a giant bag of a dress IF it is cut like a triangle.  So basically, you need to get in the store, look for the giant triangle, and try it on. It could work, even if it is a giant bag, it just has to be a giant triangle shaped bag.

{T Shirt: Gap, Skirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Top Siders}

This skirt is SO comfortable but something about it makes me very easily look like one of those types of people who isn’t allowed to wear pants because of Jesus. I mean, I like skirts, but not because of God.  Anyway, I have been searching for the right shirt to pair with this. This was not it, in my opinion. Hope springs eternal though. I just bought a bunch of t shirts from Ann Taylor Loft because they were on sale, and I couldn’t find “fancy” t shirts anywhere else. I figured ONE of them has to be not totally see through, right?

Also, you will notice that this picture is blurry. Quite frankly, you’re not missing much.

{Dress: Lands’ End, Belt: Target, Cami: American Eagle, Necklace: Target, Shoes: Franco Sarto}

This is my beloved Lands’ End Fit and Flare dress, but with a belt and a cami and necklace. I LOVED this outfit, btw. It felt very outfitty.  I do notice that this dress makes me look like I have a HUGE rack.  I mean, they’re not small, but I wear a 34C.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Anyway.  I suppose there are worse problems that one can have.

{Shirt: American Eagle, Cami: American Eagle, Shorts: Target, Wedges: J.Crew, Necklace: Target}

Part of the reason I bought these white shorts was so that I’d have something else to wear this shirt with, because I love it but it’s a little tricky to find things it works with.  I almost took this outfit off, actually, but then I loved it in the pictures.  This color is my favorite in all the world. Also, please note that I am barely smiling in this picture. I cannot possible explain to you how stupid this pose felt while I was doing it. And I felt like I was smiling at Pageant Queen levels.  And yet in photographs, I am barely above “bemused disgust” levels.  I feel it only fair that I point out, though, that Eli and Erik have just left for a three day camping trip, so it’s basically a miracle that I am wearing something that’s not a bathrobe accessorized with a bag of Cheetos Puffs.



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  1. You look so HOT in that Land’s End dress/outfit! Also, “not allowed to wear pants because of Jesus” is my favorite line. Hope you and Katie Dubs have a great weekend!

  2. It’s the length of that skirt that’s making you feel all Jesus-y, especially when paired with your (awesome) top-siders. It’s below the knee and full (read: modest) and you’re wearing flat (read: sensible and modest) shoes. I have a couple skirts like this. I have to sex up the shoes a little — wedges, cute/pointy flats — to make it read more mid-century cool and less Mennonite.

  3. Hey, I found you through TJ and I love you! Sorry if that’s weird, but your “hey a real human wearing real clothes” thing was the first time I thought, “Yeah, I can do that.” And I’ve worn outfitty outfits all week and feel AWESOME about how I look for the first time in a long while. So, thank you. Thank you so much.

    As for the Jesus Skirt, I agree with Hillary: skirts at the knee need a heel.

  4. ” I like skirts, but not because of God.” This might be one of the best lines in a blog I have ever read.

    I love that Lands End dress especially with a belt. A belt adds SO MUCH to an outfit.

    Also digging the white shorts and top. I’m not a fan of shorts. I mostly wear dresses and skirts (also not because of God) but I might have to find a pair of shorts like that.

  5. That Land’s End dress – good lord woman, you are a BOMBSHELL.

    Your explanation of the triangle bag theory was pretty awesome, by the way.

  6. I love this entire post, but mostly because you like skirts regardless of God.

  7. Lands end dress win win win!

  8. Haaaaaa, Adriana has this little jean skirt that is kind of long, and every time she wears it Justin says she looks “Duggarish”. LOVE the belt with the Land’s End dress, so cute!

  9. You could pretty much live in the Land’s End dress and that red shirt/white shorts combo – perfect for anything and everything and you look great! Love these posts! Thanks for encouraging me to try more dresses.

  10. I love the Land’s End dress and the white shorts combo. I never think white pants are a good idea, but then I see an outfit like that and it’s so cute!

    Also, Hillary? “more mid-century & less mennonite” belongs somewhere huge because that was awesome.

  11. You are the third person to love and look fabulous in that striped GAP dress and, son of a biscuit, I tried it on in the store at the beginning of the season and it looked like utter poo on me. Complete poo. I was so bummed because of its great stripes and the weight of the fabric and… just balls. I wasn’t sure if a belt would help, but I’m not so much a belt gal and so I passed on it.


  12. I loved “triangle shaped bag”. So funny. Bags are my favorite thing to wear.

  13. Love the shirt with the white shorts! Such a pretty color, and it looks great on you! I’m sorry, but I absolutely hate those top siders. I don’t think they look good with anything you have worn them with! I know plenty of people like them, but I just don’t!

  14. Okay, I need to go out an buy a pair of white shorts like those because that is a super cute summer look! Also, agree with Michelle above that it’s so awesome to read a “fashion blogger” that looks like a normal – thank you! Hope you keep posting the outfit inspiration!

  15. My entire fashion philosophy is: Find triangle-shaped bags. Wear them. Sometimes with a cardigan. But never with gold topsiders, can you even IMAGINE?

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