What I Wore This Week: Now With More Bronchitis

So yes, I had bronchitis. Have. I have bronchitis. Eh, it sucked, but whatever, it could be worse. There’s no barfing in bronchitis, which I appreciate.

{Dress: Banana Republic, Scarf: Old Navy before I banned them from my life forever, Wedges: Franco Sarto}

I love this dress, but it’s really…sexypants. If you look like this, you can throw this dress on for a little afternoon shopping and not have anyone give you a raised eyebrow. In my case, it’s a whole lotta dress, so I searched Pinterest for ideas on how to tone things down a tidge, and Pinterest thought I should scarf it, so scarf it I did, and I really loved the whole thing.




{T Shirt: Gap, Skirt: Gap, Wedges: J. Crew, Necklace: Lily Wang, Ebay}

When I got this necklace, I was sort of nonplussed with the thing. Then I wore it five times in a row.  I will say that I’ve seen it go for as high as $25, and I would be really irritated had I paid $25, it’s basically just plastic glued to plastic. However, I paid $13 for it and it’s really hard to find a true orange large necklace and I’m very happy I bought it.

This is also when I decided I needed to take my pictures in my bedroom again because my hallway pictures were ALWAYS blurry. So annoying.


{Dress: Lands’ End Fit and Flare, Necklace: Lily Wang, Shoes:: Franco Sarto}

One of the things that I didn’t realize I had lost until recently was a sort of…fun goofy side that I used to have. I mean, this is fashion. If you can’t screw around with it a little bit, you’re not doing it right.  So you know, take a chance. Wear a crazy necklace.  Buy the silver shoes. Wear your hair in goofy buns. It’s true, someone might look twice at you.  Someone might make fun of you.  (Although they probably won’t.) Regardless, the world will continue on. So, goofy hair, here we are. Represent. (Favorite outfit of the week. Am wearing it again today!)


{T Shirt: Gap, Denim Capris: Old Navy, Pre ban, Scarf: Old Navy, also pre ban, Belt: Target, Shoes: Target Girls (last year)}

I partially tucked in a shirt! Into jeans! WHO is this person? I have no idea, but I like her and her cute belt.

{Sweater: J.Crew Factory, Denim Capris: Old Navy, Necklace: Lily Wang, Ebay, Wedges: J. Crew}

{Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Franco Sarto}

Navy plus brown animal print? Love it. I also think this skirt could be great with an orange shirt. I was going to hem this a bit, but Twitter told me not to, so I left it. This shirt is really great, btw.  If you need a fancy t shirt, I think it’s very pretty and flattering. I bought it on sale though, so maybe wait for another one.

{Dress: Gap, Belt: Target, Necklace: Target, Shoes: Banana Republic}

So cute with a belt! This is my new favorite dress ever.



25 Responses

  1. You are too cute! Love the outfits!

  2. Damn, girl! Lookin goooood. Love those scarves and the partially tucked in tee. Have you tried your hair in a top knot. I think that would be cute.

  3. I like you and your cute belt, too. You look phenomenal in every photo! Sorry about the bronchitis, though. That sucks.

  4. OOH I love all of these! Can’t decide which is my favorite…pics 1,3,5,and 7 are all so cute! 1 is SO FLATTERING on you. Also, I love the different looks with the same necklace. I’m thinking I now need a belt AND a statement necklace (they have one I’m obsessing over in Target, of all places, but it’s gold so I’m skerred).

  5. Belt + GAP dress now confirms what I highly suspected all along. DAMMIT.

    Ah well.

    You in that black dress outfit number one are STUNNING.

  6. You’re turning into quite the sexpot!! Love all these outfits 🙂

  7. Represent! I love that. Especially the hair with buns.

  8. That last dress is ROCKING! But really, I think every week your outfits keep getting better and better! I’m so impressed.

  9. Great outfits! You’re inspiring me. I had to comment on your mention of having lost a bit of your fun/goofy side. I was just thinking the same about myself–I don’t laugh like I used to, I’m not spontaneous…frankly, I’m hardly fun at all. I’m hoping I can reclaim the me I used to be, and I’ll hope that for you, too.

  10. This is my most favorite week ever – loved every single outfit! And I’m sorry if this is inappropriate to say, but damn – you look hot in that black dress!!!

  11. You look gorgeous in that black dress and scarf. Simply gorgeous.

    Also, can I tell you how much I love these posts? They make my Friday afternoons fun.

  12. I love every single outfit here. It ALL looks fab, lady.

  13. That last one is my favorite! It looks so good on you! You really do look awesome in all of them, but dressing like this when you have bronchitis?! Yeah, you win.

  14. The first & last dresses are my faves. The first one IS sexy pants!

  15. That last outfit is AMAZING. You look wonderful!

  16. I really like the scarf in that first picture. I can’t do scarves, I never really know how to wear them, I think is the problem.

  17. Wow, you look lovely in each picture. Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  18. I really love that first dress with the scarf! Amazing!

  19. You have inspired me to buy that last dress, the green one. It looks awesome on you! And I love the way it looks with that belt!

    Also, I love these posts.

  20. I’ll say it again, I love your style. You look soooo good in every outfit!! It’s inspiring me to pass by the cheap Target/Old Navy clothes. But, the few times I’ve bought shirts from more expensive places they have shrunken or get these odd little wear holes in them after a few washes. I wash in delicate & line dry so it’s not that. How are your shirts holding up? And any suggestions for jeans that are as fantastically awesome as ON Dreamer cut jeans?!? The only jeans EVAH that fit right.

  21. My god! that first dress is a stunning shape on you! That’s what I’d go with for sure.

  22. I have decided that you are about to turn up pregnant ANY DAY NOW. You are looking hot!! The sexypants dress is awesome, the buns are darling, and the belted green striped dress is perfection. I just love you.

  23. I think the black dress looks amazing, and I love what you did with it. Everything else also looked very cute. I enjoy these posts so much.

  24. Yeah, the whole world wants that first dress now, I’m convinced. You look AMAZING in all these photos. I dare say it’s one of your best weeks yet.

  25. Outfits 5 and 7 are my favorites! I love that cardigan with the necklace.

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