NEK 2012

“You know, this is such beautiful country up here. It ought to be called the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.”

–Senator George Aiken








Yes, these pictures are from my mother’s backyard. I know. I look up real estate listings the entire time I’m there.




These next three are really just for Erica.



Lovely vacation, happy to be home. Perfect.


6 Responses

  1. How do you ever LEAVE? My parents live in Vegas, so it’s not quite a view like that from their backyard.

  2. Maybe next time I kill something it should be in a more idyllic spot.

  3. Does your mom want to adopt me?

  4. Looks fabulous. Would they be willing to host a Blathering 😉

  5. I cannot handle K-Dub’s curls.

  6. I felt a little bit like maybe you were in Iowa with all the John Deere tractors! I’m glad you had an excellent vacation and that you’re back home safe and sound.

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