What I Wore This Week: Mostly Shorts

Woof. This week was a doozy. Vacation re-entry has been a little rough, and I still have bronchitis but now I also have a head cold. And it was 107 degrees.  That’s not a typo.

Our yard was out of control, so I spent most of this week in shorts weeding or canning, and I didn’t take a picture of those outfits. However, I am gratified to find that my uniform plan really does work, I have clothes at hand for any occasion that fit and look reasonably nice, even if I am just weeding.  Also, please note that I canned 12 quarts of tomatoes, 4 jars of sauce, a jar of plum jam, and 8 pints of dilly beans. I get a gold star for canning.

I ended up taking more pictures of things I’m considering than things I actually wore this week, because I’ve discovered that I literally can’t tell if I look good in something unless I take a picture.  Mirrors/husbands/friends/online pictures are all totally ineffective compared to taking a picture of yourself in the thing. It’s time consuming, but it works.

{Lands End Blazer, Ebay necklace, JCrew wedges, Target Shorts, Gap Tee}

I wore this two ways (with and sans blazer) so I could see which I liked better. I actually like them both.


{Gap Tee, J Crew Wedges, Target shorts,  Ebay Necklace}

I like to think that somewhere, somehow, Mr. T approves of this necklace.


{J Crew Dress, Eddie Bauer Cardigan, Franco Sarto Wedges}

I took this picture so I could tell if I wanted to keep this dress, but just hem it three or four inches (which is why I’m holding it up like that.) I think yes, I like it. Let’s do it.

{Lole Eleanor Tunic Dress, Gap Sandals}

This one I’m not so sure about. I ordered it in a fit of online dress purchasing because I’m trying to find a LBD for The Blathering. This is a little more “let’s go play tennis, maybe?” than I’m looking for in a Blathering dress, but when I tried it on I liked it anyway, as like a running around town kind of thing.  But in this picture, I’m not as enamored of it. The tags are still on it, so what do you think? Does it look too small? It’s giving me a “this dress looks like it’s not made of enough fabric and is straining over my giant bazooms” feeling.


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  1. On that last one, the proportions are wrong. (Which happens to women of all shapes and sizes, I might add, since dresses come in fewer shapes and sizes than we do.) The one you’re planning to hem, however, is awesome, at least with that cardigan. Keeper.

  2. May I just say that you look extra super skinny in those top two photos! Who knew white shorts were the key??

  3. I feel that the bazooms are not the problem so much as it hangs….pointy?…in the front.

    Tell us about the Blathering! Its not a conference, right?

  4. ah, nevermind! Apparently the blathering has its own blog! Who knew! (People with sharper eyes than mine, apparently.)

  5. I LOVE the dress you are planning on hemming, definitely keep that one! There’s something off about the last one though, that I can’t put my finger on. I feel like it fits you fine (doesn’t look too big or small) I just feel like the dress is made in awkward proportions or something! It’s definitely not awful and doesn’t look bad on you, but I feel like it would just look kind of off on anyone!
    Also, please never stop doing this! I love it and it motivates me to try out new things and look more out together!

  6. Yeah, I agree with the others. I think the top looks great in the last one, but the bottom is all wacky, and I don’t think it has anything to do with your bottom half. It’s all the dress’ fault. I, too, love the other dress on you.

    I am super impressed with your canning prowess.

  7. My initial reaction to the last dress was “Wow, she posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit cover up.” I don’t know why but that’s just what it looked like to me. It’s definitely not the look you are going for.

    I love the first 2 outfits though. I think the jacket makes the shorts and shirt dressier so more suited for a special occasion while alone they are better for everyday wear. The dress and cardigan are cute too. I want to see what the finished product looks like after the hem job.

  8. I want you to button the sweater one button higher. If it hits at your narrowest spot it is more flattering.

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