Ten Reasons To Go To the Blathering

1. If you’re really lucky, Emily Cassee will tell you about the time the bird got stuck on her head for 45 minutes. Maybe we could reenact it. Can you rent birds? I will also require a Honda Civic hatchback and a Dave.

2. You get to buy a pretty new dress! Or new shoes! Or not, if that’s not your thing!

3. Your readership will go up.  I know everyone likes to pretend it’s not about the numbers, but 60 people are going to tweet about you, link to you, and write blog posts about pretty you are. Your numbers will go up.

4. You’re going to get to eat some really really really yummy food.

5. You know that feeling you get when you laugh so hard and for so long that your face hurts? You’ll have that feeling for three days straight.

6. Hardly anyone will hang on your leg and demand that you change their diaper.

7. I know we say this every year and I know it’s hard to understand from afar, but it’s just going to be really really really fun.  There’s fun drinks and nametags and most of all, people are nice. It doesn’t matter how many people read your blog or what you wear or what you look like or who you knew before you came, everyone will be nice to you.  This is not like Blogher. If you try to stand in a corner, we will find you and we will force you to let us be nice to you.

8. Edible glitter.  That is all.

9. It’s different when you read someone’s blog after you’ve met them.  It just is.  When someone goes from “in the computer” to “in real life” it’s like going from black and white to full color. You’ll never read those blogs the same way again.

10.  The women you’ll meet this weekend? They will change your life. They will become your friends, your most loyal blog readers, your twitter favorites, the people you turn to in a crisis. They’ll meet you for brunch when you’re all back home and hold your babies when they are born and send you clothes that they’ve outgrown and they will be your new friends and become your old friends and then become some of the very  best friends you have.  It happened to me, so I know.  It’s an amazing weekend, but it’s also just so much MORE than those three days, somehow, because you will leave New Orleans with friends.  Real true life for always friends.

And that’s just one of the ten reasons that this is my favorite weekend of the year, bar none.

(Although the edible glitter doesn’t hurt.)

Come! You know you want to. 


10 Responses

  1. I love this, because YES YES YES! All of these things, and more!

  2. This made me tear up, mainly because I’m currently stressed and NOLA canNOT come fast enough. I can’t wait to see you!

  3. This is lovely. It sounds LOVELY.

  4. ack! I wish I had the moolah to come on down there. I’m hoping you’ll have the next one closer to my Pac NW stomping grounds so that I’ll be within driving distance 🙂

  5. I cannot believe that all of you are being SO RUDE as to still hold this event on a year that I cannot come. I bet you will all even have FUN too, instead of just sitting around, crying because you miss me. SEE IF I CARE.

  6. This sounds amazing! Can’t make it this year but will be looking forward to where you hold it next year.

  7. Shut the front door about that edible glitter.

  8. Honestly, I’m only going for the potential payoff in readership/lobster hats.

  9. AAAH! I want to go so badly. For reals. But between the nursing bebe and the money, which is all tied up in our remodel currently, it’s very unlikely. But AAHH. I WANT to! I am feeling really grumpy now.

  10. #9 is SO absolutely true! It was so fun last year to keep reading the blogs of my new in-real-life-friends and be like I ATE A TACO FROM A TRUCK WITH HER. Pretty awesome.

    #6 is a damn good reason too.

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