What I Wore This Week:

{Gap Mason Crew T-Shirt, Costco Skirt, J. Crew Wedges}

I bought this skirt because Holly told me to, and because I am starting to work on the fall/winter “uniform.” It turns out, though, that I have hardly any clothes that go with black.  I tried this t-shirt out to see if it would work. It was ok. It felt maybe a little schlubby? And everything had to be lined up exactly right or the stripes looked off. I didn’t actually wear this, though, because then Eli got…HAND FOOT MOUTH DISEASE! Yeah! Except for not  yeah.

{J. Crew cardigan, Target tank, Cost Plus Earrings, J. Crew Wedges}

This was an excellent outfit for sitting with a five year old as he moaned in pain for 24 hours. I like to think that face says “Don’t screw with me, Hand Food Mouth” but let’s be honest, Hand Foot Mouth has screwed with me BIG TIME.

{Macy’s Maxi Dress, J. Crew wedges}

Do I even need to identify these stupid J. Crew wedges anymore? I wear them everyday, they are the best shoe of all time, let’s all move on with our lives.

Anyway, let me tell you about these maxi dresses.  I’ve been looking for a dress for the Blathering and I approached this project with a shotgun approach. If I thought it would work and it wouldn’t end up costing me another mortgage, I ordered it. I ordered this dress and the one below from Macy’s and I adore them both.  I’m not even sure I’ll end up wearing them to the Blathering, and Christina assured me that I didn’t need them both, but in a week in which everything else that I tried on was JUST awful, I decided it was foolish to return a dress that I loved and that looked great on me and that was comfortable.  So I kept them both.

Also, please understand that I have been looking for a maxi dress for YEARS. Either they were unflattering or they swam on me or they dragged on the ground.  These are both Petites and they hit perfectly. I can wear them with flats if I want. It’s a FREAKING MAXI DRESS MIRACLE. Seriously. These are the only two maxi dresses I own because they are the only ones that have ever not been horrible. And it’s going to be summer here for another three months and I can throw these on and go to the Kindergarten picnic or Target or whatever and I am in LOVE.

This is the same dress, obvs, just without a tank underneath.  Why I have that crazy bedhead, I am not sure.

{Macy’s Maxi Dress, Gap Sandals}

This is the other maxi dress. I wore it to the Kindergarten picnic the day I got it. I just love it. Love love love.  It’s very “crazy like Mrs. Roper but also strangely awesome”.

BTW, I had no idea Katie was standing there posing like that until after I looked at these pictures. So hilarious.

{Banana Republic Dress, Franco Sarto Wedges, Crazy Ebay Necklace}

This dress is a heavier material than I thought it would be, initially, and it has a big zipper in the neck. More rugby shirt material than thick jersey material, which is what I was expecting, and at first I wasn’t so sure about it, but I really like it. Can totally see it with boots for fall/winter.  Please note, however, that I so did not, and would not, pay $98 for this dress.

{Target T Shirt (on clearance for $5 right now!), Costco skirt, J. Crew wedges, fake J. Crew necklace}

So this is the other attempt at finding something to wear with skirt. I like it. I got the side eye from someone while I was wearing this but I couldn’t tell if it was in a good or a bad way? I do like it. I feel like this skirt comes across as VERY dressed up, no matter what you put with it, but I can totally see it with a v neck sweater and some boots and black tights.

But Elizabeth, I hear you saying. I thought you didn’t buy Target t-shirts anymore!

Which was true! I did have a policy on that!

But then I decided I might have to slightly revise the Target policy, so now I am allowed to buy SPECIFIC Target t shirts that fill a need in my closet. I am not allowed to buy random Target t-shirts, true, but if I need a t shirt to go with a black skirt and they have one that might work, that’s ok.  They need to be FOR something.

And now I have to go inform someone that no matter how sick he or she may be, we do not wish to listen to repetitive couch moaning on repeat as the soundtrack to our maudlin lives.



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  1. I realllllly love that BR dress. I also realllllly need my birthday to be next week instead of January.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the black and white striped dress, and the black skirt with the Target shrt! They both look fabulous on you, so much that I am SURE the side eye was in a good way! I totally give accidental side eyes while looking at people’s outfits that I like!

  3. I love the black and purple maxi dress (without tank top). It looks like it fits great!

  4. The maxi dresses look adorable – and I love the Mrs. Roper comment. But my favorite this week is the stripey Banana dress. GORGEOUS. I want it.

  5. I am super impressed with your “uniform.” And always think that you look very put together. My only issue we me doing a similar thing (especially involving skirts, shorts, etc) is then I would have to shave my legs more than once a week. The thought makes me want to die a little. I guess you don’t have similar hangups?

  6. Love the black skirt with the Target shirt! It also makes you look slim and shapely!

  7. That last outfit, with the glance you got. That was because you look HOT in that outfit… not mom-ish at ALL. Also, I love that you post your outfits because we have very similar body shapes and I’m constantly taking notes.

  8. I have that Target shirt! It’s very flattering. If they’re on sale for $5, I need more. Now. WHY DOES TARGET CLOSE AT NIGHT?

  9. Ooh, hope I’m not too late for the $5 Target shirt, love it! I am excited to see you moving to a lot of black-based (instead of navy-based) outfits, since I live in black and can now steal your ideas. The last 4 pics all look fantastic, I think black is very flattering on you. And Katie made me laugh.

  10. 1) do you know about Magic Mouthwash for HFMD?
    2) I really hope you do not have the horror of toenails and fingernails falling off from HFMD. Gross!
    3) I’m jealous of your maxi dresses.

  11. I’m so behind, all I have is one very ill-fitting crustacean-pattered dress. Sigh. Also, I think I got up too early this morning, because I looked back and forth at the two pictures of the purple dress about eight times before I determined that they were in fact the same dress. Also, I love the striped BR one.

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