What I Read This Month: August

106. The 500.  I bought this book on my Kindle while I was in Vermont. I NEVER buy books so I tried to choose the things I’d had on hold the longest at the library that also had a high percentage of not actively sucking.  This was entertaining enough for what it was, but it didn’t blow my mind, let’s put it that way.  But it’s your average fast paced action thriller type thing and it was fine.

107. Arcadia.  I really liked this book, even though I thought it was weird and depressing.  It was very well written and at no point did it give me an immense pain.  Also I love reading about crazy hippie communes.

108. Ghosts of Manhattan.  I got this book from NetGalley.  It was fine.  It was essentially a catalog of the grossly excessive lives of bond trader type people, and after awhile that got old.  I was hoping for some redemption for the main character a little bit sooner than the very last page.  By the end of the thing I practically had a hangover and was thinking about where I could order some strippers.

109. A Wedding in Haiti.  This was really interesting and lovely. A short quick interesting read. It made want to go visit the coffee plantation the author helped to set up.

110. Girls Don’t Fly.  You know, I really enjoyed this book. I had the vague perception that it was going to suck, but it was reasonably not terrible.

111. My Life Next Door. I don’t know. It was very far from awful, it just felt like the poor man’s Sarah Dessen.

112. Beautiful Ruins. I enjoyed this, but I didn’t find it compelling. I liked it and I thought was interesting and all that, but I had to make myself keep reading it.  Not sure what that was about, but my most loved books are books I fall into and that I read while I eat burnt toast standing up in my kitchen and that keep me awake till 4 am and that I drive to the store at 10:15 at night so I can buy the sequel.  This was not that.

113. This Is Not A Test.  This was entertaining, but less great than I thought it was going to be, and it was very “sequel next year” at the end which I find annoying. It did give me that cool very scary zombies aren’t real are they feeling though. I love that.

114. Liar & Spy. This is the first middle grade book I’ve liked in a long long time.  If you like your fiction to trend younger and you liked “When You Leave Me” I think you would like this.

115. Seating Arrangements.  The thing about this book was that every character in it was a nasty, unpleasant, meteoric asshole of the highest order.  Reminds me of Twitter. Ha ha ha, funny.

116. The Kings of Cool.  Love love love love love. Except that I wish (SPOILER ALERT) that everyone in the first book wasn’t dead. (Which is the reason this is a prequel.)

117.  Crow. I wanted to like this. I thought it was boring.

118.  The Chaperone. I thought this was marvelous.  Favorite book of the month. Oh, no, just behind The Kings of Cool.

119.  Fire in the Ashes. Yeah, I guess I just somehow couldn’t find the point of this. I know it;s not about me but I needed a glimmer of hope in there somehow.

120. Beautiful Disaster.  This I also got from Net Galley and I somehow didn’t realize that it was ah, a smutty book. I mean, look at that cover? Not smutty, right? Anyway, I read it anyway, as I have nothing against smut as long as it doesn’t involve vampires or dumb asses, and it was ok, for a smutty book, except for the fact that the main character that we were all supposed to be swooning over reminded me SO MUCH of Jax from Sons of Anarchy and I find him wildly unappealing   If he butters your toast though, you should probably read this.


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  1. The only one of these I read was Beautiful Disaster, which I liked pretty well, even though the main character doesn’t butter my toast. I mostly want to read My Life Next Door because the cover is so beautiful, which is dumb, but eh.

  2. You and I rarely agree on books, so I’m surprised you liked Arcadia. Lauren Groff is one of my favorite new authors. Her first, Monsters of Templeton, is quite good, though I hesitate to recommend it to you. It’s weird.

  3. Is it wrong that I secretly love it when other people also read a lot of meh books? I am not alone in this world!!!

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