What I Wore This Week: I’m Boring Now

I’m pretty much finished buying summer clothes, but it’s still summer, so that doesn’t really lead to a lot of exciting wardrobe extravaganzas.  Sorry.

I also realized, because we decided not to send Eli to preschool in August, how much harder it is to take the time to pick out nice clothes when NO ONE will see them.  What’s the point? There is no point.  I thought I was dressing for this blog but I think I might have been dressing for preschool drop off.  The good news is that I have 12 years of school drop off right around the corner, so it’s about time invest in a Chanel suit, is what I’m saying.

Shalini asked about wedges + children the other day. Months ago, actually,  think. Anyway. The sad fact is that I am a highly unmotivated creature. I do the things I like and not much else.  I hate the playground, and I never go there.  I don’t chase after my children on the playground in wedges because I don’t do playgrounds.  I decided a long time ago that I’d just come to peace with this. I wish I was a playground mom, but I’m just not.  Guilt over that fact never turned me into a playground mom, it just turned me into a mom who felt guilty for not going to the playground. Now I don’t go and I don’t worry about it. We do lots of other fun stuff, like try on Target jewelry. And if the Target jewelry section isn’t playground enough for you, then I don’t need to hear about it. Ha.

{Gap skirt, Gap Outlet T Shirt, Hive and Honey heels}

So one of the reasons that I always wore t shirts and cardigans pulled down over my skirts is because, quite frankly, most of my skirts were too small and I was trying to hide this.  Turns out the solution to this is to buy skirts that fit, not to try to cover everything over with a tight sweater.  Anyway. I lost a tidge bit of weight and now this skirts fits so nicely! So that was nice, partially because my clothes fit a little bit better and partially because anyone who eats what I eat should be the size of  toothpick, so at least I feel like all that salad finally got me SOMEWHERE.

Then just for kicks I tried untucking it. Hey, I have a two year old. I have to make my own fun, ok?

I can’t decide which one I liked better, although I am leaning slightly towards untucked.  Fashion is so confusing.

{Gap Jacket, Loft T Shirt, Old Navy denim skirt, Hive and Honey heels}

Eh.  This was fine.  I wanted to wear this jacket which I got on super sale and which I love, but I’m not sure this is the best it can be. Over a black dress maybe? I could see that.  For some reason I can’t quite figure out what to wear with this skirt either.  I do like this skirt, but it’s one of those annoying pieces of clothing that punches tiny holes in my t shirts. Do you get those tiny t shirt holes, right at your waistline? It’s because your jeans or your skirts have a little point on the waistband that doesn’t lie flat and it pokes holes in your t shirts.  I have no idea how to fix it. I’m helpful like that.

Fall won’t be here for three months, and my kids keep hiding the new shoes I’ve been buying, so…it may be a while till that Chanel suit shows up. Bummer.


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  1. These are my favorite posts ever. I had to stop myself from clicking the link while I was answering an email. And hey! My kids aren’t playground kids. I’m a playground mom without playground kids. I also think my feet may just not be cut out for fancy shoes, and I should be happy flats are in style.

    • You are a playground mom without playground kids and I am an unplayground mom with playground kids!?!?! Surely we could work something out here. I am thinking we trade. At the very least I will be writing God a stern letter.


  2. I like the shirt untucked but then that’s probably because that’s how I would wear it. Of course I’m always trying to hide my rolls and love handles.

  3. I also like it untucked. Cute shoes!

  4. I am a huge fan of tucked in shirts in skirts for people who can pull it off, and you are certainly one of them! I love that outfit!
    My mom was NOT a playground mom growing up, and I have no hard feelings about it! Your kids will have years and years of playground recess at school.

  5. Does the jacket go with the stripes in the shirt? Because if it does I think it would look cute over the tucked version. And I think tucked is a bit more dressy, untucked a bit more casual, but both are nice.

  6. Ack, I get those stupid holes too. HATE!

  7. I have that denim skirt and I can’t figure out what to do with it either. It seemed so versatile when I bought it. I also hate the playground.

  8. I think you should buy one pink Chanel suit and constantly re-purpose it a la Marge Simpson.

  9. I like the untucked look a lot more than the tucked.

  10. 1. That jacket looks great on you.
    2. I love the skirt.
    3. I have a tissue t-shirt that has little holes in it near the waistline and I have ALWAYS WONDERED how they got there. Mystery solved!

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