What I Wore This Week: Mostly My Old Tom Petty T Shirt

So let me just say that the month of September can GET BENT.  This is what it’s looked like around here: Bronchitis/Head Cold/Hand Foot Mouth/My Period/Stomach Flu/My Period.


Here is what I wore when I wasn’t dry heaving or power slamming extra strength advil.

{Gap “mini” skirt, Gap Outlet Tee}

I’ve noticed that if you’re short (I’m a little less than 5’2″, sometimes mini skirts aren’t actually mini. Such is the case with this skirt. However, please note at that J. Crew, when they say mini, they mean it. Anyway, this skirt is super cute and fun, very comfy, easy to throw on with whatever, and I think it could very easily be a fall thing with a sweater and boots, so there you go.

{Lucky t shirt from Hautelook or Fab or somewhere like that but I think I’ve also seen them at Costco, Mossimo/Target shorts}

One of the reasons I started the “uniform” is because I have a hard time matching certain colors, but not others. I don’t wear brown partially because I have brown eyes and brown hair, but also because they only thing I could ever figure out to match to it is black.  So if you are also matching impaired, might I recommend white? It’s absolutely the easiest thing in the world to match to. If you own a bunch of black/orange/white/navy/pink, you’ll never have trouble matching anything again.

{Ross Dress, Target belt, Target necklace, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges, American Eagle cami}

I know, we’ve seen this dress a lot, but I threw it in there so my BFF Sara could see where/how to belt this. (She bought a similar one yesterday.) Also, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today, so I needed something floaty to wear.

Now, because I know that wasn’t exactly September Vogue, here is a helpful refashion for you. Old swimsuit tank into hat? Voila.

What I Wore This Week: When I Wasn’t Being Barfed On

So everyone in our house caught a stomach virus this week and has been taking turns ralphing on each other.

I find it highly fascinating that when I read people’s blogs where their whole family is sick, I always sort of gloss over it? I feel bad for them but it never seems like that big of a deal. (Although I do remember reading Arwen saying that she was home alone with her kids once when she couldn’t even keep down her own saliva and I’ve basically thought she was Super Woman ever since.) Anyway, then when it happens to me? It’s LITERALLY the WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE. There was a point this week when I thought the laundry alone might kill me.  Anyway.  Fun times around here, that’s the gist of that.

{Banana Republic Sweater, Old Navy Tee, Gap Perfect Khaki Pants, Target and J. Crew necklaces}

I look tired in this picture. That’s because I am very very tired. Despite that,  I super super super loved this outfit. It felt very sophisticated.  I had ordered these pants in the khaki color and they were just so boring and sad, so I took a crazy leap and ordered the bright orange color that I had wanted originally.  And I LOVE them.  They’re really great and they made me feel so put together.  They felt very intentional, if that makes sense.  Have I mentioned I love these pants? Well, I do. I love them. (Holly, you were right.)

And this sweater is my other new favorite thing. I can’t wear wool sweaters because they are too itchy, cotton sweaters always fade and stretch out, all silk sweaters are so shiny.  But this is a great combination of materials and it just feels so elegant, the color is a perfect navy and it fits perfectly.

{Ann Taylor Wrap Sweater, Target skirt, Etsy necklace, AE cami}

I thought this was mega flattering, the color of the sweater is much nicer in person, and I have to say that a wrap sweater looks pretty damn great on me. I need to buy more, although they’re short, so they don’t necessarily have a large scope in what they can be worn with, maybe.  The waistband on this skirt is a little odd, but if you wear a cami tucked into it you don’t notice, and I needed a pleated organza style skirt, and it was $22.99, so sold, weird waistband and all.)


{Lands’ End Canvas dress, Dooney & Burke Patent Leather Shopper (similar)}

This is the dress that Twitter told me to buy. Carla (Charlie Sue on Twitter) was talking about how cute it was and I snatched it up! It’s quite fabulous for the price, I must say, although maybe we won’t talk about how many blue and white striped dresses I already have in my closet. I did have it all gussied up with a necklace and a belt, but in the end the dress by itself just felt more classic and elegant. You can bet your britches I will be wearing this with boots, leggings and a cardigan this winter though.

I’ve never been a huge Dooney & Burke obsessive, except that the patent line makes my heart beat faster, for sure.  I adore this bag. The inside is the prettiest red and it’s the color of chocolate. How can you go wrong with that?


You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Every morning, on my way home from Kindergarten, I drive past myself.

And I swear sometimes it’s so real, these two versions of me layered over each other, intersecting, that it’s like I’m watching a movie, the me from back then, sitting in the damp grass, nursing a baby, and worrying and waiting to go get Eli, crossed with the me of now, speeding down the dappled sunlit tree covered street, and the music dims and I glance back at her and slow down just a little, and then I flutter my fingers and wave at her as I drive on by.

Of course I don’t really wave. Of course I’m not really there, that me of two years ago, but sometimes I do see her so clearly, it’s eerie, and I can’t help but think about all the things I’d like to tell her, that girl I used to be.

I can see us now.  Me bent over, smiling, long hair hanging down over my face, and shyly leaning in.  Whispering to her: “It will all be ok. And then it will be so much better than ok.I promise. I know.” I’d laugh, and I’d tell her about the curly hair.  I’d tell her that when Kindergarten arrives, she will be so grateful for these six wretched weeks of preschool drop off that she will raise her eyes heavenward and whisper “thank you” every time her five year old walks, straight backed and happy, into his new school, but that truly, the way his face crumples into tears the minute he sees her at pick up will be something she may never be rid of, like someone pressed a tiny indentation into her heart.

It will be ok, I would say.  You’ll meet the restaurant minimum, I’d say. I promise.  And then I’d tell her to make sure to say yes to neighbors with open bottles of wine.  I’d tell her to really consider writing some smutty dirty Edward and Bella fan fiction. I’d tell  her that two years from now, a thousand times a day, she’ll feel happy. Genuinely unconcernedly happy.  I’d tell her maybe not to do those shots.  I’d tell her that the number on the back of her shorts isn’t as important as she thinks it is, and that learning to love herself the way she is now isn’t failure even though it feels SO MUCH like it is, but is instead one of the very best things she’ll ever accomplish. And I’d tell her she’ll do some very hard things she never thought she could, and when she does, she’ll realize for the first time, that actually, she can do anything. Anything.

Mostly though, I’d tell her that these things won’t come to her tied to ribbons from the sky.  Some things will be lucky, and some things will be unlucky, but most things she’ll have to work for.  Most things she’ll have to fight for.  Most things she’ll have to push herself towards a little bit, and sometimes more than a little bit.  And she’ll have to fill out a lot of forms.

And the thing is, I can’t help it, because  I drive by that girl every morning, and I think about how far she’s come, and how hard she’s worked, and I fidget a little in my seat, and while I fidget, I wonder. I wonder.

What I Wore This Week: California Girls Are Hot

I meant that literally. It’s supposed to be 97 degrees here today.  However, it starts out cold in the morning, so this week it’s all about stuff that can be layered.  I know, I’m a party animal. I’ve always been that way, really. It’s nothing new.

{Macy’s Maxi Dress, Target cardigan (old), Target shoes (from the little girls section), Target earrings}

Man, I loved this outfit. It was super comfy but also insanely flattering. Love it.



{Banana Republic Dress, Ebay Necklace, Hush Puppies Wedges, Marc Jacobs Purse}

I’ve already worn this exact outfit for the blog, so  mostly I took this picture so you could see my preciousssssssss, my lovely new purse that I bought myself for my birthday. A month early. As a present from Mr. E. You could fit a small Eastern European country in this thing, but man I sure do love it. I love love love it. I can’t believe I am admitting this but when I first got it, I took it into my bedroom and shut the door and just sat there, by myself, with my purse, for a few minutes.  I have the very big special feelings for this purse.

{Gap Tee, Old Navy Skirt, Ebay Necklace, Target necklace, Franco Sarto Wedges}

I’ve also already worn this before, but I put this outfit in so I could talk about my Old Navy ban. It’s not that I personally have anything against Old Navy. I LOVE this skirt. It’s a fantastic skirt.  My problem with Old Navy is that for me, it makes no financial sense, because all their clothes either fall apart or get pilly. I have worn this skirt maybe five times, and it’s covered with pills. I think I can wear it one more time and then I’ll have to throw it out, because nothing looks worse than wearing clothing covered with pills, no matter how cute it started out.  Seriously, it’s awful, and it happens to all the knitwear I buy from them, and it’s just not worth it. I’d truly rather this skirt cost $40 and could be worn indefinitely. I own some skirts from Anthropologie that I paid $50 some odd dollars for, and that I have owned for going on ten years now.  That makes financial sense to me.  So it’s not that I hate Old Navy arbitrarily, it’s that I can’t afford disposable clothing, no matter what the cost is. I want to be able to put it in my closet and to keep it in my closet permanently. I do not want to rebuy things I have already bought once.  Ever.

{Old Navy Scarf, Gap Dress, Frye Campus Boots}

So here we have the opposite end of the spectrum.  These boots are $300 new.  They are a classic. They will never go out of style. You will get compliments every time you wear them.  They sell vintage ones on Ebay for practically the same price as for new ones.  Some day I will hand them down to my daughter.  And they were A LOT of money, but they will last forever.

So in general, I prefer that. I choose $300 boots that last forever over $25 Target ballet flats that hurt my feet and fall apart after three wearings.  I think you can see from my clothes that I totally believe that Target has a place in my closet, but I don’t buy shoes there anymore because I always ended up throwing them out when they proved unwearable. Cardigans? Yes. Costume jewelry? Sure.  Cardigans? Yes. Sign me up for all of them. Cheap shoes? No.

I also had these stretched recently, and it made a tiny bit of difference in the size on my calves, but if you can’t even get your leg into a pair of these bad boys, I do not think that stretching would make enough of a difference that you could go from “can’t pull it over my leg” to “can easily wear”.  My shoe guy said he’d restretch them for me if it wasn’t enough, but I’m not in the mood to run them over there again and wait two days, so I’m gonna call it good for now.

{Eddie Bauer Cardigan, Target tank, J. Crew skirt, Franco Sarto Wedges, Target necklace}

This outfit was pulled out of my closet in desperation, but I really love it.  It’s all stuff I would NEVER have put together and somehow it just all works. Fun.



Eli’s Corner



I finally know exactly what I want to with the living room in this house, but the whole plan hinges on getting the kids toys into the kids room, which has to wait until Katie Dubs can sleep in her half of the trundle bed and I can put the crib in the attic.  In the meantime, we are making it work.

The moment I saw this print I knew I had to have it, but I didn’t have the perfect spot for it until now. And frames were on clearance this morning at Target. Kismet.

Desk is from Craigslist, it’s pretty great. Eli loves it.  Which is good because he’s going to spending a lot of time sitting there doing all the worksheets in the entire world.

I Don’t Know About You, But I Found this Series of Pictures Highly Entertaining

What I Wore This Week: Back To School



This week was really fun. Eli started kindergarten, and I was so happy that I have all this great stuff in my closet that I can wear.  It was so nice to be starting out on this new venture without having to be stressed about what I would wear, and knowing what things I’ve already tried out and that worked great.  It was really nice to be a bit past the experimental phase and into the “I know I look nice” phase.

{Banana Republic (Outlet) dress, J. Crew wedges, Target necklace}

This dress is so great. SO great. It’s comfy and I can wear it in the summer or the winter, it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s super flattering, and it looks really nicely dressed up without looking too “I work at J. Crew headquarters and they download the catalog into my brain every three months”.  I think it was all of $20 at the BR Outlet last weekend, if you have one near you, I recommend it.


{Gap Outlet dress, J. Crew Wedges, Target belt}

I adore this dress. It’s as if someone went out of their way to design what would be the most flattering dress ever for me.  I did wear it on a rather windy day and I may have shown some kindergarteners my lady business, but you know, they have to learn these things somehow. Oh, I have worn this before, on this blog, and such, but this time I added a belt.  Therefore I am showing it to you again. You love it! I know you do!

PS I cannot find any belts I like! I bought this one I am wearing at Target in some ridiculous size, and since then I can’t find any more there that I like that fit me.  I have tried belts at Forever 21, Banana Republic, thrift stores, etc, and NOTHING.  There’s nothing at the Gap and the M/L size at Banana Republic doesn’t fit me. I find it very odd that I wear a size 10 or 12 dress and a 2XL belt at Target, but fashion, it’s a mystery. Anyone have any (giant sized) belt recommendations?

{J. Crew sweater, Lands’ End Fit and Flare dress, Salt Water Sandals, Target necklace}

I think this dress is sold out over at Lands’ End, but I have high hopes that this dress is a winter version of it.  When I bought my Lands’ End dresses they were on super sale (I think I got each one for about $25-$35 dollars) so I am hoping that the winter dresses go on sale soon. Oh, look, it is on sale. Do we think it will get cheaper?

When Eli was in preschool I pretty much could park right outside and totter right in on whatever ridiculous heels I wanted to wear.  Now that he’s in Kindergarten, I have to drive him every day and there’s no parking, which means we have to park on the street and wander down the block, which means you’re about to see me wear a lot of flats. And if that’s doesn’t blow your skirt up I don’t know what will.

Happy Friday!