What I Wore This Week: Back To School



This week was really fun. Eli started kindergarten, and I was so happy that I have all this great stuff in my closet that I can wear.  It was so nice to be starting out on this new venture without having to be stressed about what I would wear, and knowing what things I’ve already tried out and that worked great.  It was really nice to be a bit past the experimental phase and into the “I know I look nice” phase.

{Banana Republic (Outlet) dress, J. Crew wedges, Target necklace}

This dress is so great. SO great. It’s comfy and I can wear it in the summer or the winter, it doesn’t wrinkle, it’s super flattering, and it looks really nicely dressed up without looking too “I work at J. Crew headquarters and they download the catalog into my brain every three months”.  I think it was all of $20 at the BR Outlet last weekend, if you have one near you, I recommend it.


{Gap Outlet dress, J. Crew Wedges, Target belt}

I adore this dress. It’s as if someone went out of their way to design what would be the most flattering dress ever for me.  I did wear it on a rather windy day and I may have shown some kindergarteners my lady business, but you know, they have to learn these things somehow. Oh, I have worn this before, on this blog, and such, but this time I added a belt.  Therefore I am showing it to you again. You love it! I know you do!

PS I cannot find any belts I like! I bought this one I am wearing at Target in some ridiculous size, and since then I can’t find any more there that I like that fit me.  I have tried belts at Forever 21, Banana Republic, thrift stores, etc, and NOTHING.  There’s nothing at the Gap and the M/L size at Banana Republic doesn’t fit me. I find it very odd that I wear a size 10 or 12 dress and a 2XL belt at Target, but fashion, it’s a mystery. Anyone have any (giant sized) belt recommendations?

{J. Crew sweater, Lands’ End Fit and Flare dress, Salt Water Sandals, Target necklace}

I think this dress is sold out over at Lands’ End, but I have high hopes that this dress is a winter version of it.  When I bought my Lands’ End dresses they were on super sale (I think I got each one for about $25-$35 dollars) so I am hoping that the winter dresses go on sale soon. Oh, look, it is on sale. Do we think it will get cheaper?

When Eli was in preschool I pretty much could park right outside and totter right in on whatever ridiculous heels I wanted to wear.  Now that he’s in Kindergarten, I have to drive him every day and there’s no parking, which means we have to park on the street and wander down the block, which means you’re about to see me wear a lot of flats. And if that’s doesn’t blow your skirt up I don’t know what will.

Happy Friday!





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  1. There are sometimes some nice belts in the men’s department, though they tend to be (1) basic or else (2) cowboy. I wonder if Lane Bryant has belts?

  2. 2 things we have in common: our saltwaters and our desire to find a belt. I need one that goes with this dress, help! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bzms/7547547920

  3. I gasped when I saw that first dress. I love it. It looks so good on you. And the yellow accessories are fabulous.

  4. I love love love these posts! We are similarly shaped so every time you post I want to BUY ALL THE THINGS but I am pregnant and therefore… not buying anything, really. But later! Later I am going to embrace this model of uniform dressing, because I want to feel cute at preschool drop-off. (And at work, but mostly at drop-off.)

  5. I love that second dress. I covet it.

  6. I have started exploring belts and am also confused by their sizing.

    I scored two super cute dresses from Target.com last week and I am practically Mr. Burns-ing my fingers together in anticipation of wearing them.

  7. That dress you linked to does look good, but I got the sleeveless one after I saw it on you and love the print so much more than solid! I don’t like the prints of this one near as much, so I may pass on the “winter” version. Still, I love the one I got! Thanks again; your photos are both helpful and inspiring.

  8. Belts are such a mystery. . . .

  9. All these outfits look great, and I especially love the yellow accents. Have you thought about making belts? They’re really pretty easy to make, and there are some really cute buckles available at the hobby/craft/sewing stores. You could also just use long scarves and attach the buckles. Some of the buckle hardware allows you to interchange the belt itself, so you could have an array of interesting scarves.

  10. That Gap Outlet dress is SO FABULOUS!!! And I’m totally looking forward to all your future posts on flats. I loved all your wedges, but my wimpy feet can’t handle fancy shoes.
    I always buy belts at Goodwill. They always have a really interesting and varied selection.

  11. That dress DOES look like it was cut just for you. And maybe me.

  12. Lane Bryant *does* carry belts, so you might give them a look. I have just a basic brown leather belt from them that I bought a few years ago & it’s held up really well. But I also really love the scarf idea mentioned by Rah above!!

  13. Unrelated to anything you’ve said, but I would like to know about your camera remote pls.

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