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I finally know exactly what I want to with the living room in this house, but the whole plan hinges on getting the kids toys into the kids room, which has to wait until Katie Dubs can sleep in her half of the trundle bed and I can put the crib in the attic.  In the meantime, we are making it work.

The moment I saw this print I knew I had to have it, but I didn’t have the perfect spot for it until now. And frames were on clearance this morning at Target. Kismet.

Desk is from Craigslist, it’s pretty great. Eli loves it.  Which is good because he’s going to spending a lot of time sitting there doing all the worksheets in the entire world.


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  1. where’d you get the print? I love it. I remember my mom having stuff with that kind of motif – like PA Dutch maybe? what do you call that?

  2. You, my friend, have killer style.

  3. Very cute desk!

  4. I love all of this. That print, especially, is just lovely.

  5. Love the print! And the desk!

  6. Dang, Eli. Save some worksheets for the rest of us.

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