What I Wore This Week: California Girls Are Hot

I meant that literally. It’s supposed to be 97 degrees here today.  However, it starts out cold in the morning, so this week it’s all about stuff that can be layered.  I know, I’m a party animal. I’ve always been that way, really. It’s nothing new.

{Macy’s Maxi Dress, Target cardigan (old), Target shoes (from the little girls section), Target earrings}

Man, I loved this outfit. It was super comfy but also insanely flattering. Love it.



{Banana Republic Dress, Ebay Necklace, Hush Puppies Wedges, Marc Jacobs Purse}

I’ve already worn this exact outfit for the blog, so  mostly I took this picture so you could see my preciousssssssss, my lovely new purse that I bought myself for my birthday. A month early. As a present from Mr. E. You could fit a small Eastern European country in this thing, but man I sure do love it. I love love love it. I can’t believe I am admitting this but when I first got it, I took it into my bedroom and shut the door and just sat there, by myself, with my purse, for a few minutes.  I have the very big special feelings for this purse.

{Gap Tee, Old Navy Skirt, Ebay Necklace, Target necklace, Franco Sarto Wedges}

I’ve also already worn this before, but I put this outfit in so I could talk about my Old Navy ban. It’s not that I personally have anything against Old Navy. I LOVE this skirt. It’s a fantastic skirt.  My problem with Old Navy is that for me, it makes no financial sense, because all their clothes either fall apart or get pilly. I have worn this skirt maybe five times, and it’s covered with pills. I think I can wear it one more time and then I’ll have to throw it out, because nothing looks worse than wearing clothing covered with pills, no matter how cute it started out.  Seriously, it’s awful, and it happens to all the knitwear I buy from them, and it’s just not worth it. I’d truly rather this skirt cost $40 and could be worn indefinitely. I own some skirts from Anthropologie that I paid $50 some odd dollars for, and that I have owned for going on ten years now.  That makes financial sense to me.  So it’s not that I hate Old Navy arbitrarily, it’s that I can’t afford disposable clothing, no matter what the cost is. I want to be able to put it in my closet and to keep it in my closet permanently. I do not want to rebuy things I have already bought once.  Ever.

{Old Navy Scarf, Gap Dress, Frye Campus Boots}

So here we have the opposite end of the spectrum.  These boots are $300 new.  They are a classic. They will never go out of style. You will get compliments every time you wear them.  They sell vintage ones on Ebay for practically the same price as for new ones.  Some day I will hand them down to my daughter.  And they were A LOT of money, but they will last forever.

So in general, I prefer that. I choose $300 boots that last forever over $25 Target ballet flats that hurt my feet and fall apart after three wearings.  I think you can see from my clothes that I totally believe that Target has a place in my closet, but I don’t buy shoes there anymore because I always ended up throwing them out when they proved unwearable. Cardigans? Yes. Costume jewelry? Sure.  Cardigans? Yes. Sign me up for all of them. Cheap shoes? No.

I also had these stretched recently, and it made a tiny bit of difference in the size on my calves, but if you can’t even get your leg into a pair of these bad boys, I do not think that stretching would make enough of a difference that you could go from “can’t pull it over my leg” to “can easily wear”.  My shoe guy said he’d restretch them for me if it wasn’t enough, but I’m not in the mood to run them over there again and wait two days, so I’m gonna call it good for now.

{Eddie Bauer Cardigan, Target tank, J. Crew skirt, Franco Sarto Wedges, Target necklace}

This outfit was pulled out of my closet in desperation, but I really love it.  It’s all stuff I would NEVER have put together and somehow it just all works. Fun.



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  1. I love the Maxi dress! I want! Also, first time commenter & wanted to say that I absolutely love these posts. You and I have a similar shape, which makes What I Wore all the more fun! ….wow, I could look this fab…! 🙂

  2. That first outfit is too, too gorgeous. And I am so jealous you can show the little girls shoes. -Size 10-11 Swistle

  3. I think Target knits are on the no-fly list for me too, due to the pilling thing. Ugh.

  4. You look really cute and put together in all the outfits. I really love the Eddie Bauer cardigan set with the JCrew skirt. I really need to step up my fall every day wardrobe.

  5. Omg the thought of you alone in your room with your purse…. Ha ha love it! I am just learning about these frye boots. Seem to be quite the thing! I lucked out on a pair of riding boots on the cheap a few years back and I always get people asking about them when I wear them. Nice boots are awesome.

  6. I love your new bag. I’ve been eyeing the recent Marc Jacobs offerings; there are so many great choices. I don’t even usually like to carry a leather bag. I’m in love with your green dress outfit.

  7. great outfits! love the maxi dress/cardi combo.

    you really are inspiring more put together outfits for me. just the other day when i left for the playground, i added a cute jacket to my striped t-shirt black pants and flip flop outfit and i felt better all day long.

    i totally agree about the shoes. more expensive, but totally worth it. i don’t have many pairs, however my feet thank me every day.

  8. Dude you are lookin’ hot in that maxi dress and cardi! WORK IT! Also I have had my Campus boots for 12 years. I had them re-soled once. They are THE BEST and I informed John two days ago (on the day he pre-ordered me my iPhone 5 because I’m a spoiled BRAT) that I want a new pair for Christmas.

  9. You and some special almost-sexy-time with New Purse made me laugh out loud in my office at work. Mostly because I have done the same thing with something new that I love. I’ll…just want to gaze at it adoringly and pet it a little bit.

    I have been eyeballing a different pair of Frye boots because holy balls do I love them. I should just take the plunge, right?

  10. I just bought my Frye boots yesterday. I did the close the door and stare at them thing when I got home. They’re just so…yeah. Sigh.

  11. Hey, I bought Frye boots this summer! they were a crazy sale deal on Amazon. I have no idea what to wear with them, but I love them.

  12. My husband and I both love your fashion sense and your photos. He especially loved the one with the maxi dress and the ruffled cardigan.

  13. Love the maxi dress and I also love the cardi. However, I do not like them together. The colors kind of clash or something. Love all of the outfits this week!

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