What I Wore This Week: When I Wasn’t Being Barfed On

So everyone in our house caught a stomach virus this week and has been taking turns ralphing on each other.

I find it highly fascinating that when I read people’s blogs where their whole family is sick, I always sort of gloss over it? I feel bad for them but it never seems like that big of a deal. (Although I do remember reading Arwen saying that she was home alone with her kids once when she couldn’t even keep down her own saliva and I’ve basically thought she was Super Woman ever since.) Anyway, then when it happens to me? It’s LITERALLY the WORST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE. There was a point this week when I thought the laundry alone might kill me.  Anyway.  Fun times around here, that’s the gist of that.

{Banana Republic Sweater, Old Navy Tee, Gap Perfect Khaki Pants, Target and J. Crew necklaces}

I look tired in this picture. That’s because I am very very tired. Despite that,  I super super super loved this outfit. It felt very sophisticated.  I had ordered these pants in the khaki color and they were just so boring and sad, so I took a crazy leap and ordered the bright orange color that I had wanted originally.  And I LOVE them.  They’re really great and they made me feel so put together.  They felt very intentional, if that makes sense.  Have I mentioned I love these pants? Well, I do. I love them. (Holly, you were right.)

And this sweater is my other new favorite thing. I can’t wear wool sweaters because they are too itchy, cotton sweaters always fade and stretch out, all silk sweaters are so shiny.  But this is a great combination of materials and it just feels so elegant, the color is a perfect navy and it fits perfectly.

{Ann Taylor Wrap Sweater, Target skirt, Etsy necklace, AE cami}

I thought this was mega flattering, the color of the sweater is much nicer in person, and I have to say that a wrap sweater looks pretty damn great on me. I need to buy more, although they’re short, so they don’t necessarily have a large scope in what they can be worn with, maybe.  The waistband on this skirt is a little odd, but if you wear a cami tucked into it you don’t notice, and I needed a pleated organza style skirt, and it was $22.99, so sold, weird waistband and all.)


{Lands’ End Canvas dress, Dooney & Burke Patent Leather Shopper (similar)}

This is the dress that Twitter told me to buy. Carla (Charlie Sue on Twitter) was talking about how cute it was and I snatched it up! It’s quite fabulous for the price, I must say, although maybe we won’t talk about how many blue and white striped dresses I already have in my closet. I did have it all gussied up with a necklace and a belt, but in the end the dress by itself just felt more classic and elegant. You can bet your britches I will be wearing this with boots, leggings and a cardigan this winter though.

I’ve never been a huge Dooney & Burke obsessive, except that the patent line makes my heart beat faster, for sure.  I adore this bag. The inside is the prettiest red and it’s the color of chocolate. How can you go wrong with that?



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  2. I agree with Swistle. Those pants with that top = fabulous. Love.

  3. I both love and hate you for how many things your posts make ME want to buy.

  4. Fabulous. All of it.

  5. You look AMAZING in that first pants outfit!! I mean, you look awesome in all of the outfits, but HOLY WHOA those orange pants are so cool.

  6. One hundred thousand times YES on the first outfit. Well, on all of them. But especially the first one! You are so lovely! 🙂

  7. Looking FABULOUS, lady. Also: Orange pants! Listen to Holly, don’t listen to me!

    Sad I won’t see you tomorrow. FUCK THE BARFENING!

  8. Like Jennie, I always feel compelled to shop after these posts.
    Thank you?

  9. You make me want to buy colored pants (and I never thought I’d say that!) when i first saw the new colored pants trend, I was like – you have GOT to be kidding me!! Now, seeing your outfit, I get it! 🙂 btw – for what it’s worth, I think you should try setting your camera/tripod a bit higher…..??

  10. I love those pants!!!

  11. I never wear orange anything, but I’m in love with those pants!

  12. If I wasn’t on a total spending freeze, I would definitely be buying that LE Canvas dress, and probably also the orange pants. I really covet the orange pants, and I would never have thought orange pants could look good.

    But the dress is such a good price I am having a lot of trouble restraining myself.

  13. Stomach viruses passing around the house ARE literally the worst things ever. The last time we had one, I was nursing a small baby the whole time, and the 2-year-old was just puking on everything, and my whole family was out of town. It went on for over a week, and I just kept waiting for the grownups to show up to take care of everything. THE WORST.

    I don’t understand how you managed to look this lovely this week. I didn’t get out of my pajamas, no I did not. You are amazing, and I have got to go buy that dress.

  14. That top outfit looks FANTASTIC. They all do, actually.

  15. Will you be my stylist? Congrats on your Five Star Friday! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. But seriously, I do need a stylist.

  16. That first outfit is fantastic. You look amazing in it! I like a lot of what you post on these (and I now feel the need for some wrap sweaters…when I’m not pregnant, of course), but that is my favorite one.

  17. That first outfit is pretty spectacular. The others are cute, too, of course. You’re making me want a nice bag. My deepest sympathies about the barf.

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