What I Wore This Week: Mostly My Old Tom Petty T Shirt

So let me just say that the month of September can GET BENT.  This is what it’s looked like around here: Bronchitis/Head Cold/Hand Foot Mouth/My Period/Stomach Flu/My Period.


Here is what I wore when I wasn’t dry heaving or power slamming extra strength advil.

{Gap “mini” skirt, Gap Outlet Tee}

I’ve noticed that if you’re short (I’m a little less than 5’2″, sometimes mini skirts aren’t actually mini. Such is the case with this skirt. However, please note at that J. Crew, when they say mini, they mean it. Anyway, this skirt is super cute and fun, very comfy, easy to throw on with whatever, and I think it could very easily be a fall thing with a sweater and boots, so there you go.

{Lucky t shirt from Hautelook or Fab or somewhere like that but I think I’ve also seen them at Costco, Mossimo/Target shorts}

One of the reasons I started the “uniform” is because I have a hard time matching certain colors, but not others. I don’t wear brown partially because I have brown eyes and brown hair, but also because they only thing I could ever figure out to match to it is black.  So if you are also matching impaired, might I recommend white? It’s absolutely the easiest thing in the world to match to. If you own a bunch of black/orange/white/navy/pink, you’ll never have trouble matching anything again.

{Ross Dress, Target belt, Target necklace, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges, American Eagle cami}

I know, we’ve seen this dress a lot, but I threw it in there so my BFF Sara could see where/how to belt this. (She bought a similar one yesterday.) Also, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today, so I needed something floaty to wear.

Now, because I know that wasn’t exactly September Vogue, here is a helpful refashion for you. Old swimsuit tank into hat? Voila.


6 Responses

  1. I love that first outfit! Very flattering.

  2. Oh holy hell that little face through a swimming suit. I about peed myself.

    Also having brown hair, I have an aversion to wearing brown pants or a brown sweater because I’m worried I’m going to look like a ginormous piece of poo. Brown. Tallish. Not okay.

  3. LOVE her cheeks squished through the swimsuit!! And as always, your outfits look smashing but I especially love the first one – that shirt is fab!!

  4. I think the buttons on that first skirt really make the outfit. It seems more put together than simple skirt + shirt.

  5. Love the orange!! I have always loved strips
    and am thrilled to see them back in fashion. Perfect outfits for your lifestyle and kids- great job!

  6. Omg Anna’s old swimming suit! Love it as a hat.

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