Let’s Talk About My Hair

Ok, so I am growing out my hair, is the first thing.

My hair is very fine and I have masses of it, so what always happens when I grow it out is that the weight of all that hair starts dragging down the other hair.  If I keep it chin to shoulder ish length and cut in long ish layers, it’s got lots of nice body, but then I get bored with that hair cut and I decide that it’s lame mom hair and I grow it out, and then it gets all sad and limp and heavy and then I decide to cut it off, and the cycle continues.

Here’s where we’re at right now:

This is after blow drying it and putting some kind of alleged volumizing product in it. All the shampoos and conditioners (just on the ends!) I use also purport to volumize, but I’ve never noticed much of a difference shampoo wise.

This hair is not TERRIBLE, but mostly it’s just boring. It’s not GORGEOUS hair, you know?

Ideally, I’d have this person’s lovely lovely lovely hair. Isn’t that some nice hair?

Look how she pets it! That’s how you know it’s nice.

I guess in theory this hair is attainable, since I do have long brown straight ish hair.  Mine is obviously not that long, so I’ve got 1. Grow it out more on the list, but I’m wondering…is there other stuff I should be throwing at it? Should I be like, wrapping it up in some kind of curlyfying contraptions? Boofing it more with special creams? Emily tried to flat iron it at last year’s Blathering, and that just made it flatter. Flatter is not my goal.

So, what say you, hair goddesses of the internet?  Shiny, long, boofy, pretty Girlfriend of Vampires hair is the goal. Go!

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  1. We have twin hair – lots and lots of very fine hair. The longer it gets the more it “sticks” to my head. Right now I’m about 3″ past my shoulders with some pretty long layers and it does okay. I find a healthy dose of hi/low lights helps with the volume though. Like you, I’ve tried it all and nothing lasts longer than an hour or two.

  2. Dude, Internet Commenters, ACTIVATE. there is no amount of money I won’t spend if someone promises me it will give my fine hair more body. (sigh)

  3. I have no answers right now, but I’m going to ask my sister the hairdresser. She is a huge advocate of Product (that capital P is on purpose), so I’m sure she has some kind of magic potion to suggest. I’ll report back.

    In the meantime, I think you already kind of have that hair you covet. What does your hair look like parted in the middle?

  4. I will be watching these comments like a hawk. We have the same hair goals! (And I also have your wardrobe goals. Story for another day.)

  5. I think we might have the same hair (although, I just cut six inches off of it).

    What helps me are having it colored (foils + all over color) as color seems to either ACTUALLY poof it up or the highlights make it seem less like I am wearing a sad brown cap of hair. Also, using a volumizer on the roots and then blow-drying it upside down and then, once upright, round brushing it to smooth down the hair follicle a bit and make it shiny.

    And that’s all I got.

  6. I have the same hair as you. Baby fine but lots and lots of strands. And I covet the exact same hair that you showed – love love love her hair! Mine is currently a few inches past my shoulders (I go through the same grow out/cut if all rotations you mentioned) and I am currently in the “grow it out” phase. I have found that velcro rollers help add body in the beginning of the day, however by the end of the day my hair is back to being flat. Aveda makes a nice product, Pure Abundance Hair Potion, that helps add texture for root lift also.

  7. I have that hair too! I’m growing it out and I’ve found that it needs to get past shoulder length to start looking like you (I) want it to. The shoulder length is the hard part. Also, Dove conditioner has worked wonders on my hair. When I use anything else, even super expensive brands, my hair looks like crap and I want to cut it. But Dove, well, I pet my hair when I use Dove. 🙂

  8. Sounds counter intuitive, but maybe you need to thin the hair to reduce its weight, then use volumizing products on what’s left? My hair always seems way thicker after a cut, part of which is the cut itself, but I’m pretty sure the thinning helps, too. My hair becomes bouncier since it’s not so heavy.

  9. I’m interested to see what people say! Mine is already long, and very straight, but has zero volume. Flat ironing makes it shiny, but definitely doesn’t help with the volume trouble.

  10. my hair looked like that in college. so.much.hair.

    I also have fine hair and LOTS of it. now i have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of layers so it doesn’t just lay flat. also, i use product and wash every couple 4 days.

  11. I can’t help you. I have super lame ultra flat hair. I try root booster and all that too. I still have a crimping iron, an original one from my childhood in the 80s. Lets just crimp and be done with it.
    Also, I am growing out my hair too and I have no idea why. Also my hair color is crap.
    Wow. I have just made this all about me. Nice. I have hair issues though, obvs.

  12. K I’m going to try not to leave you the world’s longest comment but I spend a lot of time thinking about and working with my long hair so…you know.

    “Thin but lots of it” is exactly how I describe my hair. I wear mine pretty long (it’s below my bra in the back right now). When I get it cut I tell them to leave the length as much as possible but take the bulk out of the bottom so the weight doesn’t pull it flat (or turn into the dreaded triangle head where it’s all flat on top and bushy on bottom). Some people get what I mean by that and some don’t. I still don’t know the real terminology.

    Also, wash your hair as little possible. Long hair = long term commitment and lots of washing will damage it and make the ends look yucky. I wash every 5ish days and use dry shampoo in between.

    I have to use a LOT of product and then blow dry by brushing every which way and then tease my hair to get good volume. It’s a lot of work but I really love my hair these days! But I really believe finding the right products is key. My hair with and without product is like night and day.

  13. And here I thought I was the only one with this problem. I just recently cut off a few inches in the hopes of achieving some sort of body and movement but pregnancy and hormones have done a number on my hair. It doesn’t help that I despise products and the end of day oily feeling they always leave.

    I guess I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said…except you are looking extra lovely these days. More glowy. I LIKE IT (and you).

  14. Reading all these comments only make me feel worse about my current hair. It is already the desired length but thin, not a lot of it, and greasy to boot, no way I could go a day without washing.

    I have been in search of straight hair with loose curls for the bottom six inches or so. After tracking down a Korean salon that does “digital perms” and paying a boat load of money, for the desired look, the stylist says, “All the white girls like octopus head.” So no, I can be of no help. But I am jealous of your current hair.

    • Um, I love this. OCTOPUS HEAD. I’m going to be laughing for days. (And no help. My hair is ridiculous. You can have it. I dream of thinner hair every. single. day.)

  15. did you get that LiQWd (?) stuff in the last birchbox? i gave it to my mom because i need NO volume. She says it’s great and also when she looked it up she said all the stars use it! so there ya go.

  16. HAIR POWDER. I have thin fine hair, but maybe, like, one seventy-second as much as you do. Anyway, my stylist put HAIR POWDER in my hair last week and it was AMAZING. Body and volume without feeling greasy or oily, and whenever it felt flat I just sort of ran my fingers through it again and it was back to how I wanted it. I haven’t bought any yet, but I WILL. I’m sure my hair being so short has something to do with it, but when I was reading reviews of the various HAIR POWDERS online, there were lots of positive comments from people with long hair.

  17. Hmm, yes, I have the same hair as you. I would also like to achieve hair that is worthy of petting.

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