What I Wore This Week: The Older Edition

{Banana Republic Skirt, Target Necklace, Target belt, Ann Taylor Loft Shirt}

I loved this outfit. I almost didn’t keep this skirt even though I really needed a nice a line navy skirt, but I’m so glad I did. I can see it with tons of things in my head. It’s really nice feeling.  And I love that I finally have white t shirts I can wear with dark bottoms, although I do wish I had a really chunky gold necklace.  Target has yet to deliver on that front.

(P.S. You do know that you should never ever ever buy anything full price at Banana Republic, right? They serve up coupon codes almost every Wednesday for 40% off full priced items. I would in NO UNIVERSE pay $80 for this skirt, but $40 something I can live with. )

{Banana Republic Outlet Dress, Target belt, Franco Sarto Wedges, Ebay Necklace}

I’m wondering if I should have paired the belt with tan shoes? Regardless, I love this dress so much. It’s so flattering and cute and comfy. This is the kind of thing I want to take to someone and have them copy.

{Gap dress via Holly, Ebay Necklace, Target Earrings, Forever 21 sunglasses}

This dress is a tidge too big, but it’s not awful. I love it so much I don’t care, but I might have it hemmed or taken in a bit if I can find a tailor I like. Holly had a blog sale the other day and I snatched this up as soon as I saw it because I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I almost wore it with a red necklace and red shoes, but today is my birthday, and if you can’t wear a giant aqua overplayed on the internet bubble necklace on your birthday I don’t know when you can.

I always buy my sunglasses at Forever 21, btw. Giant cheap sunglasses are a frugal fashionistas best friend.



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  1. I have that belt and that white Loft shirt. That basic outfit is one of my very favorites. I wear that belt plus a white T-shirt or button-down with either pencil or A-line skirt and it’s like instant put-togetherness. You look lovely in all of these.

    Happy birthday to you!

  2. Also because small children seem MADE to break or bend glasses.

  3. Happy birthday!

    And can we go dress shopping together? I love that Banana Republic dress.

  4. Happy, happy birthday! Before I even read what you wrote about the bubble necklace, I thought how it looked great with the outfit and I never wear mine. But maybe I should just start pairing it with things I wouldn’t normally.

  5. Happy birthday, birthday twin! I celebrated by wearing sparkly disco ball earrings.

  6. I’m searching for a chunky gold necklace, too. Target and Forever 21 are failing me. I love all of these outfits. (And I ordered those orange pants from a few weeks ago. I’m nervous!)

  7. Well, I missed it, but happy happy, birthday! It was my mom’s birthday too.

  8. I love that first outfit! And I just used the word “outfit”!

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