What I Wore This Week: It’s Finally Fall

Remember when all my pictures were the same size? Wasn’t that fun? Then WordPress decided to just up and do away with that feature, so if anyone has any idea how to accomplish this now, please please let me know because it’s making me want to cut someone. I just want to import five pictures and have them all be the same size. Which I could do last week. And which I can’t now. And it’s making me stabby. Anyway.

{Denim jacket that was a gift and I have no idea where it’s from, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Old Navy skirt (old), Lands’s End heels, Target necklace}

Ooooh, such a fun cute outfit. I really loved this. Especially because it just came out of nowhere, I just started piling stuff on and it worked. AND this is the skirt that I wore last in my Christmas card picture and I couldn’t zip it – I had to pull a sweater down tight over it to hide that fact. And now I can tuck a t-shirt into it! Also, the lovely Kate sent me a box of clothes that she didn’t want anymore. It was so nice but none of it fit,which was extremely depressing because she has great taste and it was all so cute, and now two of the jackets and one of the skirts fits and it’s very gratifying.

{Gap Outlet Sweater, Old Navy Denim Pencil Skirt, Anthropologie Earrings, Bandolino Boots}

Everyone should own a black crewneck sweater.  If you don’t have one, go buy one. This one has bows on the sleeves, and it’s seriously so cute. I love it. AND I finally figured out what to wear with this skirt! It was fairly useless this summer, and I was regretting the purchase, but it’s perfect for fall with boots and a sweater.  Awesome.

These boots were a birthday gift and they are my new favorite thing. So comfortable, but with a perfect amount of heel.  They are wide calf though, and although they fit really well at the top of my leg, they’re a little too big in the actual calf.  I think I could easily have them taken in by the cobbler but Erik claims no one will ever notice this and that if I catch someone staring at my leg that closely I should wonder seriously about their motives.

{Gap Dress, Target Mossimo Sweater, Bandolino Boots}

It’s actually kind of funny – I threw this dress on and lamented that I really had nothing to wear over it.  Later on that morning I was wandering through Target and I spotted this sweater which has actually caught my eye a few times over the last few weeks – normally I don’t like these sweaters because I feel like they spotlight the stomach region, but what could it hurt to try it on in an empty Target at 9 AM, right? And it was SO CUTE! I loved it, and it’s actually SUPER flattering (I think because it cinches in at the waist with buttons) AND I loved it with the dress, and normally I don’t EVER wear gray because I think it makes me look red, but they were out of black and I LOVED the grey. And I could think of about 80 things I could wear this with.

I really did wonder if I should buy a Target sweater because I find they do not wear well, but then I realized that for me, NO sweaters wear well.  They fade and get stretched out and gross looking after about a year, regardless of where I bought them and how much money I spent on them. I’m trying really hard to baby my clothes by not washing them too much, using cold water and special detergent, but I think for me sweaters will always be a little more of a disposable item, so I’m not going to feel too bad about buying cheap ones at Target.

And now I notice it also comes in blue online. Hmmmmm.

Anyway. That was a little lesson to me to keep trying things out and not to be afraid to break some rules.  This sweater was not a color I buy, not in a silhouette I go for, and it didn’t fit the uniform requirements, but I still love it and think it looks great with this outfit.

{Target Jacket (old), Old Navy Jeans, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}

Sometimes I get legitimately stressed at the thought that I almost didn’t buy this jacket because it’s so great. Seriously. This is one of my favorite things ever.  I highly recommend you get yourself a military style sweatshirt jacket thing.  It’s fabulous.

In this picture these jeans are a little mom ish in the downstairs – in person they didn’t read that way, I don’t think, and I REALLY loved this outfit.  Actually the jeans are a little too big and I will probably replace them with something nicer (I like the Gap Long and Lean jeans a lot, despite being neither Long nor Lean), but I go through jeans so fast, I’m not in rush to get rid of these.  Between constantly fluctuating weights and kids wiping god knows what on me all the time, I go through about three pairs of jeans a year anyway, I’d really prefer them to cost $30, rather than $300.

{Gap Blazer, Lands’ End Canvas Dress, Bandolino Boots}

This outfit might have been cuter in my head that on my actual person, but I’m cool with that. You can’t be afraid to try stuff out and see where it takes you, even if does sometimes make you look a little wide.  A little wide – that’s not the end of the world.


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  1. See I have that canvas dress and a pair of riding boots and I’d never think to pair them but I AM SO PAIRING THEM NOW. You’re saving lives, E. Well, you’re at least improving closets. 🙂

  2. THAT JACKET IS BOSS! As are you.

  3. Your outfits this week are so so cute. SO CUTE!

  4. I love the first and last outfit and those boots are awesome!

  5. I am going to go buy that gray sweater right this second. Seriously, SOMEONE TRY TO STOP ME.

    Also: Gap Long and Lean jeans (also a favorite of mine). They are not FOR long and lean people; they are supposed to make you LOOK long and lean! Live and learn, Elizabeth.

    You look awesome this week. How are you going to narrow this all down for The Blathering? HOW?? You should bring six suitcases and do a live fashion show. WAIT THAT IS TOTALLY AN AWESOME IDEA.

  6. I love outfit #1. So cute!

  7. I do believe those boots are what I’ve been looking for! Thank you… off to order them, but do I get black or brown … or cognac???????

  8. The last outfit with the stripes and the belt and the boots and the red jacket is my absolute favorite. I love it.

  9. love the first outfit and the grey sweater!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE outfits 2 and 4, and you look seriously amazing. I am struggling with the jeans too, since my stress-induced weight loss has all of mine looking saggy and awful. Old Navy jeans don’t work for me, do you have any other suggestions for non-mom-ish cheapo jeans? Right now I’ve been going with the $22 Target Mossimo Fit 4 plan. I don’t want to spend too much money until my weight lands somewhere, but I’m sick of my clothes not fitting right.

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