What I Wore This Week: A Tale of Two Gold Belts




This week was fairly uninteresting because it got hot again which means I just wore all the same boring stuff I wore all summer long that we’ve all seen before. Also I slept on my neck funny one night and it just got worse and worse and now I can’t even turn my head, which believe it or not kind of put a damper in the whole “what should I wear” dilemma since I was more concerned with “can I drive without turning my head to the left ever” than I was with statement necklaces, or whatever.


{Downeast Basics skirt, Downeast Basics Tee, Target Necklace, Sole Society Shoes}

I wore this on Monday and on the way into K Town a lady stopped me and gestured to me and Eli and Katie said “The three of you look so cute together.”  So, win!

These shoes are so pretty I had to show you another picture of them up close because they don’t photograph very well.  I am not recommending them because 1. I don’t think they’re worth $50 which is what they would cost if you don’t have a $25 off coupon, which I did, and 2. They say “Free shipping both ways!’ on their web site, and then on the invoice in the box they say that if you return the shoes and want a credit back on your card, they charge a $7.95 restocking fee.  Which is SUPER SUPER SHADY and so I refuse to link to them. But they are very pretty shoes, I’ll give them that.

{J. Crew dress via Ebay, Target belts, J. Crew wedges}

I finally had my dress hemmed! I forced myself to take it to a real tailor and even though it was a bit more than I was expecting to pay for a hem ($25), she made me try it on and she measured and marked it all the way around from the floor to make sure the hem was straight, and she did a GREAT job. Look at that nice even hem, at the perfect leg spot! I am so  happy I didn’t attempt this myself, you would not believe the difference having it done correctly made in the way the dress looks.

I will be wearing this some Blathering event (but not with these shoes), I can’t tell you which event because I don’t know yet, but I need a vote on which gold belt to wear with it.  The first one (wider and a matte gold) is the one I thought I liked, but Mr. E said that the second one (skinnier and gold glitter) was FAR AND AWAY BETTER, so now I need you all to vote and tell me which one to keep and which one to return.


{Lands’ End Fit and Flare Dress, Eddie Bauer Outlet Cardigan, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges}

I swear I get more compliments on this cardigan than almost any other piece of clothing I own, and it’s from Eddie Bauer, where I do not really ever shop. (I followed Erik in there this summer at the outlets). It literally just occured to me right now that maybe I should try to buy more sweaters from there, instead of shitty ones from Target.  Hmmmm.

Anyway. Gold belt A or B? Inquiring minds want to know.


26 Responses

  1. skinny glitter for sure.

    AND, yeah, that’s totally shady business.

  2. B! I like it a lot. Crap. Now I NEED a gold belt.

  3. B! (I was considering some gold glitter heels after hearing everyone’s talk of sequins & glitter. Your belt may have just pushed me over the edge.)

  4. After a ridiculously long amount of time spent scrolling up and down between the two belt pictures I have decided to vote for the skinnier of the two.

    Also, that first outfit is SO cute on you.

  5. Obviously I stand alone, but I like the wider belt a bit more. I just think it looks more intentional.

    Thank you for these posts. I look forward to it every week!

  6. I like the color/shine of the second, but feel like the wider one goes better with that dress.

  7. I’m voting for the 2nd belt. Also, those shoes from the shady online retailer are super super cute.

  8. I think the second one looks better, but it’s not like it’s night and day, you know?

  9. 1. I agree: SUPER shady. It’s WRONG.

    2. I also agree those shoes are intensely pretty, especially with that nail polish. I GAZED.

    3. I like the thinner belt. The buckle doesn’t seem right on the wider one—more “Hello, I’m a belt!” While the thinner one almost looks like it’s part of the dress, like a golden ribbon.

  10. I think the wider belt looks more intentional and pulled together. The skinny one is just meh for me. But, maybe in person, the glitter makes the difference?

  11. I like belt B!

  12. I like belt B best. Belt A seems to shout “Look at me!” instead of looking at all of you, if that makes sense.

  13. Belt B for sure. No question.

  14. skinny belt! also, love the orange skirt.

  15. I’ve been lurking a while now but have to say that your weight loss is very noticeable!!

  16. For sure the second, skinny belt.

  17. I was going to say the wider belt but I’m in the clear minority & swistle pointed out the bigger buckle on the first so now all I can see BUCKLE! so skinny belt. You really do look fabulous & this is all very educational & inspirational – have been lamenting the stage of my wardrobe and the lack of funds to refurbish but here you are looking adorable w/the great finds at target & ebay.

  18. LOVE the skinny belt! And I need one, too.

  19. I’m glad at least a few people agree with me, because I think the wide belt is WAY better. It seems more in proportion and the skinny belt is not substantial enough for the dress.

  20. I think I like the skinny one better, especially bc its so shiny. It looks fancier. 🙂 A little fancy is nice, sometimes.
    Also, I hurt my neck the exact same way about six weeks ago. It is just now all the way better- I thought!- but then I had to have an EMG of my hands the other day (nerve damage, carpal tunnel, blah blah) and he exclaimed while doing it, “Oh my gosh, there’s a nerve in your right side that’s completely pinched!” And now I might have to have a flipping MRI of my neck because the nerve damage is so bad. Fun. Hope yours gets better for real- keep an eye on it!

  21. I like the skinnier belt. Very pretty dress.

  22. I really like the skinnier one. Though either belt works well.

  23. The wider belt is better. End of story. That orange skirt is to die for.

  24. Belt B. Erik is right on.

  25. Skinny belt. Says the lady who still owns no belts, so.

  26. I am going to go against the crowd and say Belt A/1/wider. I like myself some gold and that one pops more against the dark dress.

    ALSO! I have a number of items from EB Outlet and love them. I never would have gone in there if my mom hadn’t made me and I have walked out with some of my very favorite things.

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