What I Wore This Week: Blargh

So it turns out that I did not have meningitis.  So that’s good.

What’s bad is that what was actually happening, we think, is that I forgot to take my crazy pills for two or three days, and when I tried to restart them, things went all to hell.  They were sort of looking up there for a bit and I thought the situation was improving, but everything took a real nose dive Wednesday night, and things have been…unpleasant around here for the better part of two weeks.

I am in contact with my doctor and I have a bottle of Zofran, and I am hoping that things are on the upswing. I have given up on the crazy pills of doom (P@xil, for those wondering); Wednesday was my last dose of the medicine, so I am hoping that the last two weeks were a case of my body going into constant low dose withdrawal and I’m not going to have to do all that all over again.  So far, I’m feeling much better, but would you cross your fingers for me? I’ve lost ten pounds in eight days and I’ve never pooped this much in my entire life, I missed Halloween and Eli’s Parent Teacher Conference and my poor sainted husband is looking a little ragged around the edges and this has sucked in an epic fashion, and I’m not sure how much more of I have left in me.  And the Blathering is in 6 days. So prayers would be much appreciated right about now.

Meanwhile, I think we can all agree that no matter how much Zofran it requires, fashion goes on. Am I right? Obviously.

Here’s what I wore when I wasn’t wishing for a meteor to hit the earth and end it all:

{Gap Outlet Tee, Gap Perfect Khakis, Target Flip Flops}



{Target cardigan, Gap Essential Crew Neck Tee (Petite), American Eagle Super Skinny High Rise Jeans, Bandolino Boots}

This was the day it went all to hell. At least I looked cute.





{Gap Bowery Rubgy Crew (also in Petite), Thrifted Pants, Toms Azar Wedges}

Now, I know that green wide legged cropped pants aren’t really sweeping the nation.  No one will pin this outfit, no one will ask me where I can get these.  And I just don’t care. I love this outfit. It’s very me, and I feel happy when I wear it. I have been waiting to fit into these pants for so long! And now I do! I could not be more thrilled.  Except for all the dry heaving it took to get here.

Anyway, these are the shoes I bought with my birthday money. Because the lord, in his infinite wisdom, chose to make ONE part of me narrow and that part was the least convenient part possible, my feet slide out of tons of shoes.  I generally can’t wear high heels unless they have ankle straps, and it’s so annoying. Anyway, these shoes are so pretty, and they fall off my feet.  I stuck these little dealies from Amazon in them, and it works, they stay on, but not perfectly. If anyone else has any magical solutions, do tell.



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  1. I’m sorry you feel like crap. I have the same problem with shoes slipping on my narrow heels. It’s annoying as all hell and I can’t tell you the number of shoes I have that pinch my toes because I bought a half-size down hoping to solve the problem. Sadly, my best solution is your best solution, though I buy the Dr. Scholl’s kind, which I usually pick up at CVS. They’re a sort of grayish rubber. In one particularly slippy pair, I stuck TWO in the heel. They don’t slip any longer.

  2. As usual, your outfits are so cute – and I especially love those green pants! So sorry the withdrawals are kicking your butt. Tapering down gradually on meds sucks the big one but cold turkey like that is THE WORST. I did it once because I ran out of pills and didn’t realize what would happen if I skipped a couple days and I seriously thought I was losing my mind. Of course, the good news is that you should start to feel much better soon, but it’s hard to keep it together in the meantime. Saying prayers for you and your family!!

  3. goodness! I hope you feel better soon.

    I own many pairs of wide-legged capris.

  4. Ugh, I’ve heard nothing but terrible feedback about those particular crazy pills of doom. I’m kind of surprised doctors are still prescribing it. Well, at least you’re done with them now. And you look fabulous.

  5. If a meteor did hit the earth last week it would have been awesome if it were the day you were wearing those orange pants because THAT is the way to go out, you know? I love them.

  6. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better by the Blathering. Or at least that someone really did go through with that Zofran as a sponsor thing. It seems someone always needs it.

  7. Oh boy, sounds awful. Stay strong……..you Will feel normal again. Have a great time at the blathering.

  8. Love those red pants!

  9. Okay, I clearly need a total fashion intervention because you, when you’re not feeling well, are WAY more fashionable and put together than me WHEN I FEEL FINE AND TRY HARD TO DRESS MYSELF.

    Sorry about the caps lock, couldn’t be helped.

    I really and truly hope you feel better right quick and can’t wait to meet you at the Blathering!!

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