My December Plan

Does it make me look bad if I admit that I am stealing this idea from Jennie and A’Dell mostly because I’ve already done some of the things on their lists so I’ll get to cross them off RIGHT NOW and that thought fills me with delight? Well, then, never mind. I totally did not do that.

1. Plan outfits and have Christmas pictures taken. 


2. Order and send out Christmas cards. (Buy stamps!)

3. Find one gift per person, buy it, wrap it, send it. Do not fret, obsess, search for bargains, or worry over said presents. Just find, buy, send.

4. Think up 25 advent activities.

5. Buy a new Christmas book.

6. Window shop the thrift store for Christmas decorations.

7. Go with Amy to see the Nutcracker.

8. Finish the Style Lush Gift Guide.

9. Go for Girls Shopping Day with Amy.

10. Take the kids to buy each other and Erik something.

11. Remind Erik take the kids to buy me something.

12. Figure out Christmas Eve and Christmas meals.

13. Watch the San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker with Eli.

14. Get the kids new Christmas Pajamas.

15. Buy stocking presents.

16. Figure out what to give Erik since Sprint won’t let us have Iphones.

17. Make A’Dells dark chocolate caramel salted cake.

18. Pick one new Christmas decoration to buy: Santa Mugs.

19. Go on a date with Erik.

20. Have a gingerbread latte.



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  1. Stocking presents. I forgot about this one. (CHRISTMAS IS SO EXPENSIVE.)

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