What We Wore: Christmas Card Pictures

We did our Christmas card photo shoot early this year, and as much as I disapprove of anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving, it’s so nice to have it out of the way and to have the cards sitting on my desk ready to go as we speak.

I say this every year but I could not be more impressed with the talent of the lovely Leslie Callan.  She is amazing.

(If you are in the Sacramento area, I highly recommend her, btw.  She’s magical behind that camera.)

I love that these pictures look Christmassy, but also California because of the cactus. Very cool.



So neat how the capitol building is in the background.






My favorite picture of Katie ever taken. Can’t you see her plotting world domination?


This was almost the Christmas card shot, but at the last second I went with my other favorite, which you shall see when you receive my Christmas card in the mail. Fun for everyone!

So what are we wearing?

On Me: black Gap outlet sweater, the skinny gold glitter belt from Target that you all voted on a few weeks ago (I went with the skinny glittery one specifically because both belts looked fine with that dress but this belt looked MUCH better with this outfit), a black Loft skirt, shoddy Target tights I will never buy again, B. Makowski heels from Marshalls, and a Francesca’s necklace. (I have gotten so many compliments on this necklace and it totally made the outfit. Recommend.)

On Erik: Target sweater, random jeans, Gap outlet shirt, is he wearing Docs? I bet. Oh no, on closer examination, those are random shoes from the men’s size 14 clearance shelf at Marshall’s

On Katie: Thrifted dress (she has TONS of Christmas dresses, Erik picked this one out of the stack, done), Stride Rite mary janes, Target tights (size down, they were huge), Etsy bow

On Eli: Target sweater (LOVE this sweater), Target cords, Pumas

{Photo credits: Leslie Callan}




11 Responses

  1. So so cute. Seriously, you guys always take amazing Christmas photos.

  2. Good looking family.

  3. You guys are GORGEOUS. Love your photos!

  4. Gorgeous photos! They are making me so sad that we didn’t get a pro to take our photos this year. I’m going bold and using some iphone photos I took with my arm super extended so I could try to catch us all except I cut out my husband’s forehead. Should be great, right? :-/

  5. These pictures are gorgeous.

  6. that is one good looking family. 🙂

  7. What Janssen said! Your family photos make me want to…have cuter family photos, basically.

  8. Oh my goodness. This is the best photo shoot EVER. You have SUCH a beautiful family! (And in a semi-related note, I love how your kids look simultaneously so much like you and so much like your husband. I feel like, so often, a child really resembles one parent. But your kids both look like both of you. Adorable!)

  9. Fantastic !! We have Leslie come to our house because I can’t imagine getting us all somewhere for photos and she does great with the surroundings we give her!

  10. I love that picture where you are all laughing!! Super great!!

  11. Your family sincerely could not be more adorable. I LOVE these pictures.

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