12 Months of House Projects

Usually at this time of year I like to make a giant list of house projects for the upcoming year, in any given year a dubious amount of them get done. This year I’m going to break it down by month  because somehow that seems easier.  Last year I spent most of my disposable income on myself while I lectured my living room about what it had done wrong, this year I finally cracked that code and so this is the Year of the Living Room.  Hold onto your pants. Or whatever.

January: Buy a coffee table with storage, put the trains in it. Replace the kitchen faucet. Install the ceiling medallions.

February (this is Eli’s birthday month so I try to avoid other large purchases): Buy a new rug for the toy area in the living room. Add IKEA butcher block to the small cabinet next to the stove. Replace the front door. (I’m going to do this with my tax return.)

March: Buy a new tv stand at Home Goods or Target and move the bookshelves next to it. Put the green light up in Eli’s room.

April: Get an estimate for adding the windows back to the living room. Repaint the back porch and the gate. Buy a potting table.

May: buy another chair for the living room. Repaint and poly the kitchen cabinets.

June: buy another mattress, move Katie Dubs into the trundle bed, move the toys into her room, move the desks where the toys are in the living room, install shoe molding and paint baseboards, patch the entryway floor. Plumb the refrigerator so it makes ice.

July: buy outdoor storage and a new umbrella. Put shutters on the front of the house.

August: buy a composter

September: fix the kitchen floor, add thresholds

October:  buy myself an overpriced purse

November: Get ready for Christmas

December: Have Christmas


8 Responses

  1. Your October plan seems pretty legit.

  2. Yay, October! Although I’m also weirdly excited about your ceiling medallions.

  3. I love lists like this! The “lecturing my living room” made me laugh; I too am lecturing my living room because it is too small and does not accommodate my furniture.

    I would love to read a list of overpriced purse candidates.

  4. can’t wait for october!

  5. I support October

  6. I am SO excited about your projects for next year! I love reading about them. Yay!

  7. u r very very rich bitch. (real housewives anyone?)

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