What I Wore During An Unspecified Period of Time: Coats and Things

So the switch over to the winter uniform did not go as smoothly as I first envisioned.

Last year, I mostly wore cropped yoga pants, too small Old Navy boot cut jeans that I would dejectedly stuff myself into, ratty long sleeved t shirts, a terrible pair of fake Uggs, and Mr. E’s North Face down vest. It was fairly awful.

This year I thought I’d wear mostly black dresses with leggings and boots, and maybe a few times a week I’d wear skirts.  Every once in awhile I’d wear jeans and boots.

This was a great idea in theory, but it turns out that I couldn’t find very many black dresses of the sort I was envisioning. (Although my Style Lush post on the subject did turn up some candidates.) The skirts I bought, when paired with tights and necklaces and such, ended up feeling shockingly dressy, and skirts that seemed like they’d be more casual (a line corduroy or maybe some plaid?) I couldn’t find anywhere.  My kingdom for a red corduroy skirt!  I had forgotten that it would start raining and it would never stop and that I don’t want to wear long boot cut jeans or trouser legged pants out into the rain because the cuffs get wet and it’s absolutely disgusting. I also didn’t realize that most days, I wouldn’t want to put on tights and a skirt, most days in December I can barely persuade myself to get out of my pajamas.  So I have had to rethink the uniform.

The first thing I did was to decide that jeans plus boots plus a t shirt plus a puffy vest was ok, but I’d refine it.  So I threw out my disgusting fake Uggs (that was a hard day) and Santa is bringing me a very nice pair of boots for Christmas, and a nicer puffy vest that actually fits me and looks a little less schlubby.  I have two pairs of skinny jeans that I can tuck into boots now, and I have been trying to find more pants that work tucked into boots because that’s mostly what I want to wear. I have had TERRIBLE luck finding long sleeved shirts that I like, so I have had to buy more crewneck sweaters than I initially though I would need.  But things are coming together.

I am still looking for black dresses and casual skirts, and I know I made a few mistakes this year. I don’t really need fancy black wide legged pants, I don’t think, because everything in the winter just seems to look and feel way more dressed up and I don’t need to dress nicely enough to go to an office, after all, since I don’t have an office.

The other thing I realized is that most of the time, people in my social circle are going to see my outerwear more often than what’s underneath it. I do a lot of school pick up and drop off, so that means that coats/hats/scarves/purses/shoes are what people see on me most often, so I started paying more attention to my coats and such than I had been before, and I took a few pictures of that too. I’d really like to get a nice black winter coat, but if I lose 15 or 20 pounds I have a very nice black winter coat just sitting in my closet, so I am hoping that with copious amounts of kale I will save myself having to make that purchase.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing:


{Target Sweater, Old Navy tee already pilling, I hate you Old Navy, Gap cropped denim, Top Siders}

This was before it got cold and started raining every day.


{Gap outlet sweater, Ann Taylor Loft Tee, Gap cropped denim}

This was when I still at a loss as to what to wear.  It’s fine, but it’s not great, I think we can all agree.


{Gap Tee, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Bandolino Boots}

I also really like this Gap cowl neck shirt, although it’s so thin that you have to wear a cami over it and it gives me a little bit of that lumpy tummy I could do without.  Both these tees are Petites, btw, the regular ones were suuuuuuper way too long.




{Gap Tee, Target scarf (last year), AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Sam Edelman Driving Mocs (Hautelook)}

Hautelook forced me to buy shoes because they would only give me store credit for a return.  I really needed regular old flat shoes though, and these were pink, so even though Eli told me they are old lady shoes and they look a little teeny bit like slippers from the front, I still really love them. Life is too short not to wear pink shoes sometimes.

I love love love this Gap tee. This is the only long sleeved crew neck I can find these days that’s not a frigging boat neck.  It’s so weird. Also, these skinny jeans are my favorite favorite favorite. Only skinny jeans ever that don’t make me want to weep tears of rage regarding the state of my thighs.  I only buy them at 40% off though, so don’t go buying them full priced.


{Gap jacket}

This is what I wore over it. Everyone should have such a wonderful coat.




{Gap trench, AE High Rise Super Skinny jeans, Kate Spade purse, Bandolino boots}

Everyone needs a trench coat. I love everything about this except the 3/4 length sleeves, which are annoying, but what can you do? I bought this years ago and the only one I could find that year in navy had these sleeves.

Also, I will spare you from the sonnet I want to write about this purse, but let’s just say – it’s the bees knees. No one makes a bright leather purse like Kate Spade. I don’t really worship at the church of Kate Spade like some people, but when you need a yellow purse, she’s your lady. I think it was just in the big sale so I don’t see it on the site anymore, unfortunately.




{Banana Republic Dress, Old Navy Leggings, Target belt, Frye Campus boots}

Damn I love these boots. I need to buy this belt in a smaller size, but I really hate replacing stuff I already have.  LAME.





{Lands End Dress, Inside Dog Necklace, Bandolino Boots}

So here’s a dilemma. This dress is AMAZING. AMAZING.  They have it in five or six other colors and it’s on sale for 40% off today. Should I get another color, or is this dress kind of so specific with that v/wrap neck that owning two is kind of pointless? I was thinking green just because I can see what I would match it with (gray leggings and brown boots) but am open to opinions.



{Old Navy the Diva Trouser Leg Jeans, Gap Outlet Sweater, J. Crew Necklace, Franco Sarto Wedges}

Everyone needs a pair of trouser jeans. They are just so damn flattering.  These fall off my ass and I have to really belt the hell out of them and they are  tidge too long and I can’t wear them in the rain and I’d still buy them a thousand times over.


{Old Navy coat (old)}

And this is what I wore over it. I bought this coat on some stupid Black Friday sale or something, and it’s not the greatest, but I love the color and it was $30.  I cut the weird belt off of it, and it fits me better this year than it did last year, so even though it’s itchy and I wish the buttons were lower, I am glad to have it.  Pink and cheap and cute? It works.





{Gap Ponte Knit Dress, Target belt, Old Navy Leggings, Frye Campus Boots}

This is the Gap dress that I wished had come in black, and now it does, of course. I can’t decide if I should get it in black as well. I sort of think no.  For one thing that seems sort of stupid, and secondly I feel like maybe the navy is just more interesting in the  midst of a sea of black shift dresses that I am sure to accumulate eventually.  I thought it would be hard to match with things but these boots and gray leggings seem to work perfectly well. Not sure it’s great enough on me to want another one.

Woah, that took a long time.  Off to trudge back through the rain to pick up Pants.







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  1. I am stealing so much of my fashion from you lately, I should pay you or something. I love the orangey brown boots with black that seems to be all over the place these days. Is this a new trend, or did I just not notice it before my calves were skinny enough for boots?

    I covet the stripey gap shirt (love what you paired it with) and I ordered the Land’s End dress today (code JINGLE pin 1203 gets 40% off the $40).

  2. You look great! I love all your shoes. ALLLLLL of them.

  3. You look great, and you KNOW I love that yellow Kate Spade purse. It’s gorgeous.

  4. I’ve been having that same discussion with myself all day about the Land’s End dress. Should I order another? I even went to the store and tried it on. They didn’t have the black, only the red (which is what I ordered) and I liked it a lot. I just don’t know that I need another black dress and/or if this one is distinctive enough I shouldn’t have two. (Also, in the store it was $56, so online FTW!) (Another thing is, even with the 40% off, it won’t be much cheaper than the one I already ordered, since they add shockingly expensive shipping, which I got for free last time.)

  5. The Gap jacket (worn with pink shoes/scarf) is indeed wonderful. WONDERFUL. Purse is amazing. You should definitely buy a second Lands’ End dress.

  6. Yes, order another Lands’ End dress. It is gorgeous on you.

  7. Yes, order ALL the Lands End dresses! Then we can be twins! Wonder twin powers activate!

    I also ordered the fancy Ugg boots, and a bunch of others, and they came today, and NONE OF THEM FIT. I am weeping tears of rage. I am so jealous of your cute footwear that my pathologically large feet will never wear. *sniffle*

  8. I love all of these. I have been such a schlub lately with the rain and the cold and my Mr. Rogers sweaters. Also why do all long-sleeved shirts suck? I hate them TOO.

  9. You r looking good lady. Which means you must b feeling good too ! Yeah! I really like that brown belt. It sasses those outfits right up. Bottom line, you look elegantly trendy. Way cooler than the yoga pants I wear to preschool pick up.

  10. I ordered two of those Lands End dresses right before Thanksgiving because–to me–I think I’ll be able to wear them through the winter with tights/boots and into late spring, early summer with a bare leg and a wedge sandal. Oh! And I ordered the green and the pink (French Orchid, if you’re fancy) and both colors are fabulous in person.

    And I love how happy you look while wearing your red coat. It’s good to see your smile.

  11. Oh my word, I love that yellow purse.

  12. I wanted to thank you too. Our body types are similar and I have not been able to figure out how to dress myself since I had kids (and got this body type). Last night I went to a party wearing a dress, boots and a big belt, inspired by you. I got a lot of compliments. I also bought a new dress and actually took it to the tailor rather than wearing it 2 inches unflatteringly long. I never would have bothered to buy it or if I did buy it, tailor it before. Thanks for putting yourself out there! It is a great help to me!

  13. It’s probably too late, but you should buy that dress in a million billion different colors because it’s awesome!! Wear them with sweater tights with a fun print, throw a scarf on, and you look put together, but it feels like you’re in your pajamas. Win win!!

  14. If you love the Lands End dress and the Gap pointe knit dress, then you should definitely get them in as many colors as you want! Pretend you’re Jackie Kennedy and get one in every color. The dresses are flattering on you and different colors would add variety while you’re still comfortable! I found a Target sale on long-sleeved t-shirts and I bought four different colors and I adore them. I’m wearing a red one now with a brown skirt I’ve had for years and new red flats from A’dell Stevens’ Style Lush post.

    Also? I love your blog but I ADORE your “What I Wore” posts. So inspiring!

  15. I wear long sleeve t’s all winter, and I admit Gap is my go-to. I recently ordered the Bowery supersoft v-neck in navy (petite) and I looooove it. If you haven’t already, get the Land’s End dress in another color. You can never have too many nice-fitting dresses.

  16. Land’s End dress looks awesome on you! Order more. I wish I could but just bought lots of other LE things and need to quit! I also love the pink driving mocs. Might have to put them on next months buying list.

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