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I have almost all my Christmas strategies well in hand, but the one thing I haven’t quite figured out to my satisfaction are all the Christmas meals. The reality is that I don’t want to cook for three days straight because otherwise by the time the event rolls around, I’m exhausted. I cook ALL THE TIME anyway, so chili or breakfast for dinner or all those sorts are things don’t feel special to me, they feel like “what we ate for dinner last Thursday.” Last year we had fondue and it was ok, but that was when I discovered that I don’t actually…really like melted boozy cheese that much. I’d love love love to just order something or have something delivered or buy ready ready made food, but that just doesn’t turn out to be that delicious either. One year we did nothing but frozen snacks from Trader Joe’s, and it was sort of gross and we felt icky afterwards.

Anyway, this year we have four meals, I think, to figure out. Not including various Christmas parties and shenanigans. So this what I’m thinking:

-Christmas Eve Morning: cinnamon rolls from a can, orange juice, champagne, fruit that someone else cut up.

-Christmas Eve dinner: delicious but easy snacks like summer sausage and triscuits, a shrimp tray from Costco, and Chex Mix with goldfish in it,  then potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream.  I do love fattening potatoes.

-Christmas Morning: Normally we go to dim sum, but we just went to dim sum and I don’t know if I am a “Two dim sum breakfasts in one season kind of lady” so I need to think on this.  If I don’t feel like dim sum we might just have fancy oatmeal, which is slow cooked Irish Oats with a bunch of toppings set out that no one will eat but me.

-Christmas Dinner: I think we’ll go traditional but easy and I’ll buy a ham at Costco.  So spiral cut ham, rolls, cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, maybe something in the squash family, and some kind of vegetable.  It’s not really a lot of cooking if you buy the ham precooked and buy rolls and cranberry sauce, then it’s really just a vegetable, some squash, and the mac and cheese, which isn’t hard. For dessert we will have my favorite thing in the entire world, the torta from Dianda’s. And then I will just eat torta* for the rest of the weekend and Mr. E will just eat ham.

That sounds like an excellent plan to me, although if I stumble across some crab somewhere on Christmas Eve, we’re going with that.




*I know it doesn’t look like much but if you like those dry crunchy not too sweet almondy italian cakes, it’s the best thing there ever was, trust me.





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  1. Have you ever wrapped crescent rolls around hot dos or sausage with some cheese? Easy and Deeeelicious.

  2. Who is this organized?!!? Just so you know, you are my hero.

  3. I specialize in both “fruit someone else cut” and “ham someone else cooked”, so this sounds like a fabulous plan to me. Is it kind of redundant food-wise if I want to make those potato pancakes you linked with pierogies for our New Year’s? Because that and a tub of sour cream just for me sounds pretty ideal. I might throw in some kielbasa just to have something non-starchy.

  4. We try not to do anything difficult food-wise on Christmas these days because it seems like we just did all that cooking at Thanksgiving and who wants to do THAT again?? Not me. So. We usually go to Chinese on Christmas Eve and then have cookies and snacks later that night as we do whatever last-minute things need to be done (i.e. wrapping all the presents omg). My brother-in-law cooks a big breakfast on Christmas morning and we have “dinner” at around 2:00 or so. That way there’s plenty of time later for cookies and snacks. We’re big on snacks in my family, apparently. This year we’re doing pork chops in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, green salad, fruit and veggies. So, easy but still kind of nice.

  5. I am made of 73% ham from Costco so I see nothing but good things with your plan.

    And the cinnamon rolls in a tube–aside from scaring a little bit of piss out of me when they “POP!”–are pretty much heaven.

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