What I Wore This Week: Orangey-Red


{Francesca’s Necklace, J. Crew Jackie Pullover, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jean (on sale right now for $30 and free shipping!), Toms Metallic Wedges}

I am wearing this today. I threw it on at the last minute after I spent 45 minutes trying to make these pants work.  Something about them (the lack of pockets on the derriere, maybe?) is throwing me off.  They kind of just look like leggings I’m trying to pass off at pants, or else they make me look like I’m about to go on a British fox hunting trip.  I thought maybe I was exaggerating this in my mind until I came out of the bedroom wearing them with riding boots and this red sweater and Erik yelled “Tally ho!” at me, so I think I’ll probably return them. I do still need at least two more pairs of pants to make it through winter so if you have pants that you love that are flattering, don’t look like leggings, and work well for short ladies with some junk in the trunk, please do advise. No pockets = no bueno.

These shoes were an impractical choice, btw, because it’s really super cold this morning, but eh, we do live in California. It’s not that cold.  Anyway, I have never owned a pair of shoes on which I get more compliments.  They slip off my heels, they dig into my toes, they squeeze my arches, and everyone I know DIES when they see them. So take that for what you will.



{Target shawl collar sweatshirt (on sale for $15 right now!), AE Hi Rise Skinny jeans, random Ebay necklace, Bandolino boots}

This was cute, and INSANELY comfortable. I feel like I’ve taken jeans and a sweatshirt a long way since last winter. Personally. Not as like, a fashion movement. I do hope this shrinks a tiny bit in the wash, it felt a little bit too big.



{Banana Republic sweater jacket (via Ebay), Old Navy Diva Trouser Jeans (also Ebay), Francesca’s Necklace, Seychelles Wedges, Ann Taylor Loft Tee}

This was really uncomfortable, but it looked cute.  I kept having to hitch up my pants. If someone finds a high rise pair of trouser jeans, ever, please holler at your girl. I should look at Banana Republic, probably, that seems like something they’d make.




{Old Navy scarf, J. Crew Jackie Pullover, Banana Republic skirt, Old Navy leggings, Bandolino boots}

This was my favorite outfit of the week. It was SO flattering. And I matched a random scarf to it when I couldn’t make a necklace work and it looked so cute! And this sweater, if you can find the right thing to wear with it, is magical. And I made a summer skirt work for winter with leggings! I was so proud and this whole outfit just felt super cute.




{J. Crew blazer (Ebay), American Eagle dress, Charlotte Russe leggings, Frye Campus boots}

This is my attempt at turning a summer dress into something I can wear all year. Not sure how successful it was, but it looked cute on. I was very happy that I figured out what to wear this blazer with and 2. how to layer over a dress with ruffles all over the front of it. BTW, never buy leggings from Charlotte Russe. Someone raved about them on a blog I read, and um, no. Hate.



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  1. That blazer is so, SO flattering. Also, I really want that Francesca necklace. Ever since you wore it in your family photos, I’ve coveted. Pretttty.

    I’ve had good luck with the LOFT petite pants this year – they have a curvy skinny I LOVE. Plus, they are actually short enough to wear flats.

  2. Love everything! And you are so super cute!

  3. I found the “Tally ho!” yell hilarious.

    I love the first outfit a ton, but they’re all cute.

    I got high-waisted trouser jeans that were “Lauren”–the Ralph label for women. I got them a while ago, but I’d definitely at least check and see if there were any currently available.

  4. That BR sweater jacket is awesome. It has been so fun watching your fashion journey – you look so cute and put together all of the time now. Makes me think there’s hope for a slob like me 🙂

  5. I’m buying that Target shawl sweater on the way home, I swear. It’s greaat looking! All of it is. You’re adorable.

  6. I did get a pair of higher trouser jeans at BR. They were on super sale because I think trouser jeans are officially out but I like them so I was happy about it. I’m never really worried about what’s out and in – I pretty much buy everything at least one season late.

  7. I love that outfit with the scarf – I love how a scarf makes everything look put together and well thought out!!

  8. That smile you have in the picture with your favorite outfit- that’s where Eli gets it. YES. (LOVE YOU!)

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