What I Wore This Week: Bonus Edition, Tights and Leggings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. No nonsense tights and leggings can be found at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores.

300 words about tights and leggings? Let’s do this. Ha ha ha.

Anyway.  The whole point of The Uniform, when I started it, was because I am bad at matching things and figuring out what goes with what. I have about four colors I can pair together and the rest confounds me. I still am not sure what you wear with brown pants, so I don’t buy brown pants anymore. Ever.

However, when I went to transition from the summer uniform to the winter uniform so that I would no longer 1. be wearing sweat pants with Uggs all winter or 2. be wearing strange mashups of summer skirts and tights, it meant that I had to push myself outside my comfort zone to see if at least some of my summer clothes could successfully be worn as winter clothes. I know exactly what to wear with a navy striped dress in August (wedges, and an orange sweater if I go somewhere air conditioned) but I was really confused about to wear it with in December.

This is where leggings and tights come in. I’m still very much in the figuring out phase of these things, but a few things have helped me figure it out:

1. Gray leggings go with almost everything. I think it’s a little weird to match navy leggings with a navy dress, and navy varies so much from store to store that it’s hard to get it right if you try to match navies, but gray turns into a neutral somehow when you pair it with brown boots and a navy dress.

2. If you’re feeling confused, you can always match your tights to your dress OR to your shoes.

3. It’s ok to try to stuff out and see how something works. Just because you had an idea and it looks stupid on doesn’t mean you have to wear it out of the house.  A lot of my favorite clothing combinations come from just fooling around with what I’ve got to see how it works together, and most of the stuff I plan in my head looks awful, but it’s a learning process, and trying it all out is how you learn.

4. I also think it’s really helpful to search Pinterest for specific ideas if you’re having a hard time making them work. Navy dress + leggings or something like that. It can’t hurt to see what comes up and how other people are solving your problem.  I get a lot of good ideas that way.

5. I really really really try not to buy anything unless I know ahead of time how I’m going to wear it. If I can’t figure out what I’d wear with a dress, including shoes, jewelry, and what I’m going to wear underneath and over it, I don’t buy it. Yes, I can figure out other ways to wear it after I buy it, but if I can’t figure out at least one way to wear it with what I already have, it’s probably not going to work for me.

Anyway. Blah blah blah, the lovely people at Clever Girl Collective teamed up with No nonsense and sent me some No nonsense tights and leggings. Here’s how that went down.


{Target sweater, Lands’ End Canvas dress, Target belt, No nonsense leggings, Bandolino boots}

I was so proud of myself for turning this very summery dress into something I can wear all winter long.  These gray leggings have an almost corduroy texture to them, which means they’re super warm and almost more pants like than tights like. This doesn’t mean you can wear them as pants. Don’t do that.  Mine ran super big though, so size down. Or up. Or whatever it is when you buy them a size smaller than you normally would.

This dress goes in at the waist but then goes very poofy very quickly, so pairing it with most sweaters made it look tentlike.  The belt plus the cropped sweater was perfect for cutting down on the tent vibe.

Please excuse that ridiculous face I am making. This is what happens when I try to smile.


{Target cardigan, Target skirt, Target booties, No nonsense tights}

Purple tights! I love love love these tights.  I don’t know if you can tell but they have a subtle almost fish net pattern to them, which I thought was super fun without actually wearing fishnet tights, which might be a little much for kindergarten drop off.

It took me a while to figure out what to wear these with, I will admit they were outside  my comfort zone. At first I thought I’d match them with a purple sweater and my denim skirt, but the purples weren’t the same so it looked strange.  Then I figured out that for me, brightly colored tights should be the most “shazam” part of the outfit or I feel weird. So I threw on all my black clothing plus the purple tights and then I just loved this outfit.  I loved it. AND these tights did not do that “I am going to get snags and runs as you are putting me on” thing that other random cheap tights (cough Target cough) usually do. I am a fan.

ALSO as we were leaving Kindergarten, a woman made a loud exclamation noise, and then said “You guys always look like…like you just stepped out of a magazine ad!” SO, WIN.

Find your pair of affordable No nonsense tights and leggings here. I was sponsored by No nonsense for this opportunity. All opinions are my own.


4 Responses

  1. I do love the black everything with “shazam” tights.

  2. Okay, if you do don’t know what goes with what, you’re fooling me! I am paying careful attention and taking notes! And those shazam tights with the black dress are awesome plus. Thanks for sharing all this. And also you do look good in red, too.

  3. Love. Love. Love the purple tights.

    BTW…brown goes with gray and cream and mustard, imo. Navy, purple, and orange make great pops of shazam if you have brown paired with any of those other neutrals. Just passing on what has worked for me. I lean heavy on brown and gray together.

  4. You have such great style. I love it! One of my favorite summer dresses actually looks better with leggings and a sweater, so I think you’re on to something. 🙂

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