What I Wore This Week: The Biggest Scarf In the World


{Gap Bowery Super Soft Crew T-Shirt, Nordstrom Infinity Scarf, Gap skirt, Old Navy Leggings, Frye Campus Boots}

I love how these chunky infinity scarves look on other people, and I’ve wanted one for a long time, but they kind of overwhelm me when I actually wear them. There’s just so much scarf there, especially at the back of the neck. I don’t know. I kept this one because I really liked it and I need more scarves but I have to stop myself from being sort of stressed out over it and how much of it there is. I felt better after I took pictures of it though because I don’t think it looks weird in pictures.

This skirt is too big now, but I wore it anyway. It also needs to be ironed. I think I will probably have it taken in this summer, because I love it, but for now I just rolled it. I still can’t decide if I actually carried off the “summer skirt into winter” thing here or not. Meh.



{Target Cowl Neck Sweater Dress, Old Navy Leggings, Frye Boots}

For some reason I had come down on the anti side of the sweater dress divide, but after being roundly castigated by NGS, I decided that owning one or two maybe couldn’t hurt. I think I thought they were going to be tight and unflattering.  I didn’t want that look of just a fitted long sweater over leggings.  I tried one on at the Gap and it was cute but the sleeves were too long and it didn’t come in a Petite, and Amy was with me and said something like “Listen, dumb ass, don’t be paying $70 for a sweater dress at the Gap, get one at Target like a normal person.” My Target didn’t have any cute ones in the store but I ordered six online (and returned all but two). And I really really really like this one. It’s super easy to wear and it’s comfy. It was cheap and it’s very flattering. My goal is to have ten dresses in my closet I can rotate all winter long, and I think this puts me at 9. So, win!



{Nordstrom scarf, Lands’ End wrap dress, Old Navy leggings, Frye campus boots}

Wow, my Frye boots are the new J. Crew wedges.  Wearin’ those bad boys alot. This makes me very happy, though, as they languished in my closet for years, and now I wear them. Go me!

I did buy this dress in another color (purple), but I didn’t like it. Something about the purple tipped it towards “weird junior high choir director lady trying to look cool” for me. So I returned it.



{Talbots Coat, Nordstrom scarf, Frye boots}
This is just what I wore over it. I adore this coat, (and this is where I am going to tell you to spend money on things like boots and coats). I have owned this coat since high school. It was expensive, but it is classic, but I will be able to wear it FOREVER and it always looks good. It has not pilled, it has not gone out of style, it looks great every time I put it on, I have never regretted the purchase, although it helps that I believe my mother bought it for me. Anyway. This coat was probably in the $200-$300 range, the boots were $300, the scarf was $20.  So you can see in action what a good idea it is to spend your clothing money on classic well made things when it comes to outerwear and shoes. But I would never ever spend more than $20 on a scarf.  Words to live by, there you go.



{Kohls dress (no longer available online even though I just bought it), Loft leggings, Bandolino boots}

This is a cute dress! It’s a shade short but I think you can get away with short if 1. you are short and 2. in the winter when you are wearing it over something and you basically just want to cover your derriere so no one thinks you are trying to wear leggings as pants. If you are built like me, I think it’s very flattering how this goes in at the waist and then out quickly, but fyi, I can’t really bend over when I wear this.  I also think this needs a scarf or something in this picture but at the time I just wasn’t in the mood to accessorize so there you go.



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  1. My mother bought me a classic navy wool coat for $100 in 1968 (me = old), and it still looks great on the outside. Unfortunately both the lining and the buttons have turned purple. But it was absolutely worth the money! (Gas in those days was $.25/ gallon.)

    Also, the scarf is proportioned “average”, and you’re not. Look for one that’s a little thinner (in weight) and narrower. I have the opposite problem…

  2. I am just so pissed that it is still like 70-degrees here, ROUTINELY.

    You look so very cute.

  3. That Kohls dress IS really flattering on you! I love it.

  4. 1) You look AMAZING. Just saying.
    2) I’m kind of stalking your uniform. Do you mind having a copycat in Virginia?

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