My Whole 30 Strategies

1. Eat things I think are delicious.

For whatever reason, I am SUCH a moody food person.  This always makes meal planning harder for me, because if I plan on chili on Wednesday night and then I don’t feel like eating chili on Wednesday night, forget it. I can’t make myself eat it.  Anyway, for whatever reason, right now I could not be less in the mood for stews and hash and big globs of slow cooked meat.  Just not feeling it. However, I am dying to eat a bunch of fresh, clean, bright flavors, so I am thinking that for me Whole 30 is going to be all about veggies and seafood.  Some rare ahi over a salad drizzled with something sour sounds like just about the best thing ever to me right now, so I’m going with that.  I don;t normally let myself buy a $17 piece of tuna at Costco, but if not now, then when, right?

2. Snacking, snacking, snacking.

I’ve gotten myself into a terrible TV hour/snacking habit. Somehow it sort of gets me through the day to think of my evening quiet hour – just me, Mr. E, Homeland, and half a chocolate orange.  I really need to knock this off, but I know that it’s also just a thing I do and that I will probably do for the rest of my life – I’m an evening grazer especially in the winter. My strategy for this is to have lots of things planned ahead of time that I can snack on. I’m thinking 1. delicious fancy tea I don’t normally let myself buy 2. lemon water with tons of ice and  a straw because this somehow automatically makes it a treat in the world I live in and 3. fruit.  It’s all about the fruit.

3. Tea.  I believe we have discussed the tea, but let me reiterate. I have all the tea. (decaf, because I am just that much of a party animal.) And if tea is not Whole 30, seriously, don’t tell me. I’ll just do Whole 29 and a Half. You will pry my tea from my cold dead hands.

4. I’m also going to make a really concerted effort to shop for good veggies.  I’ll buy my meat at Costco and they do have a decent vegetable selection, but it can get a little pedestrian. If I’m going to eat nothing but vegetables and meat for a month, I want to find the FUN vegetables. (Did I just type that? Wow.) Anyway, between my Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, the sketchy grocery store right by my house with the strange asian vegetables, Trader Joe’s, and the Co-Op, I think I have this covered, but I need to make myself get out there and do it. To break it down, I’ll buy meat, fish, and stuff like spinach at Costco, frozen vegetables and nuts at Trader Joe’s because they have the best selection of both of those things, and fun vegetables like fava beans (EXCEPT NO! THEY ARE BEANS! BOO!) and pink turnips at the Farmer’s Market or the Co-Op or Whole Foods, and then the rest of it at the grocery store by my house.  I also have a whole garden box full of kale and lettuce, so that helps.

5. Tubs of Veggies – I need to keep lots of tupperware full of prepped veggies, cooked and raw.  This afternoon I’m taking a trip to Target to get more Tupperware since the glass pyrex stuff I have isn’t really the right size for this.

6. Keep lots of fruit around. I mean, I can’t have chips, so talking myself out of the $4 raspberries isn’t going to happen this month.

7. Fizzy water. I need to replace my fizzy water cartridge, but after that I am looking forward to concocting ridiculous drinks involving fizzy water and boring things like oranges.  With a straw, because that basically makes up for the lack of vodka, right? Sob.

8. Chipotle. I can tell you right now that there’s no way I am going to make it 30 days without ever paying someone to cook something for me.  I have children, and one of them stilldoesn’t sleep through the night.  I am tired.

Anyway, my strategies are 1. sashimi 2. the Chipotle burrito bowl with no rice or cheese or sour cream and 3. the Pita Pit salad. If yo have other ideas, please let me know. (Mr. Pickles is very sad I am doing Whole 30.)

9. The List. I have a big Google Doc with all the allowed foods, a grocery list, and lots of meal ideas. I need to print it out and stick it to my refrigerator so I don’t end up eating nothing but baby carrots and salsa for 30 days. FYI. I do not really understand why macadamia nuts (hork) are “good” and almonds are “occasional” but to understand, I’d have to read the book, and I don’t have time for that. I’m too busy double peeling fava beans over here. (NOT SO FAST, SMARTY PANTS.)

10. The first week will be the worst. I am just going to tell myself that if I can get through the first week, things will improve. I am fairly certain I can take the dairy thing just fine since I don’t even eat dairy, mostly, but the no sugar is going to kick my ass. I am slightly terrified, but I think it gets better after about a week in, from what I recall.

I weighed myself this morning and I will weigh myself again on February 1st.  And I will try to blog a week’s worth of recipes after I’ve made them, assuming they are edible.  Except that carrots and salsa recipe. I think you’ve got that, right?


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  1. Love this. Your strategies are SUPER sound. You are totally going to rock this. Not that you need my permission or approval or anything, but I’m just telling you — after reading this, I’m sure of it. Attitude is the hardest part (you know besides all of the THINGS WE LOVE THAT WE CAN’T EAT) and yours is awesome.

    Re: Tuna – if you like cilantro (I can’t remember if you do) make this:

    Re: Target Tupperware – BEST IDEA EVER. New tupperware makes me happy in a way that is embarrassing to talk about. But it does.

    Re: Fizzy water (and uh, Target) are you enjoying the La Croix fizzie? Because I think the Peach Pear is *almost* as good as a cocktail. And the Cran Raspberry kind of tastes like red bull and vodka.

    Re: Snacking – I am exceptionally interested in hearing about if your desire to snack changes throughout the 30 days. I always start it snacking on everything in sight and by the end I eat breakfast and then I get to lunch time and I’m like “Man, I have to eat again. Alright, I guess.” So this is one of those things that is always such a notable thing for me.

    Ok, hmmmm…Go Team Whole 30? I don’t know, that’s all I got. 🙂

  2. I think almonds are higher in Omega 6s, which are not good. Or something like that.

    And I’ve read the book, it is really, really fascinating. Not that you have to read it to do Whole 30, but I suggest you do just because it was very eye-opening for me!

    Good luck! I start Wed!

  3. The sugar withdraw could last a bit longer than a week. I think I felt the effects for 2 weeks-month. It all depends on how much your intake is initially. And expect some detox–i.e. feeling like crap. But then things even out and you start feeling great.

    In any case, it sounds like you are going in with a plan and strategies and you will rock it.

  4. I had never heard of this Whole 30 before BBL. And WOW! That sounds so hard! Admiration all around!

  5. I am very much enjoying everyone’s Whole 30 plans for January and I love yours. However, I feel like The Evil Friend on the sidelines for everyone involved because:

    1) There is no way in hell I am not enjoying the crap out of the last few weeks of my last pregnancy by eating WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT.


    2) There is no way in hell that after delivery of this baby mid-to-late- January I am not making a run for my liquor cabinet and drinking ALL THE GOOD WINE.

    So, really, I’m like, the Anti Whole 30 this month. Everything I plan on doing will be WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    I will join you healthy people on the other side of February when I am Getting Serious about The Eating.

    (Good luck! If anyone can do this, you can, Ms Vegetable Lady.)

  6. I love love love reading this kind of thing. Very inspiring (especially after I just took of my jeans and was afraid to look at my hips because I fear they may be BRUISED because of how tight they were. . . ).

  7. Good luck! Happy new year!

  8. Good luck! (I, for one, refuse to give up my Diet Cherry Coke EVER, so I will Whole Food it with you only in spirit!)

  9. I love everything you post. I usually save your blog posts for when I’m not rushed.

    Anyway, I like your Whole 30 plan. We can do this thing!

  10. I’m doing it too! I posted on your resolution post, but will do it here too. If you need any help or support, follow my facebook page “cave-momma’s quest”, we’re doing a whole30 too! I post my menus each week with recipes, and will answer any questions you have. I do like your strategies, and I think they’ll work out just nicely. It really helps to prep and plan ahead, like you’re doing, so you’re on the right track!
    I’ve been following your blog for years, and am really glad you’re doing this. 🙂
    If I can help, let me know!

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