The Best Books of 2012, According to Me

(Much thanks to Swistle for instructions on how to get that blasted arrow off of Amazon images.)

The Very Best:

(please note: I do not mean the best books written this year. I mean the books I enjoyed most.)

1. Wild


2. This Is How You Lose Her

this is how

3. The Stone Diaries

the stone diaries

4. Sweet Tooth. The ending saved this book for me, mega big time.

sweet tooth

5. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

miseducation of cameron post

6. The Cranes Dance.  (If you like books or movies about ballet, I’d HIGHLY recommend this.)

the cranes dance

7. The Fault in Our Stars. (I prefer Looking for Alaska, but I still really liked this book, and it was the one published this year, so I put this one on the list.)

the fault in our stars two


8. Signs of Life.  This MAY be my favorite book of the whole year. Seriously. I LOVE this book.

signs of life two

9. The Starboard Sea. My favorite waspy book of the year.

the starboard sea

10. The Snow Child. This is right up there for favorite book. Top five for sure.

the snow child

11. The Kings of Cool.  My love for Don Winslow cannot be overstated.

kings of cool

12. The Likeness. This came out in 2009, so it’s kind of stupid to make it my number one book of the year, but I think it is my favorite book I read all year.

the likeness

13. The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

miracle life


Still Very Good, but Not Top Ten And by Ten I Mean Thirteen:

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Life Among Giants


Live By Night

We Sinners

The Yellow Birds


Mission to Paris

Broken Harbor


A Happy Marriage

Code Name, Verity

The Language of Flowers

Ready Player One

The Borrower




5 Responses

  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your writing these posts. I think you’re singlehandedly responsible for about 80% of my library request list. Especially when you include your little mini-reviews…they are always enough for me to decide whether a book is worth my time or not.

    Anyway, I hope you plan to keep it up this year. Thanks, and happy 2013!

  2. Annnd this is now my reading list for the first part of 2013. Thanks!

  3. I love your books posts as they are always a mix of ones I’ve read and loved (like Fault) and ones I’ve never heard of but quickly added to the list (like Cranes Dance).

  4. A bunch on your almost list are on my tops list — Arcadia, Live By Night, Yellow Birds. I’m with you on The Snow Child. I really really loved that one.

  5. I love hearing about all the books you read – your negative reviews crack me up! (Obviously not on this post but your monthly ones). But you save me the time of hating them myself 🙂 Thanks to this post I’ve added (or reconfirmed that I’ve already marked them to read) on GoodReads!

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