Seriously, why is Christmas break so long? And what am I going to do for three months of summer? I NEED TO FIND SOME CAMP. If not for the children, I will go. Do they have drinking camp?

Ha ha ha whatever. Here’s what I wore this week, it was mostly leggings. I am too busy chopping vegetables to wear real clothes, ok?


{J. Crew Factory Sweater, Target belt, Old Navy Denim Pencil Skirt, Charlotte Russe Leggings, Bandolino Cabeza Boots (on sale at Zappos!)}

This sweater is strangely…cropped? Anyway, one of my goals for January is to make stuff that I haven’t been wearing work with the clothes I have, or else to get rid of them.  This was…ok. I still think maybe I should just wear that sweater over dresses. We’ll see.




{Target cardigan, Old Navy tee, Old Navy Scarf, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Bandolino boots}

I liked this. It was good for bumming around the house, but I didn’t feel sloppy.


DSC_0039-001 DSC_0066-001

{North Face vest, Gap scarf, American Eagle cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft leggings, Frye Campus boots}

It is a wee bit possible that I am violating the “pants as leggings” rule here. However, these leggings are REALLY thick, AND my Britney is covered, AND this is the only way that I can wear this cardigan because it’s so long on me that it won’t work any other way, so it;s this or get rid of it, so I am going to tell myself that it’s a tunic and move on. Plus I was JUST CRAZY about this outfit, and I felt super cute all day while I was wearing it.


{J. Crew Tippi Sweater, Gap scarf via Ebay, AE High Rise Super Skinnys, Bandolino Cabeza boots}

Unless you like paying $30 for a Gap scarf, I highly recommend Ebay for your scarf needs. There’s a ton of random ones being sold from China, (which is where all this stuff comes from anyway) and then people cleaning out their closets or getting rid of gifts they don’t want. Figure out a general idea of what you’re looking for and then search for “Red striped scarf” or “Red Gap Scarf”, for example.

Aside from the flat hair, I loved this outfit. This sweater always makes everything feel so polished, even when it’s just jeans.



{Target cowl neck sweater dress, Old Navy Leggings, Charles David Mary Janes, also via Ebay}

Such an awesome dress. I’d wear it every day if I could.

I looked for SO long for patent mary janes. I could not be happier with these. Charles David makes a nice shoe.

I tried this outfit on with about 15 iterations of shoes and boots and leggings and tights and belts and in the end, I came back to this. Truth: I cannot wear a black belt without looking like a member of the lower level Russian Mafia. No idea why, but today was no different. Weird.

Anyway, I love these shoes, which I finally could wear because my new shoe racks mean they are right! there! Favorite.




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  1. It really relieves me when other parents talk about hating school breaks. Or at least finding them… taxing. I know that I have FOUR little kids, and we were all sick most of break so that certainly made it worse. But for reals, by the last two days of break I felt like all I did was yell at kids and then feel guilty. And I was having thoughts like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t even like my own kids anymore!” and “What have I done to myself! Having kids was a mistake!”
    And then Thursday everyone finally went back to school, and I spent the morning playing with Jameson by himself and snuggling the baby and remembered that, oh yeah. One on one I enjoy all my children quite a bit! And even sometimes together, when they aren’t fighting constantly and sick to death of one another’s company! But those last couple days, man… I was thisclose to checking myself into a hotel with a bottle of wine.

  2. You have such great style!
    We’re in the process of cleaning out our closet. I can’t wait to be able to keep only what works and what I enjoy wearing. Right now it’s jeans and a solid color shirt EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    Oh, and I’ve got to find a way to convince my husband to build me shelves for my shoes!

  3. You always look fabulous, and I can’t be lieve you put the effort into those outfits to bum around at home! I just don’t think I could manage to get out of sweats if I wasn’t going to work. Impressive!

  4. You can totally pull that long cardigan off as a tunic. It works. Also, your lounging around the house is my “trying to look cute while I appear in public.”

  5. Love them all! You look great, as usual. I sooooo wish I could wear scarves.

  6. Oh, and “covers my Britney” cracked me right the hell up.

  7. I cracked up at the idea of grown-up camp. And I will say, as a knitter, that knitters do have them! They’re usually called “retreats” but sometimes “camp” is in the actual name. Good luck finding the right camp for you–or the kids!

  8. Cropped sweaters must be a Thing, because I cannot buy Elizabeth even one single sweater this season: they are ALL cropped. And she is long-torsoed, so they look like shrugs on her. It’s frustrating, because she is chilly by nature and by body type, so she LOVES sweaters, and if I’d KNOWN this fashion issue AHEAD OF TIME, I would have bought larger sweaters LAST year on CLEARANCE.

  9. thanks for the ebay tip on the scarves. they are totally overpriced in the store.

    you look great! it takes a lot of momentum to get your look together when you are just hanging at home.

  10. I love the leggings outfit 🙂 probably because since starting to work from home it’s all I can bring myself to wear. I also am so in live with those Mary Janes! I had a pair similar from Ann Taylor when I was straight out if college, those would be considered vintage now I suppose. Sure wish I still had them after seeing yours.

  11. Man, maybe I need to go to Target and buy me one of these mythical sweater dresses you keep wearing and looking awesome in!

  12. 1.) Butt is covered, so your leggings are entirely permissible.
    2.) I LOVELOVELOVE the red Gap scarf.

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