What I Might Wear This Week: Outfit Inspiration

I have a Pinterest board that’s not so much clothes I’d like to buy but more outfits I can actually make with clothes I own (plus my own outfits that I loved and want to remember to wear again.) It’s here, if you want to see it.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling sort of uninspired lately so I thought I’d see if I could get any ideas for this week. And yes! It worked. I have some good ideas there, I just need to remember to look at them every now and again. Anyway, here’s what I’m going to try out this week:

All black and a ponytail, plus brown boots:

Skinny jeans, cuffed, ankle booties, and a striped tee with a big  necklace:

My orange blazer over my navy striped dress plus a belt plus boots: (This might not work, that dress is tricky.)

Jacket, cropped jeans, tee, a skinny necklace, and leopard shoes:

A cardigan, a scarf, and trouser jeans:

Source: google.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

A blue and white striped top layer, my red cords, and my brown boots:



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  1. So glad you posted this, because I went to the Putting Me Together blog and that girl is CUTE and has some fantastic outfits. (I love all your fashion posts, BTW.)

  2. Did you ever find some trouser jeans? If you did, do you mind sharing where you got them?

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