What I Wore This Week: A Forced Smile, Apparently

Whew. You should see the outtakes. Apparently when it’s below 32 degrees, my face freezes. And not into a cheery smiling position, for the record.


{Lucky T shirt, Ebay necklace, American Eagle High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Target Booties}

Meh. I don’t think I’d wear this again, but I’m glad I tried it.


{Lands End Canvas dress, Target Scarf, Old Navy Leggings, Bandolino Cabeza Boots}

This dress is SOOOO comfortable. It’s like wearing a giant warm flattering sweatshirt. However, please be aware that it’s not a solid color, it’s very…flecked looking, and also, it really needs to be worn with a scarf or something at the neckline or it looks a little stark.


{Target jacket, Old Navy Scarf, Gap Bowery Crew, Loft Curvy Super Skinny Cords, Bandolino Cabeza Boots}

I promise you that in real life these pants do not look painted on me like tights, but lord, they sure do photograph that way. This was cuter in person, I think, than in pictures.


{Kohls Dress, Ebay Necklace, Old Navy Leggings, Bandolino Cabeza Boots}

It turns out that I don’t own black pants that can be tucked into boots, so this was my attempt at “all black with tan boots.” I really loved this outfit, it was a winner. But really, if you’re looking for a winning formula, black a line dress + leggings + boots + necklace is a pretty safe one.


{E Shakti dress, Gap Pants, Franco Sarto Leopard Wedges, Target necklace}

I hemmed this dress myself with hemming tape because I just didn’t want to go pay $20 and get it hemmed, and I hemmed it like woah too short and crooked. I have learned my lesson. And it is now a tunic and I will now go pay money to have my clothes hemmed correctly. Anyway, it’s fine because I needed something to wear over these pants anyway, and I thought this was super cute, if not slightly “What Peter Pan wears when he grows up and needs to run to Trader Joe’s.”

Also, it is very cold. Everyone else was wearing Uggs. I regretted my footwear immediately.

Also, I heard this rumor that everyone who works the floor at J. Crew has to be wearing three pieces of clothing. I don’t know if they count shoes.  So I decided to add this  necklace because pants + tunic is only two pieces of clothing. But I think it looks stupid and I am going to take it off. Fired from J. Crew before I even begin!

And now I have to go spend 12 hours wandering around my house picking up the possessions of the three other humans I live with, because apparently I am the only one among us who possesses the unique brain code required to put things away when I am done with them, rather them letting fall from my hands where I stand, like petals upon the plains.



7 Responses

  1. You look slim and pretty in all of these, even though you didn’t like the first one so much. The last paragraph is perfection.

  2. I am stealing “like petals upon the plains” for when I yell at my family about letting items fall from hands. What is with that? Completely ridiculous.

    I like the last outfit a lot. I’m sorry you didn’t feel great about it.Maybe I’d feel funny actually wearing it, too. But it’s nice to look at on someone else. Personally, I always feel like Peter Pan when I wear green with brown, so I guess we all have our trigger.

  3. I love that green dress/tunic. It looks great on you and is such a fun style!

  4. You are really cool. I would not think about fashion at all if it weren’t for you!

  5. Love this idea – to chronicle what you’ve been wearing throughout the week. I’m sure I repeat the same boring outfits way too much. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. You are not only adorable but hilarious. Killer combination. I am especially intrigued, this week, by the orange pants outfit. Mainly because I have a black and white striped shirt and a black blazer. And brown boots. (Which I am pretty sure you recommended and I LOVE.) Alas, no orange pants. But I love the way it looks.

  7. That Lands End Canvas dress is killer on you. Every time you wear it, I take special note of how hot you look it that picture and it’s that dress. It looks great!

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