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Mr. E and I have some large financial goals we’re working towards, and also, you know, it’s not really January unless you reel back in horror from your credit card bill and make a new budget, so we’ve got that covered.  Anyway. I spent the last year desperately trying to resuscitate my closet and build a “uniform”, and now it’s pretty much done. I’m on the worlds longest slowest diet, but it’s literally ten pounds a year of weight loss or something, if that, so I am not replacing clothing at a rapid rate.  And I cannot say that I don’t have anything to wear, anymore. Now it’s pretty much just for fun, or things like “If I had red tights I could wear them with my red shoes!”.  So for the next year, I am going to be sticking to a $100 a month clothing budget, with the exception of gifts or any money I make selling my old clothes on Ebay.

Since I don’t NEED anything, really, anymore, I am going to try really hard to stick to my principles, even on a limited budget, and to not buy things that don’t work with the uniform, to not buy knitwear at Old Navy (because they get pilly so fast that they’re disposable) and not to buy things at Target unless I LOVE them and they look GREAT. My wardrobe isn’t in dire straights anymore. “Dire Straights Shopping at Target While Desperate” serves a need, sure, but it’s not necessary for me at this point. So I am going to try to stick with quality over quantity.  And $100 is MORE than enough to get that done, I think. At the end of every month I’ll break down what money went where, but for now, just for fun, here’s some things I’m looking for next year and hoping I can find:

A yellow skirt. I have been looking for a mustard yellow skirt for SO long, and I can never find one anywhere.  I’ve got my eyes peeled, but if you find one somewhere, let me know!

White cropped skinnies. Katie has a pair of white skinny corduroy jeans (with zippers) and they are my favorite. I’m sure that there’s a chance any combination of white+skinny could be wildly unflattering, but I feel like they could be seriously great. Think of all the things I could wear white skinny jeans with! I’m picturing a navy t shirt, a madras headband, big green earrings, big tortoiseshell sunglasses, and some flip flops. LOVE.

A blue short sleeved knit dress. I want to recreate this exact outfit (below). Last year I bought the Target Mossimo Kimono dress thing that they sell every summer and I had to throw it out almost as soon as I bought it when it got pilly. Boo.

This dress could work. It is expensive for knitwear, but I am hoping that means it’s better quality.


A navy scarf. I cannot believe I own all this navy and I have no navy scarf.  I’m kind of wondering if I should investigate the fabric store and making my own, though. Navy might be a good place to start.


A red statement necklace.  I don’t know, this is cheap and I feel like I’d wear it a lot.

Some new wedges. I wore the crap out of my J. Crew wedges last year, I need one other pair so I can mix it up a bit.

Source: toms.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest


Something green and floral. I don’t know if this is going to be a stretched out disaster in the boobage area, but I feel like every preppy uniform needs at least one shot of kelly green.

Source: gap.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest


A fun sundress. I feel like this is one thing that is missing from my dress collection. I used to buy a ton of these from Old Navy every summer, but they never fit right and I ended up getting rid of them all. In other news, I am pretty sure I owned this exact dress my junior year of high school.

Source: gap.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest


A black and white striped skirt. I have wanted one of these for ages. Not sure how practical it would be, but something about the black and white stripes makes my heart beat faster.


A red corduroy skirt. I have been looking for this for so long! I really like this Anthro one, but it’s only available on Ebay now, so I have to think about it. Or hope that it gets cheaper, I have a hard time with high priced Ebay stuff, since it’s a bigger risk.


Shoes to wear with my Blathering dress. I bought this dress for about $12 to wear to next year’s Blathering…now I just need to find shoes to wear with it. I can’t decide between glittery silver, because fun!, or more casual preppy espadrilles or something since we’re going with more laid back and beachy for next year’s vibe.


A fun t shirt. I could wear this my white skinnies! It might be a little “bike safety tape” for my taste though, I can’t quite tell.

Source: gap.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

An A line pleated (black?) skirt. Now that I know not to cram my sweaters down over my skirts, I want to find out if poofy skirts actually could be cute on me, worn correctly. I LOVE this look, so I’ve got my eye out for a skirt like this.


Now I just need the Gap to sponsor me and I’ll be all set.  Until then I’ll just be over here waiting for sales.


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  1. BANANA! 30% off coupon this morning! (I just bought that black and white striped skirt! Ha!) I’m pretty sure I’ll hate it bc I’m very picky about skirts but I couldn’t resist. They also have a cute mustard one too: http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=35288&vid=1&pid=323493012

    Or this one is cute:

    Do you ever do specific item searches at Shopstyle.com — it’s pretty helpful to corral internet retailers if you are looking for a specific item.

  2. I’ve got to build a clothing line item into our new budget, for sure. This is inspiring me. One of my coworkers was told by the budget consultant that she should be spending $75/month TOTAL on clothing for her family of four. Insane!

  3. As for wedges, I have gotten 2 very nice pair of espadrille wedges from AE now. Just throwing that out there if you are still shopping around!

  4. I am sad to say, that green gap dress is HORRIFIC. I ordered it a couple weeks ago, and it’s SUPER short, and there is way, way, WAY too much fabric (and all the extra fabric around the waist and hips made me look about 4 sizes bigger than I am). I typically do well with their dresses – but this one was a huge failure!

  5. I think that exact mustard skirt is at LOFT Ann Taylor. I saw it about a month or so ago there… It fit me strange, so maybe you’ll have better luck!

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