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These were chicken tostadas without the tostada. AMAZING. I marinated some chicken breasts in olive oil, red pepper, and lime juice, and then pan fried them and cut them up. We ate them with mangos, guac, tomatoes, yellow peppers, salsa, and lettuce, I think.


The next morning I took the left over mango/tomato chicken mixture, dumped it over some spinach, threw an egg on the top, and added some guac. It was the bomb. Recommend.


I had the WORST craving for pineapple ham pizza, so this was how I got that flavor anyway.  These are bison burgers, topped with bacon, pineapple, red onion, and then eaten in lettuce instead of a bun. I also added ketchup, and no one died, believe it or not.  Oh, there’s golden beet salad there on the side, but it was just sort of meh for me, so I wouldn’t recommend that.



This is spinach, the leftover beet salad, an egg, and some smoked salmon. (Breakfast)



I needed to use up some sprouts, so I made this carroty/sunflower salad, but I just ended up picking out all the apples and the chicken so I probably should have just eaten some slices of chicken and an apple.


I know it’s not for everyone, but I LOVE spaghetti squash, especially with meatballs.  I made these with ground up cashews instead of bread crumbs, and with ground turkey. I threw ALL the spices in there and they were still bland, I think next time I’d add even more garlic and maybe some mustard.

I bought these artichokes at the farmer’s market and they were delicious.  I always cook my artichokes this way, btw.  Trim the bottoms, trim the tops, cut in half, steam in the microwave in a covered bowl with some water in it for 10 minutes. Remove from the bowl, drizzle with olive oil and some kind of herb mixture (you can use Mrs. Dash or Trader Joes sells a good generic herb mix), salt and pepper, and grill until you get a nice golden brown crust on them.  They are SO GOOD cold, too, I always make a lot and save them.



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  1. I tried the recipe from Practical Paleo that Christina posted the other day with spaghetti squash and it was SO GOOD. I ate all of it. I am not a squash lover, but I was quite impressed.

  2. Okay, here’s something I always mean to ask you: do your kids basically eat the same way you do? Or do you fix different stuff for your kids than you and your husband, or at least alter it a little? Cuz if I’m being honest, I would eat everything you’ve shown, and do sometimes when I’ve shopped thoughtfully and am feeling well rested and alert enough to prepare myself proper meals. But my kids would eat about none of it, except maybe the eggs and chicken and apples. Plain, of course. Would you mind doing a post sometime about kids and eating and cooking and all that, and how you do it at your house? I’m feeling very tired of the scattered, short order cook kind of eating we often do around here.

  3. Thanks for posting these! You have great ideas and I always need inspiration.

  4. I love this – and am definitely trying that first one.

  5. I agree with sarah…what goes down in your house during meal time? What do your kids eat for breakfast? Do you eat at the same time as them or feed them first, get them settled and then start your breakfast? I can Blame my eating habits and weight gain completely on my inability to figure out how to balance what my kids are willing to eat and what I have time for ect. I look at these amazing meals and my brain and body is begging me for nutritious food like that. However at our house, say breakfast, by the time i feed everyone and get a semi balance back to my kitchen it is 10ish and I think “well I guess some Oreos are going to have to go with my coffee today”. So I agree, can you post something on how you cook for everyone, time manage it all and still have such yummy adultish meals.

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