What I Wore This Week: Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves!



{Nordstrom Infinity Scarf, Banana Republic Sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Ugg Brooks Boots}

I wore this to brunch. Delicious food plus my amazing ladies (minus one sickie) plus my favorite boots. Happiness.


{Lands End dress, Ebay Scarf, Loft Leggings, Ugg Boots}

This dress pills so I am not linking to it! I have recommended it to LOTS of people and it pills! Super uncool, Lands End. I did go over the whole thing with a sweater shaver, and I’m hoping that it was some kind of top layer that isn’t going to come back every time I wear the damn thing, but I am glad I didn’t buy more of this stupid dress. I’d return it, but I love it, so you know. Also, I think after looking at this picture that it needs to be worn with a taller heel. I look stumpy.

Also, I want this scarf to be a teeny bit longer, but I can’t figure out how I’d do it. Sew in an extra section? I’m worried that I’ll ruin it.


{Banana Republic Sweater, Ebay Infinity Scarf, Gap Perfect Khaki Pants, Jack Purcells}

This orange pants situation was Paxil Withdrawal Day 9,000. I woke up in the morning and immediately wanted to go back to bed. This is not the best looking thing I wore all week (seriously, all the pictures were AWFUL) but it was the closest thing I could figure out to pajamas. I needed a pajama day.


{Old Navy Coat, Ebay Scarf, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Ugg Brooks Boots}



{Target cardigan, Ebay Scarf, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Ugg Brooks Boots}

I was so excited that this sweater fit and looked good! And was comfy! It was on the “maybe get rid of pile” and this salvaged it. I love it when that happens.


{Gap Coat, Target scarf, Banana Republic dress, Old Navy Leggings, Frye Campus Boots}

Apparently I do own a navy scarf. Huh! Also, I’ve always thought these boots were great, but SO COLD to wear in the winter. And then I wore socks with them. Uh, yeah. They’re not cold when you wear socks.  Amazing, these brain surges I have.


{Target Mossimo Shawl Collar Sweater, Banana Republic dress}

Oh, so cute! And comfy and flattering! And a summer dress turned into a winter dress! (GOLD STAR!)

Tied for favorite outfit of the week.

DSC_0250-001 DSC_0307-001

{Gap Outlet Sweater, Gap Tee, Garnet Hill Flamenco Skirt, Old Navy Leggings, Dr. Martens Diza Ankle Biker Boots}

A very lovely person with an Important Shoe Job sent me these boots, (Katie and I are BOTH very impressed with them, as you can see) and oh my god they are my new faaaaaaaaaaaavorite thing! I never knew that these boots were missing from my closet, but they so were.  They are comfy and they make my legs look skinny, they are so easy to take on and off, they look great, they feel great, they have the perfect heel, they make me look a teeny bit tough, and I JUST LOVE THEM. Mr. E said “Rarely am I jealous of women’s shoes (good to know), but I am jealous of those.” I seriously kind of want to put these under my pillow and sleep with them. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.

Also, this skirt! BFF Sara found this and I thought it had HIGH potential. Since I have trouble with more structured skirts looking too dressy, and since I can’t find a plaid skirt and I can’t find a corduroy skirt, I thought this might be a good solution to those issues. Plus it’s so kicky! Plus you can wear it in the summer with a white t shirt and in the winter with boots and a black sweater. Yup, it’s great.

So that makes this my other favorite outfit of the week.

(Yes, I said kicky. I know, I know.)


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  1. Wait, why does that skirt work on you and not meeeeeeeee? I’m going to re-think things. It doesn’t feel heavy? It’s “kicky” instead? I think I got a defective one. 🙂 Or maybe I ordered the wrong size. Hmmmm.

  2. Oh that Flamenco Skirt – I WANT. Sadly I have NO clothes budget this year and and even on sale that skirt would eat up waaaay too much of my fun allowance. I mean I am saving for a trip so it is not total woe is me, but waaaahh I want that. Love your ebay scarf too!

  3. I’m going to try a sweater shaver on my Lands’ End ponte dress because I love, love it so much but pilling after three wears is really not cool. Plus I have two of them and really don’t want to send them back.

    I love the tiered gray skirt. It IS very kicky.

  4. I love that striped shirt and I want one!

  5. Whoa, that last outfit so much.

  6. Totally buying that skirt as a gift to myself right this very minute. Super cute.

  7. I love this post!! I almost bought the Flamenco skirt last year and was going to order the Marseilles navy stripe top from GH today anyways so you convinced me to add it to my cart. And then I had to have the sequin top too. What a steal! And I may have to have those Doc Marten boots too! But I already have these which I LOVE: http://www.zappos.com/merrell-captiva-launch-waterproof-black. Do you really think it makes sense to have 2 black boots that are so similar?

    Also, my new favorite thing: this sweater (http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-supply-co-juniors-short-sleeve-sweater-assorted-colors/-/A-14232540#prodSlot=medium_1_5) with white t-shirt (I love the Everlane classic tee for $15), white scarf (Fashionable), skinny jeans and black or neutral wedge sandals.

    I think I need to start taking pictures of my outfits that are inspired by you… there have been many! Thank you. So wish we could be friends in real life.

  8. LOVE the last skirt! So cute and fun looking!

  9. Okay – so I love that skirt on you too! I actually bought that skirt many months ago and then returned it because it didn’t work on me at all. But, it looks great on you! So jealous!

  10. I bet that you could get that scarf a teeny bit longer by soaking/hand washing it, then hanging in to dry and just gently stretching to the length you want.
    This will definitely work if it’s a knit (it looks knit?), but also could work a little if it’s loosely woven.

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