I’m Cleaning Out My Attic

I finally girded up my loins and dug all the kids clothes out of the attic. Getting rid of the clothes is the last and hardest step for me to take on the “we’re really only have these two” path, but I keep telling myself that if something changes and I do have another one, I will just buy more clothes, and also, it’s only going to really suck while I am going through them, and after that I’ll never think about it again.  I get desperately sad while holding a tiny red fleece vest, but if I’m not holding it, I never think of it. So out the door they go.

I was going to sell them as lots on Ebay, but I’d MUCH rather sell them to you guys, because oy, is Ebay a hassle, plus this way I can see that red fleece vest on YOUR children, which somehow makes it so much better for me.

I will list pictures and prices here until something is sold, in which case I will mark it as sold. Everything will ship Priority Mail in a Large Flat Rate box for $16.

Email me at ebj123@gmail.com if you are interested. I’m doing boys clothes first. I do have up to sizes 4T but I ran out of flat rate boxes, so just a few things for now.

Boys 3-6 Months, $50 plus $16 shipping


This is:

– A Classic Pooh Romper 6m,
– A gymboree romper 3-6M Navy
– Seersucker romper 3-6M
– Gymboree overalls and matching onesie 3-6 months Tan
– Circo sleeper 6M navy
– Hatley Sleeper 3-6 Months red with moose
– Gymboree sleeper 3-6 M puppies
– Oshkosh plaid shorts 6M
– 2 hats (one from baby gap, one of unknown provenance)
– Target Circo pants 3 months striped, matching Circo onesie striped
– Children’s place onesie, 3-6 M squirrel
– Carters pirate onesie 3M
– Gap red fleece vest 3-6M
– Gymboree frog navy frog one piece 3-6M
– Gymboree striped penguin onesie and matching hat 3-6 months

Plus one of those vintage style navy sailor suit which I found after I took the picture.

Boys 6-12 Months, $40 plus $16 shipping 


This is:

-Little Me Plaid Romper, Size 9 months

-Baby Gap Navy and White Snap Front Romper, size 6-12 months

-Imp Originals Plaid Button Strap Romper, Size 9 months

-Ralph Lauren Striped Collared Polo Shirt, 9 months

-Osh Kosh Boat Embroidered Shorts, 6/9 months

-Brown Gymboree shorts, 6-12 months

-Gymboree Striped Cotton Sweater with an Alligator on the Front and Elbow Patches, 6-12 months

-Gymboree Plaid Overalls, 6-12 months

-Hanna Andersson Navy and Green striped zipper one piece, Size 60

-Moonbeans Frog Bottom Striped Navy and White Snap Front Romper

-Old Navy 6-12 months swim trunks

-Angel Dear Blue Knit Cotton Sleeper/One Piece, 6-12 Months


Boys 12-18 Months, $50 plus $16 shipping

DSC_0045-001 DSC_0007-001


This is:

-Michigan Onesie (That’s the back) unless you’re an Ohio State Fan, in which case I will…burn it for you?

-Zutano Striped One Piece, 12-18 months

-Yellow Argyle Sweater Vest, 12-18 months

-Red Old Navy Tee, 12-18 months

-Old Navy Striped Onesie, 12-18 months

-Gap seersucker pants, 12-18 months

-Old Navy striped snap one piece with a monkey embroidered on it, 12-18 months

-Carter’s Dino Fleece Footie PJ’s, 12 months

-Gymboree Madras Plaid Shorts, 12-18 months

-Gap Madras Plaid Shorts, 12-18  months

-Old Navy Fleece Footie Pajamas, 12-18 months

-H&M red and navy striped long sleeved tee, 12-18 months

-Baby Gap white, orange, and navy onesie, 12-18 months

-Old Navy navy and white striped LS tee, 12-18 months

-Osh Kosh Genuine Kids striped polo shirt, 12 M

-Old Navy Cargo Pants, 12-18 months

-Little Me Plaid Collared Romper, 12-18 months

-Osh Kosh Black Corduroy Overalls with red lining so you can cuff the pants, and snaps in the legs. 12 months

Any questions let me know! Thank you.



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  1. You know, this is a really good idea. I really want the frog romper, but unfortunately I think it is off season for us. (Unless it’s more like a 12 months? Then I will buy it!)

  2. Do people for realsies pay that kind of money for clothes that aren’t new? I know they are REALLY NICE clothes, but this excites me enough to want to actually try to sell our baby crap now. If you ever want to post about how you decide to price things (clothes and gear) and where you have had the best luck selling them, I am ALL EARS.

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