What I Wore This Week: New Boots!

Let’s not even talk about how long it took me to find this last pair of boots. Black riding boots sounds simple, doesn’t it? Anyway, it’s not. I think the pair I finally picked is pair 9. The man at the UPS store is my new best friend. Anyway, I have a pair now and I looooove them. And I finally got to wear all the stuff I have that I thought “I just need black riding boots to wear this!”

Wasn’t that an exciting story? I thought so.


{Target Scarf, Banana Republic Sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Ugg Brooks Boot}

I was cold, I needed warm feet.  These boots are warm as all hell. End of story.


DSC_0091-001 DSC_0105-001

{Lands End Canvas Dress, Target Scarf, Old Navy Leggings, Anne Klein Evanthe Boots}

I took that second picture because my favorite part of the boots is the back.  Also, so you can see for yourself why I have to buy high rise pants. I know, it’s ridiculous. My poor children.

DSC_0020-001  DSC_0053-001

{North Face Nuptse II Vest, Gap scarf, Lands End sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Anne Klein boots}

I just really super love these boots.



{Ebay scarf, Gap Sweater, Old Navy Tee, Anthropologie Skirt (via Ebay), Bandolino boots}

This is one of my favorite outfits EVER. Love love love. I took a risk buying this skirt on Ebay, but someone had one for sale much cheaper than anyone else and I have been looking for a mustard skirt for two years, so I went for it.  This outfit plus Jess’s post on buying clothes with special details has me thinking, I will say. I am a huge fan of easily mixed neutrals, but now that I have a lot of those, I think I’d like to focus on adding clothes that are a bit more interesting and fun and special.  I’m working around to that.  When I first started buying clothes I needed quantity, but now that I don’t actually NEED anything anymore, pretty much, I think “amazing in some way” should be moved higher up the priority list.

PS I really like this Gap sweater, it’s a great classic.


{Downeast basics sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinny Jeans, Anne Klein Boots}

I bought this sweater for the Blathering and it’s so cute – I am crazy about all the fun details, but I’m sort of confused as to what to wear it with. I liked this, but I didn’t LOVE it. Now I’m thinking maybe a high waisted black skirt?


{Gap Sweater, Loft skirt, Target tights, Anne Klein boots}

Now that I have my black boots I am forcing myself to wear all the things in my closet I never wore because they seemed to need to be worn with black boots. I bought this skirt in a fit of skirt buying last fall and then I never wore it because although it’s crazy flattering and I love the color and I thought I needed a pink skirt, it falls on the wrong side of that tenuous “woah, dressy” line that I struggle with.  But I own it and now I am going to force myself to wear it! And then I figured out four ways I can wear it, so I thought I’d show you that. Gold star, me.


This is the way I actually wore it, with this J. Crew jacket I got from Kate.  It’s navy and not black, but I thought it looked deliberate enough that it wasn’t weird to be wearing it with black, and I thought it broke up the whole black/pink/black/pink thing nicely. I am just now noticing that I probably should have ironed this skirt before I wore it. Oh well.


In pictures I thought this looked the cutest, with that big necklace. (An Anthro knock off via Ebay).


I also really liked this look, with the scarf (via Ebay) and it toned down the dressy look and brought a light color up to my face. In person though it looked a little messier than it does here.

I’m also thinking maybe in the summer I can wear this with a white t shirt and maybe some flat gold sandals? I’d love other ideas too if you have them.



{Gap Jacket, Ebay Scarf, Kohls dress, Old Navy Leggings, Anne Klein boots}

I am aware that this is probably not everyone’s favorite flavor of bubble tea, but I just loooooooooooooove this outfit. It makes me so happy. I am so excited that it’s getting warmer and I can wear jackets instead of giant coats. Yeah!

Except that it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here today, so you know. Hotness. Literally.


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  1. You are looking slim and fabulous.

  2. You look fantastic in every picture. Seriously. And you can really rock a skirt.

    I went out and bought both black and brown tall boots to wear with casual outfits (I have some fancy-style ones with high heels, but they don’t work with jeans unless I’m trying to project a streetwalker vibe, which I am not) solely because of these posts. And I’m now planning on hitting up American Eagle to check out jeans. There have been lots of compliments already. Thanks.

  3. I love your boots and I really want some. I have been looking for boots forever. And by looking, I mean thinking about. It’s not actually very productive.

  4. I adore that mustard yellow skirt. And the pink one!

  5. I LOVE the polka dot skirt. And the fur scarf.

  6. I too cannot find black boots. The Zappos people must hate me. On a happier note, you can really tell you have lost weight–you are looking great. I would kill for a derriere that sticks out in the back rather than sliding to the side. Lastly, stripey sweater is awesome.

  7. Girl, so you got booty. Serious shapely booty. There are ladies who would kill for that booty. And, hello, you are also looking skinny as heck! Well done!

  8. You look so slim in these pics! The mustard sweater is very, very flattering on you.

    My next footware purchase is riding boots (I haven’t decided black or brown).

  9. I am so excited to wear a jean jacket today, rather than a frumpy chunky sweater. SO EXCITED. Also, 70 is the best temperature, you are nuts.

  10. I went to Zappos to buy those boots and they don’t have my size. But I will buy them because they are AWESOME and I bought the brown ones you suggested and, well, basically you need Zappos to start giving you a commission.

    You look great in every single picture.

  11. I love that anthro skirt. Totally covet. And I have the opposite problem: I have a whole bunch of “statement” pieces and almost no neutrals. Black skirt? Uh, no. Basic dress? Nope. White t-shirt? Hmm. Uh. Big floofy tiered skirt in aquamarine? Ding ding ding ding!

  12. You look great Elizabeth!

  13. You’re adorable and I’m jealous of your awesome butt.

  14. Hi! So I found your blog through Temerity Jane and the book reviews thing, but I’ve stuck around because I love your style posts. And I feel the need to share with you how inspiring I’ve found them to be. I personally am a make up horse. I LOVE any and all make up and spend the bulk of my funds on it. But since following your blog I’ve been inspired to quit spending all my monies on make ups and spruce up my wardrobe a bit. And so far it’s worked! Your tip about finding a “look” or a “uniform” type thing was very helpful, and your pinterest board was very helpful. So thank you for the push and I look forward to more style posts!

  15. That striped zip-up DownEast Basics cardigan? Is just like a kelly green striped one that I got at Anthro in 2010. And it *is* a little tricky to pair things with. I always wear mine with dark, wide-leg trouser jeans and flats. I’m not much for mixing things up, so it’s always the same outfit.

  16. I love all your outfits here. Was this also a mustard skirt you previously looked at (just came across it yesterday on ModCloth) – http://www.modcloth.com/shop/yellow-skirts – the Ochre the Moon skirt looks super cute.

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