Someone Once Wanted My Old Silverware, Was it You?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago, either here or on Style Lush, I mentioned replacing my silverware and someone said they wanted the old stuff (Oneida Revereware Circa 2003). Was that you? If so I FINALLY bought new silverware and I have a bag of the RevereWare (some of which has at one time or another been down the garbage disposal and is dinged up and some of which has been lost somewhere never to be discovered again) ready to send to you free of charge as long as you’re willing to paypal me the cost of shipping it in a medium flat rate box. ($11 dollars, I think).

This is a picture of it.

Let me know! Otherwise it’s going to Goodwill.




4 Responses

  1. So close, but not the pattern I have. Then I could finally have a whole set again!

  2. I wasn’t the original person who said she wanted it, so if that person turns up she totally has dibs. But! If she doesn’t? I would like it and will PayPal you ASAP.

  3. I have this silverware pattern! 🙂 If Arwen falls through, lemme know via email and I’ll totally take them off your hands.

  4. As Arwen has probably already let you know, it was me (her mom) who wanted it. I’m so late in responding because I’ve been hanging out with her kids while Bryan is off skiing, so I think she’s paying shipping for me. Thank you for remembering that someone wanted it!

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