The Other $100 A Month

When I decided to limit my personal purchases to $100 a month, I also decided that I wanted to designate another $100 a month to house projects, and to see how far we could get on $100 a month.  There are a lot of really expensive house projects that we talk about doing, but we have no idea where the housing market around here is going, so even if we had $1000 for new kitchen counters right now, it’s not at all clear that it would be worth the investment.  However, I also think we can get SO MUCH done around here, especially DIY, with that $100 budget, and I thought this would be a fun challenge, to see how far we can go on this budget and for how long.

The first thing I did was to fill holes and to repaint the back hallway.  Doesn’t it look lovely?


This was supposed to be “touch up the back hallway”, but I used the wrong color paint, and so I had to repaint the whole thing.  The good news is that this was free, and Erik helped. I already had the paint in the garage, and from now on I can really easily touch it up. With the correct paint.  So. Cost of this project = Only Emotional.

The second project for February is to install the threshold between the kitchen and the dining room.  This was removed when the floors were refinished, and we never put it back because the people who flipped our house were tremendous assholes put down a kitchen floor that is two different materials.


See how if you look closely, the section down in the lower right isn’t the same as the other stuff? Uh huh.  Before we put the threshold back, we need to pry out the 4% of the flooring that doesn’t match the other 96% of the floor and fill it in with the correct floor.  Luckily, they sell our floor at Home Depot. Unluckily, they only sell it by the case, special order, so I had to pay $86 dollars to correct this ridiculous, frustrating problem because someone didn’t do it right in the first place.

Anyway,  the flooring has been ordered, and my fingers are crossed that snapping the new stuff into place isn’t going to be too terrible difficult.

I think the next project I’ll tackle might be installing the decorative ceiling medallion I’ve had for two years, which sounds fairly divorcey, actually. Funsies!



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  1. Why, WHY would someone do that to the floor?

    This is fun, your spending. I hope it inspires us to do something around here.

  2. “Divorcey” is an excellent adjective. I am indignant on your behalf about the kitchen floor. Back hallway looks great!

  3. I am loving “divorcey”. MH and I BUILT two houses with nary a disagreement, but painting a simple kitchen was quite divorcey.

    I am silimlarly diggin your oversized tray storage. I am now wondering where I could do something similiar in our house.

  4. Oh MAN. That floor thing is one of those super irritating projects that I would put off for so long because… ANNOYING! WHY DID THEY DO THAT OMG.??! But. It will feel so good to have it done! Good luck 🙂

  5. That’s a really good idea. I ought to do the same kind of budget for household improvements per month.

  6. I need to start doing small things to improve our house that don’t cost much too. I also wanted to comment on your “kid food” post but comments were closed. THANK YOU for that post. I try to make our kids eat some version of what we’re eating and I love that you make them eat at the table, etc. A lot of people are telling me that they let their kids do/eat whatever at meal time AND I CANNOT ABIDE THAT.

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