What I Wore This Week: Not What I Wanted

I had the hardest time getting dressed this week, I think it was Tuesday that I almost made us late for school, and that hasn’t happened in months. I think my problem is that I am woah ready for spring (although actually summer, pretty much) so I’ll grab a pair of cropped pants or a summery skirt, but then it’s still actually freezing cold because it’s only February STILL and so then I’ll have to try to make what I’m wearing warmer and it just doesn’t work. I don’t need any more winter clothes and I don’t want to buy any more winter clothes, but I’m bored with the winter clothes I have. I went thrifting, but it was a giant bust, and then I dug around in my closet and was forced to admit that A LOT of the things I don’t normally wear that I thought might be “fun for a change” don’t actually fit me well and that’s why I never wear them and I think I am telling you that I have to go jean shopping which is just rotten, OBVIOUSLY.

Anyway, here’s what I wore this week, disgruntedly. Which isn’t even a word.  I know.


{Target scarf, Banana Republic Sweater, AE High Rise Super Skinnies, Frye Boots}

There was something oddly western about this? I think it’s the scarf and the boots. It was fine, I doubt I would wear it again. “Oddly western” is not really my desired aesthetic.

DSC_0002-001 DSC_0041-001

{Gap coat, Nordstrom scarf, Loft Super Curvy Skinny Cords, Banana Republic Sweater, Bandolino boots}

Totally frustrated with how these pants photograph as though are they pasted to my body. I assure that in person they do not appear this way. Also, I did not love this color combination. It reminded me of Ronald McDonald.


{Target sweater dress, Target clearance belt, Anne Klein boots, some random leggings}

I mean, I added a belt. Do you care? I barely care, let’s put it that way.


{Gap Sweater Dress, Target Long Sleeve Tee, Loft Leggings, Dr. Marten Diza Boots}

I continue to love these boots, but I thought this was sort of unflattering. I think maybe it’s because the top is all one light color and the bottom is all one dark color? Kind of like Mickey Mouse? I don’t know. It looks worse in pictures, I think, than it did in person, but it wasn’t on any Vogue covers or anything, let’s just put it that way.

Blargh. Hopefully next week I feel better and less “throw a giant sweater on it.” Pray for spring.




7 Responses

  1. I actually really like the ‘Mickey Mouse’ as you dubbed it! I don’t see Mickey at all haha.

  2. Well I think you look super cute. And I agree with Lacey, the Mickey Mouse outfit is a winner.

  3. Even if you were disgruntled, I think they all look great. Much better than my outfits this week.

  4. Listen, I know you don’t post these weekly photos for affirmation, and I know YOU need to feel good and lovely in what you wear, that that’s the most important thing, but man – I just think you look GOOD and put together and stylish and also you have pretty hair. Maybe this is just an “I’m sick of winter” thing that will pass quickly. Hope?

  5. I just love you. That is all

  6. Oh, honey. Throw a giant sweater on it is my MANTRA this winter. Baby weight plus constantly sick kids plus constant home improvement chaos equals me being happy if I just have actual clean clothes on. To me you are like this style maven (maven? is that the right word?) that I only hope to be once I crawl out of this cave of crazy.

  7. All of these outfits are fabulous. I hear you on February though. That’s when I’m ready for something new. I’m over boots. I’m over leggings and tights. I want Bright! Spring! Sandals!
    And I live in Ohio so I’ve got another three months.

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