Can This ____ Be Saved? : Purple Sweater

Here is the perfect example of why a clothing uniform concept works for me and why I shouldn’t really deviate from the uniform basics, because it’s just gives me fits when things don’t all work with each other easily.

So, I have this purple sweater. (My sweater is more of a grape color and less of a lilac color, but otherwise it’s this sweater exactly.)

tippi sweater

When I bought it, I pictured wearing it with a black skirt and purple tights, but it proved too difficult to match the purples correctly. And according to Pinterest, what matches purple is gray and black and the thought of a purple/gray/black outfit just doesn’t light my pants on fire, for some reason.

Last week I tried to wear it with this pair of ankle length black pants:

black pants

and some black low heeled mary janes, and it was so boring that I didn’t want to wear it.  So here’s where we (and by we I mean you) brainstorm ways that I can get some use of out this sweater rather than just learning my lesson (I shouldn’t buy purple sweaters) and giving it away.

1. I thought I could wear it with the black pants if I added a scarf, but I don’t have a scarf that matches a purple sweater. I did pick out one on sale at Target that I like though.

target scarf


I also thought this scarf (from Ebay) was kind of nice in an “elegant but crazy” sort of way.

ruffle scarf


But again, I don’t know, gray just feels so…sad to me. Especially combined with purple.

2. I thought I might also be able to wear The PPS (Problematic Purple Sweater) with something less boring on the bottom. I think part of the problem is that the shoes are boring, the pants are boring, and the sweater is boring. Some part of the outfit needs some zhuzz.  So I am thinking maybe a black pleated skirt with boots or heels. And a scarf.

black pleated skirt

3. I also thought I could wear The PPS with jeans if I treated it like a t shirt and added something over it. Maybe a black jacket? What’d I really like is a button down chunky cardigan with short sleeves, but I don’t have any idea where to find something like that.  BFF Sara bought one at Goodwill last week for $3, isn’t she cute?

sara sweater

Let’s all be bitter that her Goodwill is so fantastic and she looks so skinny in her $3 sweater.

4. And that’s all I got, but I would LOVE ideas if anyone has any of them. I bought The PPS because I couldn’t find any non boring t shirts this fall. I’m not sure why I thought a boring sweater that doesn’t match any of my clothes would fix that problem, but let’s hope I learned my lesson.




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  1. What if you went purple/black/yellow, with a yellow or yellow patterned collared shirt underneath? Or a chevron or striped skirt instead of solid?

    That being said, I love purple and grey! It’s my go to combination this winter.

  2. I love purple and gray TOO. Thus my suggestion is to strong arm you into PURPLE AND GRAY. (PS your BFF is the cutest.)

  3. I don’t know if it would work for clothes (as it could easily veer into Joker territory), but I love love love green and purple together. Maybe a green scarf? Or a big green statement necklace? I’m hesitant to suggest green tights for some reason though…

  4. Ooooh! I love this “problem.” I recently became converted to a good grapey purple. I’d wear it with a chunky turquoise necklace or scarf. Wear it with the black pants or skirt and red shoes, or with a red skirt and black shoes. Wear it with a gray skirt and mustard yellow tights. Later it over a chambray or light/bright blue plaid or stripe button up with the sleeves rolled a bit to match the length of the sweater. Wear it with a bright orange accent like a scarf or big necklace. I love purple mixed with emerald green, you could do green tights, or a green patterned shirt or skirt, or gray or black bottoms and a skinny emerald belt. Or mix the light blue button up with the purple and then add green or orange or turquoise or deep mustardy yellow.

    Basically, i think of grapey purple as a neutral. 🙂


  5. I love purple/black/grey. A lot. I would wear the purple sweater with the target scarf, black skirt, and grey tights.

  6. A few years ago, I fell in love with a store display of chocolate brown suede pants and a light purple/lavendar/lilac turtleneck. I didn’t buy the outfit, but have never forgotten it. So…my suggestion is a brown skirt or pants. Although, I love green with purple and think that the sweater with a black skirt and a patterned scarf with emerald and emerald tights would be fab.

  7. Could it be a spring sweater, with white capris and cute heeled sandals?

    • I definitely think it is going to come into its own in the spring. I feel like I can throw it over white whatever really easily and wear it with cute silver shoes or something. But now I am also thinking…purple patterned skirt? taht sounds fun. E

  8. I had a gorg grapey top when I was preg and wore it with jeans,yellow shoes and earrings. I think if you did a fun color AND that scarf, it could work! If you can find a way to bring 2 patterns in, even better.

  9. I tend to lean to the school uniform thing…white collared shirt, long knotted pearls, jeans, heels. Also, I love purple and turquoise.

  10. I love purple with teal, and then maybe another accent color too? I think you should think beyond a black & white scarf and go for a bright print, maybe something like this:

  11. Do you have anything rust-colored or teal? These colors look great with purple. Give it a shot!

  12. A chunky necklace or scarf in “grellow” (a greeny yellow) paired with the sweater and black or gray (especially love gray with both purple and the yellow family) pants would probably perk things up a bit. I also really like navy with light purple – not sure if that would work with the purple of your sweater or not. I’m SURE you can salvage this, though – it looks like a nice classic sweater. What about pairing it with stuff in the brown family?

  13. I vote you wear it with brown, like a dark kahki brown….wide leg trouser type….or a brown pencil skirt

    or just jeans and a brightly colored scarf (a floral maybe, that has some purple in it) and brown boots. similar to this

  14. I have three (black, gray and tan) of these short sleeve cardigans from last year’s Talbots and I love them and wear them all the time.

    Talbots has another short sleeve sweater this year but its not a cardigan.

  15. I like the idea of a scarf/chunky necklace or shirt underneath in some random color that doesn’t match the purple – teal, coral, or even yellow. A bright print would be perfect.

  16. I just got a purple shirt pretty much the exact color of the one you posted at Target for $4. I wore it last week with a black skirt that has white flowers and it looked pretty good. I had been wearing a white sweater with the white flowered skirt and it looked…blarg. The purple is just bright and different enough to look interesting but not totally clashing.

    (This might be my first time commenting ((sorry)) but I have been avidly following your blog and twitter for a couple months now. I loooooove your writing style and I love when others link back to you, like Temerity Jane or Emily’s Hollow.)

  17. I don’t want to beat a dead horse with the brown idea (and now something in my memory tells me you don’t like brown…if so…a million apologies), but this is awesomely stylish in a way that takes plain piece up a notch just with the color purple (IMO).

  18. How about orange and purple? Great fall combo, but I think it can work any time. (Work it with your existing jeans and boots.)

  19. What about a denim/chambray underneath it with those black pants? Or a black button down? Try leopard or other printed flats/shoes and I think you’ll be happier. Navy bottoms would also work. Navy/purple/gray work well together.

  20. […] I saved the purple sweater! Thank you for all your excellent suggestions on that post. Three things I should have mentioned – I do not, under any circumstances, wear purple and yellow (RIP CITY BABY!), I have some kind of weird sensory thing where I can’t wear crunchy button shirts mashed to my body under sweaters, and I didn’t really want to buy a bunch more things that aren’t in the uniform.  No throwing good money after bad, basically. […]

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