What I Wore This Week: My New Black and White Scarf, All The Time

This week was better. I forget sometimes what a big difference it makes when I don’t feel good.  Last week, I think, was a Paxil Withdrawal Re-occurrence, and although it’s improving and lessening by a lot each time it comes back, it’s still REALLY hard to get motivated to put on a pair of tights when you just don’t feel good.  I’m so happy that my uniform means that even when I don’t feel good and I am just throwing something on I still look nice, but it’s not always fashion blog worthy feeling. Not that I think I’m all that but some weeks just feel more interesting and successful than others and I think it’s easy to forget (at least for me) how much of that I can attribute to not feeling 100%. My heart just wasn’t in it.

Anyway. I am back, baby! This week I had fun. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? Yes, it is.


JPEG Image (2590)-001

{Lands End dress that I am reluctant to link to because it gets pilly, Ebay scarf, Anthro jacket (from Kate), Old Navy Leggings, Bandolino Boots}


{Gap Cowl Neck, AE Cami, AE Hi Rise Skinny Jeans, Sam Edelman Driving Mocs}


{J. Crew Sweater, Marshall’s Polo (I think it’s Ralph Lauren but does it really matter?), AE Hi Rise Super Skinnies, Frye Campus Boots}

I saved the purple sweater! Thank you for all your excellent suggestions on that post. Three things I should have mentioned – I do not, under any circumstances, wear purple and yellow (RIP CITY BABY!), I have some kind of weird sensory thing where I can’t wear crunchy button shirts mashed to my body under sweaters, and I didn’t really want to buy a bunch more things that aren’t in the uniform.  No throwing good money after bad, basically.

Anyway, I wore a polo shirt under it and it was SUCH a good weekend outfit. I do have a lot more ideas that I didn’t get to, but for a first pass, I feel like this was very successful and the sweater is saved!

DSC_0007-001  DSC_0060-001

{Target scarf, Gap blazer, Target cardigan, Old Navy tee, Gap skirt, Target tights, Anne Klein Boots}

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.  I couldn’t decide scarf or no scarf, but I think I liked with the scarf best, looking at the pictures. It took the edge off the Catholic School Girls Rule vibe. This was cute Before Blazer, but After Blazer it went into Super Cuteness. I highly recommend building up your stock of blazers.  They’re not necessarily something you can wear in high summer or freezing winter, but they last forever, they aren’t going to go out of fashion, and anytime you can pile them on an outfit, they really bring it.


{Target scarf, Gap jacket, Etsy pin, J. Crew sweater, Gap tee, AE High Rise Super Skinnys, Anne Klein Boots}

I love it when I buy something new and then I wear it all the time! To me that says I was filling a legitimate hole in my closet and I wasn’t totally ridiculous when I thought I needed a black and white scarf.

This was Valentine’s Day. If you can’t wear a giant red felt flower on your jacket on Valentine’s Day, when can you?



{Eddie Bauer Cardigan, Loft tee, Target scarf, Garnet Hill Skirt, Prison Wedges by Toms}

I like to have at least three ways I can wear most things in my closet so I’ve been looking for other ideas for this skirt besides black and white.  Pinterest came to my rescue here, there’s a lot of gray and orange. And it’s super cute in person. As well all know, this skirt is very kicky, and also  it’s supposed to be 70 degrees here today, so I gots to have the layers.


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  1. You look fabulous! I love the kicky skirt and the blazer outfit and the purple and basically just everything you wore this week! Your clothes look good and YOU look good, like you’re feeling better.

  2. I love the Catholic school girl outfit! (It’s not that Catholic school girl-y 😉 )

  3. Fabulous outfits!! You look gorgeous and also thinner all the time 🙂

  4. I love the purple sweater outfit and those pink driving mocs. I can’t decide if I could pull off shoes like that. I want to but I don’t know that I have any outfits that would look right.

    And I’m still shaking my fist at the pilly Lands End dresses. I bought a pair of ponte pants from there and they’ve been fiiiiiiiine. No pilling. The dresses? Pilling like crazy.

  5. Love this scarf!! I just bought a black and white houndstooth one, and it has also filled a legitimate wardrobe hole. But now I think I need your chevron stripey one to. It’s more casual than houndstooth (and looks to be a different fabric) MUST GET.

  6. Oh, yay! The purple sweater outfit looks great. Even better than purple and grey, I think:)

  7. I’ve been following these posts basically since you started them, and I love that you do them rain or shine (mood-wise)–but this week is my favorite by far. The outfits are adorable, and you also seem so happy in the photos! (I’ve also started following your Pinterest boards because I basically think your wardrobe-building is the best use of Pinterest EVER.)

  8. I love the kicky skirt and your black and white sweater. I think you’ve inspired me to do my own uniform.

  9. You look really nice. This is one of my favorite weeks ever.

  10. Purple sweater looks great with the polo shirt. I’m the same way with stiff button up shirts under sweaters. Love the look, can’t stand the way it feels. The skirt in the bottom picture is so cute and looks great on you.

  11. I love all of this weeks outfit, except for the orange blazer. The scarf helps a lot, I think because it covers so much of the blazer (sorry!). I love the kicky skirt and the purple sweater!

  12. You inspired me to try on some clothes at Goodwill, and I bought a short-sleeved t-shirt cardigan in a color I never would have thought I could wear (it’s like a taupe/brown) but I feel SO CUTE in it. I tried on a bunch of blazers because they look SO CUTE on you, but so far I’m not having any luck finding a tailored cut that works on my body type. (I love Goodwill for this, because I can try on a dozen different brands/sizes in five minutes.)

  13. You look fantastic! Love those Sam Edelman’s!

  14. Hey, lady! Your comments close fast and I’m ridiculously behind. Just wanted to tell you that 1) your whole clothing journey has been really fun to watch; 2) I love the lessons learned post; 3) the Feb 1 post was your best week ever – LOVE EVERY OUTFIT; 4) you totally inspire me to figure out what looks best on me and to not buy crap; 5) we might be body twins – I too have been everywhere from a 6 (4 isn’t possible with my frame) to a 16 (and one pair of pants that was an 18) and am at a 12 right now, so this is SO HELPFUL for me; 6) I love your attitude that the number doesn’t matter.

    Thank you so much for these posts!

  15. Dude, try that purple sweater under the red jacket (with that same skirt and scarf), I’d also try it with the black jacket-red-flower outfit instead of the red top. Totally wearable.


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