Ten Things I Will Always Click On/Read/Watch on Lifetime

1. Anything telling me how lottery winners are miserable and how winning the lottery ruins your life.

2. Any person’s obscure medical problem that was was misdiagnosed for years and which I will immediately become convinced I have.

3. Anything about Tom Cruise and or Scientology.

4. Anything that is about cake in any way.

5. Anything that involves cooking one food inside another food. Bonus points for ridiculousness.

6. Anything about budget fashion or budget decorating, even though both types of article inevitable include $1700 sweaters or couches reupholstered in fabric that’s $900 a yard.

7. Birth stories. Bonus points for twins. Super double bonus points for twins switched at birth.

8. Anything about psychology which implies that all humans are just unimaginative creatures of habit following the same behavior patterns that all other dopey humans have followed for thousands of years.

9. Anything written by, for, or about Girls, with bonus points if it’s talking about the clothes.

10. Anything about prep school/boarding school/wasps on the East Coast/the Kennedys.

You? Or any suggestions for me? I could use a good movie about Kennedy Triplets switched at birth right about now.



8 Responses

  1. T went to a British boarding school (sent off at the age of EIGHT) in Uganda and has many stories. Most of the stories are about the unruliness of boys and how they would sneak out of the school and off the property to then, in high school, go drinking at the nearby golf course.

    Glass half full: he had all of his wild drinking days behind him by the time he went to college.

  2. yes! I love that show Medical Mysteries! Deep, shameful secret: I like MTV reality shows. Like “My Life as a Furry” or “I Had Completely Unnecessary and Ridiculous Cosmetic Surgery Like Buttock Implants”. I squrim yet cannot look away.

  3. I just got hooked on White Collar and am watching all the episodes Netflix has to offer. It’s like what I imagine the the continuation of “catch me if you can” that Tom Hanks movie.

  4. My list is very similar! What’s up with that boarding school thing??

  5. I have obviously been missing a world of awesome programming.

  6. I would suggest “The Privileges” by Johnathan Dee. Great read and it hits on a number of your points.

  7. Project Runway. I can’t help myself. Tim Gunn wears horrible suits and WTF is with Heidi Klum’s hair, and Nina Garcia is perfection in female form, and I have a million other things to do, but I will stop everything I’m doing to watch those models go down the runway in ill-sewn, ill-fitting, and ill-conceived garments. It’s a sickness.

  8. There can never be enough about Tom Cruise and/or Scientology. I seriously cannot get enough of that stuff. FASCINATING.

    I also like crazy unsolved mystery/murders type things – cases that have stumped detectives for decades and have weird Dan-Brown-style clues and weirdness. I can’t think of an example though so this sounds kind of lame.

    And anything that’s Freakonomics/Malcolm Gladwell-esque… like… taking statistics or behaviors and shining a spotlight on them in a way that makes them seem meaningful.

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